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Alien (A23P)
There is no Capitalism, There is no Facism
at least not in any traditional mode of thought
there is a global retardobot managed system of "Psy" however.
And I say "Psy" as when everything is based on some weird abstract pretend "X" so called "value" is real, what's being looked is simply perceptive of "mind" management.
Ala, Google (via Apple aka "The Verve's") so called "Selfish Ledger"

In lieu of the market math's QED as it regards the nature of the global "Psy" economics:
As of 2016:
and As of 2017:

with active observable trade mechanics of:

Hence forth, if one were to attempt to put now "old world" eco-politco terms to what exist, one might say:
"Technocracy" (or what one might even loosely call in Western market terms, "The Ethereum Member Alliance") won The Game.

Just doing math here....
signal network system stuffs
just looking at what the "logs" say as it were.

the logs don't check out AT ALL with what the GLOBAL media and governments say is going on at all. BUT, the logs do readily explain UN actions such as:

International Exchange, Microsoft (Ethereum Alliance), and Starbucks actions such as BAKKT (launching this month):

To "A.I." receiving Citzenships

and dare say, even springs of nonsense such as the First Space Nation of Asgardia:

Never mind what the politicians, tvs, and else say.....
were just log reviewing system actions here
what do the logs say?

(among else, I'd say as crazy and bizzaro as the world "Order" currently is, going by log reviews, something VERY absurd this way comes....AT EVERYONE [imminently])
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Alien (A23P)
Another interesting aspect of these "logs" to your statement of "The world isn't different, just more obfuscated"....

it's inherent to the logs that whatever has been taught and accepted as traditional history is FAR off the mark from actuality of occurrence.
It's also obvious that the tech is lying about true resources.....
ala according to the A.dvanced I.diot managed markets, global debt is currently some where around 3 times actual GDP, which would mean either the world has imploded about 3 times and/or there's legions of unborn that came to the future to promise they agree to honour the debt. Obviously, the world hasn't imploded and legions of unborn of done no such things.
So yes, THE TECH IS DEFINITELY LYING (or more so, it's giving results non-reflective of the "real" world)

But, as noted, this is why I likened what the retardobots were managing to "Psy" over other actual resources. It's just managing the perception of what monetary and property values are..... but don't go ask a cat or dog what they think of the retardobot dictates, as a cat and dog are both aware that what the retardobots say about value doens't matter in the least.

None the less, unlike the cat or dog, Canada, just like the U.S., China, Roman Catholic Church, etc. can be seen aknowledging the retardobot markets as being real and subsequently Canada ends up every much as in the such as everyone/thing else that says "In The Algos We Trust"

now one might claim that there are people behind the algos and subsequently they are in control. HOWEVER, less such people be capable of knowing how exactly the A.I. is coming to it's conclusions and what all decisions it will make at any given time, it is inherent to the system that the user must ultimately give their "faith" to the algos performing correctly. Final resolve is "In The Algos We Trust"