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If you think that any of what Musk's companies do are making anything better just because Musk is at their helm, you are suffering from a double fanboy delusion: SpaceX is just another NASA contractor, and the people working for SpaceX could have been working for NASA instead, without Musk and other shareholders pocketing profits.
Tesla produces luxury electric vehicles, but they have already be shown to be unsustainable on the long-term: they won't save anyone from the upending climate catastrophe. The portable flame-thrower, the Boring Company, Solar City, none of Musk's venture does any net good in the world. Colonizing Mars isn't a solution either, just an escape for delusional ultra-rich people.
We do know what would make things actually better in the world, but unfortunately it doesn't lend itself to sensational marketing campaign because it doesn't have a cool factor Musk relies so much on and that you blindly bought into. As many others, you just are another mark in his money-making schemes siphoning public money to make expensive gadgets.
The solution to traffic is public transportation, the solution to climate change is limiting consumption, the solution to cars is bikes, the solution to inequality isn't technology.