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These weren't invented in the 90s, these were invented by the 90s

The decade rose from the grave and made them
People who were most culturally impacted by the 90's are now rich enough to leave their mark on the world, see all the 90's movie reboots.
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30 year nostalgia cycle

Definitely. These are Rob Liefeld's pants, just in the new reality we've created

The 90s reaches out to us and plays Smashmouth as something we apparently enjoyed!
What's your own nostalgia period?
Hating highschool?

Realising things are getting better?

Roberta Williams? Old School Unix?

I mostly don't *do* nostalgia - but I also keep love for things. But my childhood is weird...

I am currently playing Monkey Island because I miss other people's childhoods... I also am thinking of replaying Kings Quest 6, but not Kings Quest I

I don't know - nostalgia is weird
I personally don't miss any particular period as a whole but I have a specific fondness for circa-1998 movies and Nu Metal that I haven't had for more recent movies or music.