Man the idea that GDPR would mean fewer emails baffles me

Do people know what privacy is?!
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You imply that GDPR is only about privacy. It is also about the "ownership" of data about persons, processing these data, and a general "good vs. evil" debate about data.

At the moment there is a grant chaos and confusion about what needs to be done regarding to the GDPR compliance.

I hear ICE has been editing its mission statement.

They've got it down to 14 words.
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ICO tomorrow
pivoting to reinvent Bank of America using MongoDB
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"To recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less." - Oscar Wilde
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Happy GDPR Day, where we celebrate the EU doing more for Americans' online privacy than anything the US Congress has ever done.
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Things I still have in my backpack:
Tire hooks
Patch kit
Spare bike tire

Things I left out of my backpack:

I am definitely prepared!
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@silverwizard as Long as you have a good pair of lungs ...
@theru And the tongue skill to push back the little valve

My manager doesn't want to create a report in the application to monitor access. He wants "to use the API"

I wanna rename my birthday to GDPR Eve all the time.

It's my new favourite holiday.
When it's GDPR eve and you still haven't heard a peep from FitBit

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me, 1988: my dad calls everything by the wrong name. why doesn't he know what anything is
me: 2018: calling my kid's mindcraft game "computer legos" is way funnier than saying mindcraft and it pisses her off every time
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So begins the best 4 months of the decade
Where I get to bug @FireflyLeigh about being my 20something bride while I am a far older 30something
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Movie theater: Please silence your phones.

Me, who hasn't taken my phone off silent since 2012: *double-checks*

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This is the best written job posting I've ever read
It shows an employer looking to hire the best person, not a list of skills, it encourages and affirms people. It's clear about needs but also clear that it's good.
If I was willing to go to the US I'd apply in a second
People in my network might be interested in this great role with @hrw who are hiring a new "Information Security Technologist." You get to work with the awesome@seamustuohy and @matt_timblin. #humanrights #tech #job #infosec #jobfairy

find `find . -type d -name "tasks"` -type f

Look at this shit.

Coworkers come to me for unix help
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@oritgat, @anildash, @timberners_lee, A Pattern Language (Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein)


Ok ok ok hear me out
Is the laurel/yanny thing causing aural sects?
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• sequels coming out a different size to first book
• damaged book mail
• how they can't read through their TBR pile before they die
• that time the Library of Alexandria got burned down

Fourth variant of Spectre and Meltdown identified by Microsoft and Google via @InfoSecHotSpot

Fourth variant of Spectre and Meltdown identified by Microsoft and Google | Computing

Attackers could steal information from open browser tabs by using CVE-2018-3639,Chips and Components,Threats and Risks ,Spectre,Meltdown,Intel,ARM,AMD,IBM,chips,vulnerability
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Fucking thank you.
Real ops folks hate this crap being shoved on us. We did just fine without it.
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