There is the usual split into techno-utopian and non-utopian views. In my view, those pushing the techno-utopian view do not seem to be tech experts. #idreview
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Pkg upgrade -f segfaulting?

So it's that kind of day - eh?
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Kid gets Juvenile Diabetes. Gonna be on Insulin for the rest of his life. Might need a hospital or eight.

When does he get health insurance? Not at his first job. Pre-existing! Parents?

We gonna throw 26y/o diabetics in a meat grinder because they just won’t stop being sick?

Fun fact: Since I started working with Terraform, not a single yak in all the world has hair
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@silverwizard been there, done that with Terraform!

As I think about becoming a parent, I realize I need to teach my kids this process of growing into adulthood
“Hi! I’m actually uh... 12 years older than you. I just chose to never buy a house or get married - and I play video games all night while eating tacos and own two Ultrasabers because I totally can as a successful hacker, and that’s definitely what adults do.” 🤷🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍💻
What process exactly? Enlighten me, please, I'm closer to having to do it than you.
The process of teaching my children that adults only do things based on their drives. That there's no rules. But also how to live inside that. How to become a good person, without expecting others to play by the rules.

Also - my kid is -7 months old! I am definitely closer ;)

Cliff Stoll helped invent forensics and now teaches math. He's amazing and I am so sad I am missing this
This is epic. Clifford Stoll inspired me (and many others) to pursue an information security career, before that career actually existed

Good for state of the industry
Good to be heard
Good to meet people
Q3. Are security conferences and events beneficial to career development? #AlienChat

Urg - why can't I get docker on freebsd working
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Put your pronouns on your profile

Respect people's pronouns

Ask people's pronouns


I highly recommend this as a PR/support strategy
It helps people learn that your policy is terrible, broken, and dangerous
@ascherbaum To provide a more secure experience for our customers the paste option was disabled in our mobile apps. We appreciate you voicing your concerns and we will document your feedback internally so that it can be considered for future updates. ^NR

Completely agree. It then normalizes the compromise and convinces others to make that trade.

Twitter: Ed Walters on Twitter (Ed Walters)

Barren Hills

1. This is amazing
2. Isn’t this a plot line from the movie hackers?

Twitter: Eleanor Saittah ah ah on Twitter (Eleanor Saittah ah ah)

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holy balls. this is incredible

the vulnerability literally works like this:

me: "can i log in?"

server: "no. you need a password."

me: "hacker voice i'm in"

server: "login successful. you're in"

“The entire internet...”

Let me stop you right there.

(Unless you’re going to make an informed comment about TCP-IP.)
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remember when barack obama executed a US citizen with no trial and the entire country shrugged
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So, my work is conducting an internal survey about how we feel about stuff.

They gave me room for a free-form response.

So I used it.

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Got an job interview request, and was pretty anxious about it. I didn't even read the email. I just got a second email from the CEO and now I am *more* anxious.

Job anxiety is weird and bad right now.
Are you supposed to conduct the interview?
No, I am the interviewee - I just... with baby coming and things over the last few days, dropped a bunch of balls.
hosh hubzilla
Good luck!

the beowulf episode of voyager rules because instead of speaking middle english, the holodeck characters just talk like boffer larpers
Pax Tharkas

#KARTAS can be a weird podcast. Robin seems to understand story as a concept so much more, so you get less from him, since Ken's occult knowledge is so fascinating. But yet, in an RPG podcast, groking story and narrative so well is so valuable. I get why they are amazing together
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