i’ve been using ssh for 20 years now and i think today it finally clicked with me how ssh tunneling works… for about the tenth friggin time, that is…
Que Shu

I successfully made a lot of decisions about #GumshoeInTheDark today - which will be nice for actually running it
Straights of Schallsea

I love how @thepine64 changed from USB power and still doesn't ship power, and it's an uncommon end
Gods Row

OK #AlteredCarbon is making me want to read Altered Carbon, but not because I am enjoying the story - but because I want to wash it from my brain
How reading it would wash it from your brain?
Because the book was good - and the changes the movie made seem to exist because "Well - we need to make changes". Like - my favourite part of the book (the Envoy Corps and the weirdness around what they are) and Quellcrist and her weird "Karl Marx via 19 year old punk" and all the pieces - they just rolled it into "We need to say terrorists".
Ha, this part also felt wonky to me, thanks for confirming my suspicion.
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@silverwizard i've just got the last episode to watch. It appeared to me to be mostly sex and violence fetish show dressed up as a sci fi
@boneidol I mean - the book definitely had some of that... It fell into violence in the middle - and there was a lot of sex. But on the modernist noir skeleton fell a fairly good scifi book

Hey Twitter, @magicalraccoon is really cool and looking for a job! She’s done work with Linux and sysadmin, and I think you should check out her website and hire her.


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Que Shu

Holy Shit #AlteredCarbon didn't race bend Kovacs off the top! Made the prologue hallucinations. I am like 10 minutes in- and I love it.

Gaze not into the abyss, lest you become recognized as an abyss domain expert, and they expect you keep gazing into the damn thing.
Hedge Maze

Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

Hedge Maze

If someone looks at your boundaries and says, "You're hurting me," the very best thing you can do is to run.
Xak Tsaroth

OK! Slackware is the gateway drug for BSD is my only conclusion from this thread
I had heard that there were some free Unix OSs. I was in early high school. Looked at Net, Free and Slackware. FreeBSD has best install instructions and easiest to d/l to floppies. Also could use 1.72MB floppies to install. #bsdstart
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@silverwizard for me .. a stable ZFS implementation
@boneidol That's what brought me to FreeBSD instead of OpenBSD - FreeBSD is really the only OS from the Future.

The idea that vulnerability scans will replace Pentests is hilarious. Red Teamers are there to think like the villains and make new things. Machine Learning can only *iterate*. If you do vuln scans and not pentests, realize that you are only reacting to old news.
Barren Hills

There's an aurabesh true type font. I didn't know this because apparently I never checked.

Oh come on, all RJ-45s are the same
"CAT6 cables in the CAT5 patch panel are part of a long custom of sysadmin outrage." -#af3e
Plains of Dust

Ok - what if I just changed my bio to:

I feel like it would let everyone know the things they need to know about me

Using Slack for organizing or activism? You should be aware of the ways it can fall short in protecting your security.

The Revolution and Slack

The revolution will not be televised, but it may be hosted on Slack. Community groups, activists, and workers in the United States are increasingly gravitating toward the popular collaboration tool to communicate and coordinate efforts. But many of the people using Slack for political organizing...
Academy of Sorcery

Holy shit! Red Dwarf is only months younger than me?
...All the ship's chronometers indicate that this is February the 15th, in the year 1988!
"Give us visual. Let's see what's on tonight!"
"Okay, punching it up!"... #RedDwarf30

Que Shu


Reducing white supremacy to "mental illness" is apologia for white supremacy.
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I wish we could go back to the good old days when everyone just blamed Marylin Manson.
Watch out, you're turning bitter conservative.

"My employer is matching the donations to this GoFundMe for food" is the worst single thing I've ever heard

Dear MacOS: The delete key isn't the "Back" button.
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