Fuck this

Fucking Open Source washing

Fuck Google for making this a fucking trend. Fuck what open source means these days.

I am just gonna go full Stallman or something. Just because I can read some parts of your code doesn't mean it's open.
The hot new “you can do anything but compete with us” open source license 🤔

License Changes for Confluent Platform | Confluent

We’re changing the license for some of the open source components of Confluent Platform from Apache 2.0 to the Confluent Community License. This new license allows you to freely download, modify, and redistribute the code (very much like Apache 2.0 does), but it does not allow you to provide the software as a SaaS offering.
@silverwizard Devil's advocate: we suck at supporting maintainers.

One thing is using people's tools as part of something you build. A different thing is what AWS and Google do, where they piggyback on a wealth of free work and, effectively, just sell access to the tool itself.

We'll get more licenses like this until, as an industry, we get better at accounting for those cases and paying the people who build the platforms.

/cc @yogthos
@ricardojmendez @silverwizard I agree, funding open source work is important. You can see the difference Clojurists Together is making as an example. A lot of bugs and rough edges got polished off that nobody wanted to bother with in the projects that got funded.

It would be nice to have a strong grass roots support for funding open source developers.
@ricardojmendez @silverwizard @yogthos the problem with this model, is that it’ll keep small/medium-sized players out of the game. Not everyone is Google or Amazon. In many cases, these small companies put effort and resources, contributing to the FLOSS project directly, or/and releasing tools/knowledge.

Right now there’s a lot of pressure from VCs and investors to get money from this kind of business models. Turning this companies into SaaS providers themselves is not the solution.
@ricardojmendez @silverwizard @yogthos adding insult to injury, some contributions made by small companies and individuals will be subject to relicensing (Redis, Neo4j, MongoDB, Confluent stack). With little or no money to litigate.

From my own experience, I can tell you the “mother” company would seldom create a healthy partner ecosystem, treating small-size companies as competitors instead of allies.
@ricardojmendez @silverwizard @yogthos I guess that for me it’ll mean no more free marketing for these kind of capitalism in the conferences and communities I help organize.

@AbdulElSayed @RoseAJacob If healthcare isnt a human right what even is the point of society? We mutually cooperate to live in society under the assumption it benefits us overall. But if even such basic things as healthcare arent available to the majority, what incentive is there to uphold such a society?

Urm this is rather shocking... Don't need to actually get your HSBC online banking password correct... Shocking @troyhunt


wow they're going to automate middle-aged white women out of existence at this rate
Straights of Schallsea

~/$ man splain
"Well, actually..."

Hedge Maze

I need to get three different inaccurate wall maps to use for the backgrounds of video calls
Swap them out randomly
Que Shu

Hedge Maze

+1000% if you read White Wolf growing up and your table of contents is just chapter titles like "Life in the Fast Lane" and "The Elements of Style"
Please, if your rpg is longer than say 100 pages and you think people are going to be using/referring to it at the table, put in an index. Even the most basic header-based index. A ToC is almost never enough to find something when I'm in the heat of running.
Silver Dragon Mountain

This is the correct answer to "what is a file"
It's a tool for smoothing rough surfaces. Duh.
Temple of Majere

I am interviewing for a sysadmin, and I really want to ask them "Can you explain what a file is", but I really think this is too broad and too hard a question.
Gods Row
It's a tool for smoothing rough surfaces. Duh.
I couldn’t answer precisely, but I’m not a sysadmin either. I still think about files either as paper sheets with characters printed on it, or as a spool for a long string of 0 and 1.
I mean, it completely depends on context. A file on the network is TOTALLY different than a file in a filesystem!

That's why it's so *mean* and also so interesting

This is the shit that keeps me in tech, even with all the [everything].

Single 20-something dudes are fucking stupid about the world, and this shit is too important to leave to their limited imaginations.

Could you imagine a javascript dev making fun of Internet Explorer for being slow

Now I need to use Facebook to go to protests and rallies, and use Google to donate to charity apparently. Of course.

Gonna buy and sell social improvements. #Cyberpunk

You can now donate to charity from the Play Store on your phone

Google is rolling out a new feature to the Play Store, but this one isn't aimed at getting you to install more apps or give Google more money. Check out the new donation hub in the Play Store, and you can give money directly to charities doing good things in the world. Google says that 100% of your donation goes right to the organizations you choose.

Here are the non-profits participating in the Google Play donation program.

Read More
You can now donate to charity from the Play Store on your phone was written by the awesome team at Android Police.
Silver Dragon Mountain

I have tired eyes and a small phone and you can take your spelling and grammar corrections, fold them until they’re all corners, and jam em sideways up your ass.

Checking patch files into github leads to weird as fuck PRs

Skullcap This article is written in a way I find beautiful. I would go so far as to claim it's the only beautiful thing I've read this week.
Barren Hills

The Internet is glued together with pieces of code that don’t constantly check if they get to stop working for this licensing reason or that.

Some is from hobbyists. Some is salaried work product. Most can be pulled if it stops doing the job needed, which happens regularly.

We now have a patch file being distributed with our docker containers, since it's easier!
Barren Hills

@ed_maste You too? Everyone knows that a good editor allows the width of a tab to be defined. 30+ years of computing I’ve never seen a command-line editor allow me to define the width of a space. People that use spaces are selfish, self-centered beasts with zero empathy (opinion)
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