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Time to recruit a wise old person, a shifty sort with daggers, a priest, and a person who wears armour
I'd add a half-naked buffed hothead and a arcane-initiated sociopath to cover all bases.
I thought the wise old person was arcane-initiated

But you know, I assumed for the first dungeon crawl we'd go with the traditional four
I usually expect the priest to be the wise old person, which opens a slot for the arcane-initiated sociopath. Admittedly, the fifth slot can be either the half-naked hothead or a green-clad ranger.
Sure, I guess, though I specified the priest elsewhere.
Yes but its description was lacking details.

My dream team:
- A wise old priest.
- A shifty sort with daggers.
- An arcane-initiated sociopath.
- A righteous armor-clad fellow.
- An half-naked hothead or a green-wearing ranger.
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