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Thanks, I hate it.
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The worst part is that it makes you want to defend a child rapist
Even suspected child rapists deserve a fair trial and a defense, I'm not sure what was your stance on public defense depending on the charges.
I 100% agree they deserve a defense

But it's just always weird to be like "this child rapist should be free because these racist cops are awful"
Nope for me, they fucked up when they were in a position of power, like the suspect probably did with the child. Maybe the outcome would have been the same, but in this case why play dumb and refuse a lawyer? except for discriminatory reasons, which should also be punished?

As usual, hindsight is 10/10 and this anti-constitutional procedure simply shouldn't have been allowed to proceed when there still was a doubt about his culpability.
Oh no! My arguement is entirely around the problems of power and the problems in the systems of policing and trying people.
Why do the police question people *at all* without counsel!? Why do we have systems that require counsel?! Yes
I don't mind requiring a counsel, to be as fair as possible a procedure has to be complex to avoid regrettable expediency which leaves even more room for biases, and no one whose it isn't their job are supposed to know the full extent of the law in any sophisticated society.

And the police are abusing their power because they can. They are the first shield between the government and its people, and for this reason any oversight organized by the government will be mostly lenient.
I really want sensible system of justice, and I want justice to be accessible

And I want cops fired

So, I disagree partially, since I don't feel like external experts are ok in a justice system, and the complexity of a justice system shouldn't become that complicated

Obviously I am talking in a perfect world, though the idea seems hard to make work
My belief is that a simpler justice system would imply even more arbitrary than it does right now. And the justice system is also complex because society is complex, even if each one of us are only personally touching few parts of it. I don't think an ideal society would be that less complex, because even in an ideal society, humans would still be complex themselves.

The same way not everyone can be a technologist and needs facilitators, we also need justice system facilitators. For me making justice accessible would mean paying the lawyers, not removing them.
I am sympathetic to that view, but paid access, or luck determining justice doesn't make me happy
I mean, there's only so much you can forgo when thinking about your ideal society.

Actually, luck determining justice would be an improvement in some cases.

Same goes with elections.
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Elections are at least a little bit fixable

But yes, I can not like something while acknowledging it is a grim necessity, especially if that grim necessity hurts a lot of people