Oh hey it's Friday

#ff my DM Hellthread crew and some of my best friends on here


Shout out to Panda And Flo always part of the crew and missed

Webdev must be destroyed

Should browsers still allow users to disable JavaScript?

Nearly forty percent of our lovely community members voted that browsers should no longer allow users to disable JavaScript.

For next 100 years the most popular topic to argue at pubs over chips and beer will be about when Brexit happens
Citadel of Light

Plains of Dust

They said "do this", the guy refused, they shrugged and said "guess it's a fight." They could have, you know, waited a bit. There's no rush. Per this report he wasn't hurting anyone or making a fuss until they tried to force him to move.

I need to spend time scheduling downtime for my house.
I have a house I need to schedule downtime for services inside.

I need to stop myself.

what the fuck is space cybersecurity. oh god

Last Heroes Tomb
I recently read a headline about south-american hackers communicating through old US military satellites...
The attacks from space were coming from inside the house!

I want this. I want this more than most things.

I don't know if Veronica Mars *works* outside of highschool. It only had two seasons, and they were great, but I could imagine further work being bad?
BREAKING NEWS out of Mars Investigations! :) A new #VeronicaMars series is comin atcha via @hulu. Thank you to all the marshmallows for staying excited and to @Hulu for giving Veronica a chance to wear her big girl pants. I hope we’re still friends after I taser you.


Who do I know that knows BGP and OSPF well? I am looking to learn and am hoping I know a local who can tell me about it

I wonder if this has less to do with "Eats like the poors" and more to do with "Standard child star parental abuse"
last night i had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing.


Learning to make cake quickly is a dangerous skill when alone and hungry

I need more terminals for my desktop
Straights of Schallsea

Alright, this week is a breaking point. I'm gonna start looking at roles that require relocation. Send me all the cool jobs. #infosecjobs
Que Shu

Your regular reminder that surveillance is not love, that the environment these technologies create is far more harmful than thr background risk level, and that parents should stop fucking spying on their fucking children.
Pax Tharkas


Tired: meritocracies exist
Wired: meritocracies do not and can not exist

Inspired: judging people through any metric of "merit" inherently devalues and frames people within a capitalist mindset and strives to erase the individual and unique contributions that they offer

Tried to use browsh for about 10 minutes today. But fuck, if you break the session it leaves a dangling headless firefox, and other crap. Not in the mood.
Que Shu
I like my women like my firefox: dangling headless. Wait, that's creepy.
I was just planning on decapitating and murdering foxes, but that's definitely worse

@dakami How much trust would a trust wonk trust if a trust wonk could trust trust?

time to mute stuxnet so we can get back to what’s really important: shitposting about things that aren’t stuxnet.
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