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I just got a non-shitty security email from Zoom.

They might soon be almost secure

Oh my god, this quote someone posted on Reddit, I'm not sure who said this but...

"I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

I just had a weird conversation. Someone was advocating for a process that exists. "If you want to commit to master branch, please make sure someone who is familiar with what you touched has had a look". That process is true for our application and infra code. The problem is that there are fewer people familiar with infra code, and therefore, the fact that there are fewer people *able* to do the process makes people think the process is different. And they want it formalised in more places that the process is the same.

Worse, people seem to want who is capable at what to be formalised, which worries me.

i hope they add an image tag in html6 so we won’t need javascript anymore to display them oh wait

I've been not using Google except Youtube for a while now. And every time I end up interacting with a Google product I am shocked by how much it sucks

It's getting harder and harder to avoid the ads

Yes, but still it yields the best practical results for me so far.

Hey, in case you haven't noticed: society now nearly completely operates in a super networked way; COVID-19 accelerated that.

So working on user freedom issues (software, network, etc rights) has never mattered more. And there is much good we can do.

D&D rules divinities, evil assassins killed the divinities and trapped their divine sparks in an amulet

My PCs, stealing that amulet "It explodes if we break it... let's drop it on our enemies!"

LOL. PC's are always either too meek, or derail your campaign ASAP.

Oh no! They wanted to drop it on Space Godzilla

Since we're playing spelljammer - this is just how this campaign *rolls*, and I love it


1 is kinda boring and 4 could slightly replace it

In npm, why am I unable to just say "fix this package-lock file and make it up to date"

Or, better, find a version without cves?

This is the problem with everything Abrams has ever made

It only has theory, and no stories

I am still in awe over how many problems I have with Linux are caused by Lennart Poettering

Why is it that every interface is a race to the bottom in terms of usability, and then designers always complain "That interface element is obvious, therefore bad!"

Me before Social Distancing: "If I was stuck in my home for days on end, I'd do so much!"
Me now: "Fuck yes"

Good for you, I found this not to be true for me, I'm spending way more time entertaining myself away from anxiety and actually less actual productive time.

I hadn't been that productive either. I'm spending more time relaxing, since the days had been really stressing for me, because of much work at our company.

This is so far my experience too.

Yeah, not being prone to anxiety is the real actual superpower in this - which is... nice

But I mean - 0 year old doesn't help my personal productivity, but also helps my *actual* productivity, which helps me feel like I am productive, and lets me move into other productive things.

Mostly, writing the RPG work I've been meaning to - but also slowly learning some new code and figuring out some baby and house stuff - but it has been nice