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yeah, that's my problem too
At least I'm not intentionally getting in the way?
On a social network with only like-minded people (the others are blocked and can't see my posts anyway)?
but isn't that a sign of burnout, not a lack of activism?
as well as developing for that network?
I'm confused by your formulation, I don't know what or who you are referring to anymore.

That's probably a sign of burn out.
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you stopped being open on larger networks and stuff because of burnout - right?
No, because my account was frozen on Facebook. It was a private account anyway. But yes, I switched my Twitter account to protected because I was getting in too many stressful and fruitless conversations with randos.

And I don't really know if I'm working on Friendica for the sake of it or because I'm using it myself.
yeah, doing right is hard, but you seem to at least try
I feel like I'm only managing not to do things wrong, which is something, I guess.
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i mean, same, but also, that's pretty good for white straight tech men

but also, yeah, doing more yo
Sure, but I don't know how to reach out to people who don't want to hear what I have to say anyway.
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I am trying to get better at being out and left at work