Twitter's algorithm is definitely getting bad
It has been three minutes since I saw a new tweet, and the one before that was three minutes ago, apparently my feed is being trickled out one tweet at a time
Tower of High Sorcery

I am getting to the point where I've almost caught up on @ttwasteland_, what will happen if I don't have another episode to listen to? I might die!
Tower of High Sorcery

(Anyway, it should be reverted to this, or the whole entry should be deleted...)


Unless your audience is developers, never prioritise the things the developers of your product request (especially over your user's requests)
Que Shu

Still looking for junior infosec (defensive security) roles or system/network administration roles. Preferably remote.
Gods Row


CVSS Score: 10.0

Description: """A system does not present an appropriate legal message or warning to a user who is accessing it."""


@sharkle82 Hello! I wasn't at a computer this weekend, but good to see you here

But it takes *regulation* to deal with dumb shit. Somebody has to say, no, jackass, you can't just sternly declare SECURITY and have a gander at people's hotel rooms. Somebody needs to push back. Consequences or GTFO.

But we only deregulate now. It's YOLO as a Service Economy.
Straights of Schallsea

@ma Dumb shit comes from smart people.

I know this, because I've found out I was being pretty dumb...later.

Local incentives, local perspectives. One of the main deliverables of ffective management is to be the defender of the long term vision.

Management got much less effective.

"The reasoning, Netflix's statement says, comes from its last controversial decision: to add auto-playing videos, complete with unmuteable audio, while browsing through Netflix content."

I see that, and I see what I see everywhere else: American culture just can't quit dumb shit
Academy of Sorcery

This is such a long shot, but if you were part of a Geocities forum-based #roleplay game called #Karyea (Active in the early 2000s - mainly 2001-2003), would you get in touch?

RTs greatly appreciated!!
Gods Row

Last Heroes Tomb

In fact, I think it shows how science and reason can just as easily be used to harm and oppress people as religion. Instead of pieces of scripture we have race realism, genetic determinism, sex/gender essentialism all of which operate to maintain and justify harm and suffering 4/
Hedge Maze

Email is Gmail
IRC is freenode
ActivityPub is


This page describes the instance - wondering what Mastodon is? Check out instead! In essence, Mastodon is a decentralized, open source social network. This is just one part of the network, run by the main developers of the project It is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!

Could you imagine thinking that machine learning worked/is good

Software As A Sadness
Hedge Maze

The thing about Patreon is that I never want to login to it, so I don't know if I've ever collected a reward
Giving money to a website is its own reward.
Oh, I give too much every month on patreon, since I want creators to live. but HOLY SHIT is it a painful process to collect rewards. Both for creators and patrons.

Oh! I am on Mastodon
@piffyjackie I crosspost everything everywhere but I was hoping!

Good to see you!
@silverwizard can you see the pride flags i twote?
@silverwizard sorry i meant tooted
@piffyjackie I can see them on your profile, but not mine. Since I support NOTHING (since I am an annoying nerd)
But holy crap! That instance is hella good

The worst part of Mastodon is how hard it is to read and explore an instance's federated timeline and users if you don't have an account on that specific instance.
I often want to find my friends by discovering them on their instance (they'll say "I signed up on Mastodon" and I gotta figure out where).

It's an annoyance, and feels like it wants to make every instance an island, rather than part of a larger whole.
Que Shu

My solution for this morning

Is it a solution of coffee extracts?
It is! The best kind of solution!
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