Took this photo 15 years ago today, waiting to invade Iraq—all unaware we were about to be part of the greatest lie and greatest crime of our generation


I have my unifi controller on my laptop. This is literally the worst place for it. I *really* need to get a real VM server
Inn of the Last Home
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theru GNU Social
@silverwizard get a nuc low power and you can run a couple or more of vm's
Yeah - a NUC or the above Zotac will help - but I am in a "correct or not at all" mode.

Also - a reasonable 1U server is upgradable and I can start pretty small and get something good enough, and then continue to bring up over time. A NUC it's kinda all or nothing.

Some people go to buy candy after Halloween


Me: Bragging that I know Unix find
@randallh: you know, I've written find twice in my life
Straights of Schallsea

LastPass has a security challenge
The first thing they ask you to do it type in your master password
I don't have the confidence to feel I can audit the JS to know where that password is going. And sure, LastPass already is browsery cruft with cloud storage - but... I wont complain about job mandate password keepers.
Temple of Zeboim

Auth left: Interenet Explorer
Auth right: Google Chrome
Lib right: Safari
Lib left: Firefox

alias unzip='tar -xvzf'

Current status: verifying reality is real
Inn of the Last Home
good luck with that one
It isn't, I already verified. The opposite would be disastrous.

Man, leaving that job was hard.

A sunset is good to ride off into, and I hope they do well.

Recognize the quaternary stages of infosec:
“You know, forget the pen test, let’s just build an asset inventory and network map.”
“I secretly want to skip this con, but I’m speaking about beer.”
“I’m genuinely considering opening a bar in a few years”
“I probably drink too much.”

Debating Dystopia

Whose Dystopia Is It Anyway?

Reason writers debate which fictional dystopia best predicted our current moment.

Is it all of them that aren't morons?
Meet the Computer Scientist Championing Paper Ballots

Meet the Computer Scientist Championing Paper Ballots

Barbara Simons believes there is only one safe voting technology.

Severus Snape was an irredeemable scumbag who bullied, demeaned and humiliated innocent kids just because he was Friend Zoned by one of their dead mothers

Airport security: I meant anything to declare in your luggage
Xak Tsaroth

I am hitting the part of quitting my job where the entire floors realizes that I own everything we use to make coffee. From the grinder, to the coffee pot, to the beans.

Sorry - today I am apparently half asleep and half sysadmin, so you are getting all the shitposts that pop into my head on a given day

In Soviet Russia kitten find robot
Straights of Schallsea

New dis, who phone?
Temple of Kiri-Jolith

We're past the notion of being merely a fan of something specific and we're into the idea stacked on top of that which is being a hardcore fan of being a hardcore fan.
The Trough

Sending email to gmail is actually the worst possible thing.

I am considering just not talking to GMail users until they get an email address.
Plains of Dust
"Sending email to gmail is actually the worst possible thing."
jus a wee bit extreme maybe?
I've never once been hyperbolic, not even once!

Why would you accuse me of being hyperbolic!
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