This poster makes me so unexcited about this show
2019-07-10 16:57:36

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Straights of Schallsea
@silverwizard Kirk should have killed him
woulda been better for the character
@silverwizard yeah Kirk says you never even had a girl! and shoves a Klingon Batlith through his heart.
I'm like Kirk, you god you 🀣
@silverwizard rename it to "picard's dog" and I'm in
the last captain who had a dog had it make fart jokes. I don't trust Star Trek dogs anymore :(
@silverwizard Is this like ... Generations, but minus Kirk and minus the space stuff?
@silverwizard or maybe The Inner Light drawn out to feature film length
nope! It's old Picard on his vineyard wracked with guilt about Romulous, since that will make it great, right?
@silverwizard Oh wow, I had even forgotten that happened.

It doesn't sound like a great premise, but not unsalvageable. Provided anyone does the salvage.
I am just angry they expect anyone to believe no one on Romulous knows how to tell when a Star is gonna explode

If it was so soon, they probably would have not settled it when they left vulcan. A millenium or two should be in the margin of error for stars! gah!
wth is this? I guess it's supposed to make me excited about The Orville season 3? xD

p.s.: @Claes Wallin (ιŸ‹ε˜‰θͺ ): I really liked the song from the episode The Inner Light, it was beautiful!
It is an allusion on a famous poster from The adventures of Tintin.
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Also, the entire Romulan fleet disappeared and only a mining ship was around?
listen, only the Federation has a fleet!
Sorry, I meant the Romulan Warbird Association. :D