I had a job interview, and brought up open social networks, and the interviewer was like "ah, like plenorma" and then knew Friendica BEFORE I COULD MENTION MASTODON
Did you get the job?
No, but the interviewer now has accounts on Mastodon, Friendica and Plenorma.
Well, more steps before I find out, but I did find him on, but he also said he'd used and GNU Social
Also, my typo has ruined everything
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
It’s perfect.
Brb registering and hosting a year old instance
when I hit reply to this post, mastodon automatically adds @bobjonkman to the reply field. seems like a weird bug. though must be left over from friendica supporting gnu social still and mastodon not.

what is this plenorma interview you speak of?
Bob is in the reply chain though? So seems right?

I had an interview, we talked about privacy and corporate interests and stuff, and I mentioned "federated social networks" and dude mentioned plemora before I could mention Mastodon, so basically, Mastodon is dead
Including the upcoming rebranding announcement for Plenorma