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One of the hard parts of dadhood means that I need to remember the lyrics to lullabies that I haven't seriously sung or heard in decades

Imagine my confusion of having to remember lyrics to lullabies I've never heard because I wasn't raised in the US.

Slowly adding more and more spying to the web
Concentrating power all on Google

What Cyberpunk?!

Me too

Graduated university
Moved from tech support to my dream job
Bought a house
Had a child
Married my wife

there's actually a year and a month left in the decade. There was no year zero.

I need to get a few good tea cosies

Honestly, if senior people are able to define a strategy, juniors should be able to do the work. I just usually see senior people say "be unhackable" as a strategy.

Me: likes low profile glasses
Also me: cannot see his glasses when they are on his bedside table

I need to make a deep dish pizza again