My wife decided to chip vegetables for a stirfry, this is her idea of a meal for two people

Imma gonna die

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each of those is a main bowl! That's three bowls of food each!
Well yeah
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Aren't they going to reduce when cooked? They're mostly water!
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Of those things only the mushrooms are gonna reduce much
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Then I guess you'll have to drive safely to Leftover City.
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giant tub of stirfry in my fridge

it was just a *shock* to see this mass of *stuff*
What sort of things are in the bowl on the upper left?
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For some reason I just got a notification for your reply, did you just plug back your home server?
my friendica is hosted on a cloud server in london

I've no idea, it has been slow recently...

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I'm used to see this amount of food in the absolute because I've lied in France in a home of 7 people where weekday dinners had four courses. But yeah, for 2 people and a quarter, it's a lot.
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Well, the quarter doesn't eat, and we can't even breast feed, so not even that excuse

yeah, I would be fine with that if the quarter was a teenager too

but it's just... I guess all our tofu is stirfry now

not that I am complaining, I was just shocked
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Looks good! Add a handful of rice and Bob's your uncle.
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sooooooo many potatoes