- NDP has 16% popular vote but only 24 (7%) seats.
-Bloc has less than half that in votes but 32 seats.
- Libs won 36 more seats with less votes than the conservatives.
- Greens have 6.5% of vote but <1% seats.

Conclusion: Time for electoral reform.
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But, the conservatives gained the majority of their votes in Alberta and Saskatchewan AND they gained all but one seat in Alberta - we need electoral reform but NOT because two provinces voted almost exclusively blue.
First past the post absolutely sucks and we need something better. But, I don't know what it should be. I know Trudeau stopped the reform last election because of two reasons: one - he didn't want to go to the public on it and two: the one that was recommended was not what he/they wanted (it was also the one that BC has shot down multiple times).