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Lennart Poettering is the Rob Liefeld of Linux

I think I have come to this realization before


If I do a Google interview have I fully sold my soul?

But are they more evil than every other software company, or just more scale?

This is a legit internal battle right now

don't do it.
this has all gone well fubar enough
and the fact you're seeing the dilema (aka false choice) is a good thing

Honestly, I think you're right

Why does Google want to make a UDP protocol that's going to cause *so* many delivery problems as far as I can tell, if they still support Javascript

Step 1: Make the web faster at a protocol level
Step 2: Make the web unusable since any action costs 10GB RAM

Tried to make my UA hilarious for my Google phone interview. But Hangouts stops working if you change your UA *at all*




Ok, can we as a culture slide past the idea that people would need to bring a case of rocks

"I need to put my rocks in this case for my antifascist action, for surely no rocks are as good as my handpicked rocks"

Finding rocks on the ground is for losers



I am going to find this movie

I am going to give money to it's creator



Someone needs to bring this to court

One of the cool parts of high level D&D is that I gave my PCs a sword forged from the soul of the Paladin they are trying to find, and so now I get to see how they solve that problem