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No, it isn't. Maybe Barack should take art lessons from Dubya?

Basically, all good news!

Come on, I dislike the Green but this is horrifying

When did this concept of apps that are just web browsers that suck even more take off?

And how can I kill it/the person who came up with it

Me: I should write more stuff to share/sell
Also Me: Editting is boring as fuck

Ok! I am officially off github, all my stuff, including DoublePlusUnzip, my magnum opus, is now here: (it intentionally redirects to a non-standard port)

I am watching Queen of the Damned (I apparently hate myself), and I have no idea how the hell this genre works.
Mid-2000s horror is just... a lot like the 90s but with an obsession with death

If the God of War dude was in Assassin's Creed he'd be part of Abs Sturgo

Glad I didn't move to gitlab for personal stuff


OMG tell me about it! It took me years after I left school to stop having nightmares about it.One of the biggest problems is that sleep science has shown that children and adolescents need much more sleep than the average school schedule allows them. The extension of pseudo-military schooling into the under-5 age group is just horrifying. 5 is already too young. Most kids *need* free play up to around the age of 7.

Yeah, I am so worried about my child and school. My school was aggressive and bad, and I feel like it will be just as bad for my child.

I had the same fears when my daughter (now an adult) hit school age. Although I have to say NZ public schools seemed to have improved on my experience by that time. Unsolicited advice: if it's legal where you are, don't send them until they're 7. Also, if you can't find a school you trust to nurture your child as well as you do, seriously consider homeschooling/ unschooling. At least until you feel they are old enough to tough it out.

Homeschooling isn't something we have time for
But we could find an alternative local school maybe

But yeah, is something on our radar