Busy is the enemy of productive.

When I am busy I don't do the important things, I do the funnest necessary things.

So glad I use edcsa in my keys ».«

looking for capital to revolutionise thermometers using an API, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence

Friendica News

2017-10-16 09:55:27

get it while it's hot: Friendica 3.5.4 just released now includes support for the Diaspora account relocation signal
The Trough

Hi, I'm the guy who tries his best to pretend that there are no political statements made in the new Wolfenstein game.
Last Heroes Tomb

To my point: if you've ever used cbdfree in Wellington I can probably force your device to connect to me unencrypted. Easily.

hi dad i'm just calling cause you need to patch your router

oh you're using it without a password

ok never mind
Temple of Majere

This but with Ronald Reagan and Vietnam
In 20 years Republicans will be all about how Trump was the greatest
Temple of Majere

The Infineon bug is a bigger deal than the WiFi bug.


Latest patch for WPA2 flaw. Install now.

Temple of Zeboim

@dchest @phessler Love @tedunangst comment on HN: “A bunch of dudes on a linux mailing list lack the authority to prevent OpenBSD from fixing things.”

I'm safe from the WPA2 attacks because I use a VPN with RSA keys... Wait what... Oh to hell with it. #HappyMonday
Plains of Dust

NOAP - not accepting this many. Too many.

Gonna cry instead
Vulnerability details of #KRACK attack when published incl:
13078, 13079, 13080, 13081, 13082, 13084, 13086, 13087, 13088

NOAP - too many
Temple of Zeboim

So why are we still calling Linux Unix-like?

arp? gone
ifconfig? gone
netstat? gone
route? gone
Inn of the Last Home

@WesLilHate But think about what things were like in 1967. The whole point was to turn away from a world that awful.

I for one, hope the WPA2 flaw tomorrow somehow ends up being so bad that we all switch back to ethernet


Random fun fact: The point I realized that 'digital assistants' are wiretaps you just allow to be in your home, was when I wrote a python
Silver Dragon Mountain
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