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@ra6bit As I once heard in a keynote, effective security is all about what you safely enable, not what you block.

Someone else buy and do something cool with it so I stop wanting it!

I just want to be able to say "go to dub dub dub dot dub dub dub dot club" for things!

My friends... have you looked up “Infosec” in the Urban Dictionary?

“A profession that turns normal people into whiskey drinking, swearing, paranoid, disheartened curmudgeons with no hope for the future of computers or humanity.”

My wife thinks that computers go in cocoons apparently
servers are like caterpillars 🐛

My wife has adjusted her musical tastes to match with her newfound stroller preferences.

I guess I am in this baby thing for the long haul

OK, folks—who had this in their threat model?
That's some sloppy shit right there.

My threat model has long included "random device gets added to the network". Hell, my assumption would be that someone would dump a raspi into the bushes, connect to the wifi, and then use LTE to exfil

The Gillette ad reaction is really demonstrating why some men think the phrase "toxic masculinity" means "all masculinity is toxic": because they can't imagine a masculinity which isn't. Dream better things for yourselves, guys.

Not to mention I have discovered I ***loathe*** working around "spoilers"

Few things will gut an essay faster than "oh, there's this thing, but I'm not going to talk about it specifically because it's important"

Oooh, ad personalization but suddenly YouTube is sending me nothing but videos about things for kids
How... odd
Definitely unlikely Google would ignore those preferences!

Trying to fix my test lab today, and was reminded of:

#sysadmin rule #27 - Temporary solutions aren't.

sysadmin rule #28 - Permanent solutions aren't.

That's it. I'm off to @semibug_

@BootsRiley capitalism is the only system where robots making work easier is a bad thing. Where robots mean layoffs, not vacation time.

a woman that reported an incident at derbycon a few months ago is now recieving harassment in the replies on a tweet from october. (i have been doing searches and revisiting old tweets to update my blocklist.)

...and we wonder why people don't speak up.

Patreon seems designed to make it harder to consume content

Password masked links and zip files emailed using a web based mail client are IMPOSSIBLE to script around it's hard to make it convenient to use
@silverwizard There are people out there who write automated scripts to download people's paywalled content and upload it somewhere else. There's a whole website for it. You shouldn't make their job easier.

@Gargron My workflow for most of my content is: put into dotfile, cron downloads it to a server, it's added to an mpd playlist I use.

Adding steps to that makes me less likely to give people money.

Optimizing for bad actors isn't always great, since, as you say, bad actors ALREADY automate it.

The classic argument is that if it's easier to get via piracy, why pay for it?

Who the fuck let me learn only enough latex to realize it's the RIGHT choice, without letting me learn enough to comfortably use it
\excellent[choice=made, improvement=rapid]{silverwizard}

Gah! How the hell do I learn this!

Try this WYSIWYM editor: Get a general idea about the process of compiling source documents into PDFs. Begin modifying preambles and look at the LaTeX source viewer while writing with LyX. Later write simple documents in LaTeX itself once you have mastered some basics. Gradually progress to be come a LaTeX typesetting wizard and join your local section of TUG for regular meet-ups . Finally never look back to feeble word processors and all that.
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Yeah, I did everything with LyX which is why I DON'T know LaTeX. I was redoing my resume in LyX, which lead to the complaint!


That's quite advanced to begin with. You seem to raise the bar high.

I did my thesis in LyX, I use it a fair amount - but yeah - my resume was a mess. I still have an indentation on subsections I can't get rid of - but I just sent it out since I live in a town where people I want to hire me will recognize why and figure that blah is a feature, not a bug

I see. My resumes are written with LyX too, but I have to admit the preambles have morphed into such complexity --with a considerable amount of formatting commands and actual content[!] in there-- that has defeated the purpose of using LyX.

For writing books and chapters, LyX in the past (prior to 2.3) was similarly complicated as it didn't support biblatex natively. For social scientists, the standard bibtex package for bibliography management was useless. You still had to heavily rely on the preamble. Nowadays it's much easier though.
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I did my bibliography by hand, since I am basically the worst

My psychology degree had a thesis in a social science, overseen by the Engineering department, so I basically... had no plan for formatting ;)

Nice! Sounds like the usual interdisciplinary chaos... Love it.

I just saw a job post from 2019 that advertised for "ninja technical skills"

I am glad they decided to write "red flag" into their posting

@danwallach Privacy & security in consumer computing products seems like a case where the customers increasingly have neither the information nor the leverage to protect themselves or negotiate in their own interests. Classic case for regulation, largely brought about by the industry itself.