Ok - I am breaking down - what non-amazon ereader doesn't suck?
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@silverwizard If you aren't opposed to Apple get an iPad mini when they go on sale in a couple of weeks.
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@trashHeap @silverwizard @kevinbeynon

Heard lots of good things about Kobo devices.

There are also some other device makers out there:

- Bookeen (Nolim e-reader looks good)
- Pocketbook

I still use my Sony Reader PRS-T3 (from 2013), which you may be able to buy second-hand/pre-owned. Light on modern features, but solid.

All depends if you want loads of additional features or kust something with an e-ink screen.
The Sony was always a little small, unbacklit eink is kinda my definition of not suck, but I like the look of the pocket book
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@silverwizard @libreture I've been using a Kobo Forma for the last few months and coupled with Calibre I love it to bits. I'd be glad to answer any specific questions if I can :-)