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This feels like a glowing review of Discovery and I am surprised anyone can like it this much

What de-throned it, I wonder.

Probably Enterprise, since that show was pretty painful

IDK, I think it was loads better than Voyager.

Really? I feel like Voyager had higher highs and Enterprise had lower lows, but it has been a long time since I've seen both

I have huge problems with Janeway.

yeah, but I also have huge problems with Archer!

he risked his life to save his dog because he forgot to bring a medical glovebox!

Archer didn't commit genocide, he withheld warp technology that might have helped a species suffering from a natural genetic defect.

Janeway deliberately engineered AND USED a bio-weapon with the goal of completely erasing species 8472 from existence.

Then there was that time she murdered Tuvix..

Archer intentionally withheld the cure for a plague, which, you know, is a giant deal and a huge thing. That's genocide!

Janeway built a nanobioweapon to fight an enemy who wanted her killed. Sure, engineering a bioweapon is worse than witholding a cure, but it's literally combating an existential threat instead of just prefering disease to cures.

Tuvix is a hard choice, since it's kill one person or kill two.

Tuvix is a hard choice, since it's kill one person or kill two
False. Two people "died" in a random accident. Janeway made the choice to deliberately kill Tuvix to get those two people back. He literally begged for his life and he was literally dragged off to be killed on her orders. She's a monster.

Yeah, it was a harsh episode. But I don't know, I always feel like it's a more gray decision than most people give it

I don't think there's any way in hell Picard would have made that choice.

Yeah, Picard woulda given a speech and it woulda been solved by Tuvix being critically injured and needing to be split, but it's solemn

On a related note, Thomas Riker really got the shaft, didn't he?

I dunno, he got to be in DS9, which is good in my book