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Ug, I am writing fantasy fiction set in a universe I know everyone but me will hate (our world, but with magic, but it's just normal, it became normalized at the tail end of the Roman empire, but like, the setting is modern San Francisco and there's our modern broken startup scene), but I really am enjoying writing it, but I want to share it, but I know most of the people I share stuff like this with will be put off that *introducing magic to the modern world would change it*

And that sucks

I hate it

I know I don't have to consider audience for personal writing, but if I don't consider audience, I can't get others excited
I don't want to *brand*, I don't want to publish, I just want to make people excited

And the problem is that I am, according to several people, the best local GM. Meaning if I want to get friends invested in my stories, I just need to run them as RPGs

But this is stuff I don't want to do it with a *party*, it's stuff I want to do with a single protagonist, and it's stuff I want to *write*, not tell
I really love the idea of folk magic, magic that works, but is weird and strange. And, importantly, magic that is unreliable

Why can't you make magical computers? Well, most computers are made in China, and so you would probably be affecting the Chi of the computer, setting the proper energy flows, but of course, in Europe the Telluric energies run through ley lines, meaning the feng shui done to the computers will be forced along existing lines, and that energy will disappate

Magic doesn't work, it's not reliable, and it's cultural. Cultural magic means that colonization and assimilation mean something about how the world works, how people do things, and how things respond

Keeping your magic alive, or importing your magic matters

But also, magic is always personal, and science is always impersonal. Sure, you can empirically measure results of actions, "standing in a circle with a triangle facing the rising sun, and a cross facing the setting sun keeps away the other world", but then you add caveats "only in cultures that went through the Hermetic modification of European Abramic magic, and that is only as effective as a circle of salt in British colonies, but not Spanish ones"
I'll be a reader. :) I love folk magic stuff, and so very few people do it!
It's getting popular, and I am excited about that! I am so glad we live in a post-post-D&D world! It means magic is getting *magical* agin!
Just go for it man. If you just need to write, you don't need anyone but yourself to like it, and you have to account for the fact that you are probably wrong about the expected reception.
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Yeah, I know, just, tired and hating that I don't trust the thing I am doing
Fair enough, just open a text editor/take a pen and start writing. Everything else you are thinking will work against you.
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I am like 20K words in >.< it's just... I want to share my weird mutant fantasy with people as excited
See, it's working against you. Just publish the damn thing. People will get excited or not, but it shouldn't bear any weight on your decision to publish it or not. You don't need hype, you just want it to assuage your insecurity about what you're writing. Now quit whining and publish it already. Or don't, but this in-between is hard to watch.
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Yeah, but now I need to figure out how to make the middle work!

20K words isn't written, it's just all doing research into different spiritualities and how they work.

This is *mid project* stress, not end of project stress.
Fair enough, but then your complaint about people potentially not enjoying your thing that is far from being made feels even more remote!
I feel like they wont engage with the setting! Making it feel like a hurdle to cross to finish!
You're just making this hurdle up! If you feel like you need to know people will enjoy a story that doesn't exist yet, it feels to me that you just are needing validation and it has no relationship to your work.

And yes, you're perfectly valid and no matter what you put out, some people will enjoy it.
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It's the hurdle of "I don't know if anyone I would talk to about this would enjoy it, and so is it worth finishing"

And yes, that's just common writer stress, which I feel I am allowed to vent at 3am
If it's worth finishing to you, then it is worth finishing. That's it. Really. It doesn't have to be worth finishing for you and it would still be okay. But nothing about the potential reception is worth factoring into the perceived worth of your project.

I've been there too. Everyone who even put something out has been there, and how people could react to any work still shouldn't have any bearing on whether to publish it or not.
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Sorry for intruding, but I'm too curious. What is "feel I am allowed to"?
I am just saying I think it's a reasonable thing to post stress at 3 am sometimes, and he was being all "Just do it" while I was clearly doing
Thanks! Makes me excited to hear, it still might suck
Nah, it's mostly me being stressed that I hate my work

But did you know that the history of the Iberean Penninsula is Punic and therefore similar to late Roman (to the point they have characters that got folded into Hercules) and then it's Moorish, then Catholic, so there's less exciting and new here. And Californian indigenous spirituality doesn't use dreams except for as prophetic? Their spiritual belief is centered around an underworld and a supernal world, with the primary form of terror being underworld monsters.

Meaning that California Dreams genuinely only exist as a concept that you can magically engage with through the lens of colonization (specifically the dominate colonizers, and the displaced and subjugated colonizers can't, without going into Catholic magic). Meaning trying to mystically engage with the myths of Silicon Valley is hard to do without using western magic.

Which just... sucks, because that woulda been awesome