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The problem with Mastodon is that even if I end up filtering all Mastodon hosts out of my federation, their posts can still get through and people will police their badly implemented community guidelines at me and it will still make the federation worse to use
You shouldn't have to... our shit should get fixed. a lot of us run modified masto anyway... there's got to be ways to patch to be better neighbors, I don't know what yet. :flan_think:​ But the people still using masto under duress are creative.

Hell, we couldn't even have local-only posts so now there's a magical emoji on the glitch-soc fork. All our local posts have 👁️ at the end. That's how it works. Magic emoji.
I mean, it's because Gargon loves placebo code, where he puts in a thing that pretends to work, but only because you are using Mastodon, but it fails if you are using any other AP implementation
(and more problems arise because a lot of us run the shit and simply don't know ... it's pretty common knowledge that our topic fields are bullshit and not everyone grabs our emoji and that it's really only pleroma we can play well with, but I had no idea our privacy settings weren't being communicated properly. That's... uh, that's foundational sysadmin stuff. Every mastoadmin should want that fixed).
#Friendica grabs post body emojis because they're shipped with each post, but not in the display names because emojis aren't shipped with contact information and would require extra work on our end. 🙃
oh cool, yay! We're used to a little brokenness on that front, anyway, as well as when they're used in topics/CWs, but it's good to hear it works at least partially without much hassle. :D
We used to have a plugin that stored all the custom emojis for each remote Mastodon account but it got rendered obsolete when the emojis started being shipped with posts, but apparently it needs to come back for display names and possibly CW titles.
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@hypolite @tobias
That's what @kaniini warned about for a long time already.

Btw does friendica announce blocks from each account?
one Mastodon maintainer has called for blocking instance software which doesn't respect blocks as masto does it
@silverwizard @pamela @mewmew @kaniini @hypolite @tobias
which maintainer?
he's not a masto maintainer, just an idiot

(you saw how he blocked my instance, right?)
yeah, he's contributed a bit but isn't part of the project

he blocked for being a white national terrorist organization, like wtf
the main people I remember talking about it was him, kitsunealicia, and anna.
Considering that Ben didn't understand at all how youtube-dl detects PeerTube instances, I'm amazed he managed to make one working pull request, not to mention more than 4.
Can you please pull me out of this conversation?
in fairness 3.0 adds "stealth" blocks as an option. the things Mastodon wants to do with blocks can be done but the way to do them securely requires an actual security model that has thought put into it.
Wait what is happening?
Someone yelled at me for boosting a locked post

Where locked means "has a locked symbol if you viewed it on its original instance", but it's not the first time that Mastodon has invented a process that only works if you are using mastodon
Was it actually private? Friendica prevents sharing posts that are marked as private.
Then ignore yell, next.
I mean, they couldn't know it wasn't actually private, and you couldn't know it wasn't actually public, so it was a blind man yelling at a deaf man.
That is my point actually

Instead of building something that worked, mastodon built something that didn't work and tried to normalize public pressure to paper over bad technical work

Since as you point out, private posts exist in AP, but they aren't being used for that in masto
I feel like you're confusing multiple entities in "Mastodon". The person who yelled at you isn't the one who made the software, so I don't think it's fair to say "mastodon built something that didn't work and tried to normalize public pressure to paper over bad technical work". The users are rightfully yelling over something they have no control over, and I'm not sure the people who are making the software are doing anything specific to encourage the yelling.
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The problem is, I was grumpy last night, and this shit made me angrily vaguepost and then all my friends interrogated me about it since they like me

But this is not the first time it has happened, I have had issues with people telling at me for not CWing my posts before AP was a thing and CWs were masto only, and so on

Masto has a culture of enforcing using it's tools, when those tools aren't federation, and often placebos
It isn't just Mastodon, it's all the platforms that ended up representing a specific protocol, and as a result they don't need to be aware of other platforms using the same protocol. It it the case for Mastodon of course, but also Diaspora, Hubzilla and GNU/Social before.

Friendica is hyper-aware of other platforms because it is its raison d'être, maximum interoperability, but it is an outsider.
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Yeah, and I guess the fact that I think the most important part is the federation means that I feel strongly about it

But I am also worried that people feel safe locking mastodon accounts
They (wrongly) do, but there's nothing they or you can do about it, which justify the vent, I suppose.
Yeah, normally I am silent about it

But Shæ has learned to flip over, but not well, so has picked up the habit of rolling on his side, then onto his stomache, then crying to get me to put him on his back, so I am barely sleeping and kinda touchy
I guess it was a public post that wasn't listed. This is a specialty that Mastodon invented. These posts are marked as public posts, they behave like public posts and are visible like public posts - but they aren't displayed on the public timeline.
If there would be some rules that you don't apply to (I don't know such but hey, different story) wouldn't it be those strictly following the rules who have to defederate from those who don't follow the rules and not the other way around?
You'd think, but masto wants to tell me what to do
Who does?
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Someone bugged me about a locked accounts

And yeah, it's only bothering me because I had a bad day, but Mastodon is just a mess with so many placebos enforced by nothing but weird code that doesn't federate
BTW: Friendica accounts normally appear like locked accounts on Mastodon. They display the lock symbol on an account whenever a a contact request has to be accepted manually.
@suc It did.
That's probably a Pleroma problem tbh
Or that tab was in the background since yesterday but it now shows the change
@heluecht @hypolite @pamela @silverwizard @tobias
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An unlisted post not displayed in the Mastodon local/public timeline.
I don't like mastodon, pleroma is so much more better