I often forget that hair leaks out of my face. Maybe I should wax my face?
Straights of Schallsea

Trump told the NRA "both my sons love the outdoors." Musta had a big bowl of chili and forgot Barron exists.

Go home mod_security - you're drunk

Academy of Sorcery

i don't understand, beautiful women luring you with music toward an island has always worked out well in the past
Pax Tharkas

I've not mentioned how much I like @redemptionpod or @ArcologyPodcast or @Neo_Anarky_Opti or @StarWarsMinute in a while. Are all great!
Tower of High Sorcery

Mind you, my Goldman-Sachs speech would be called "The Guillotine is Never Far Away, you Fucking Idiots." But I'd take the $.
Xak Tsaroth

The *only* correct way
How would I deal with malware?

shred /dev/sda1 and spin up a new server from a backup

I will probably never stop being flabbergasted by employees thinking they would get paid the same gross amount if income taxes disappeared.
Sad Town

It has been decided that we have a "bespoke organic server farm"

Fuck - I really don't want there to be a storm the first time I've been able to work on my back deck in FOREVER
I really don't want it to storm immediately before I put conduits in the ground ahead of concrete slab pouring. Feet will be heavy and pants, boots will be spreading mud to everything. I can't say no unless it's storming at work time, but it's forecast to end at the beginning of workday.
Oh yeah! Don't pout concrete in a storm! That sounds awful
Just arrived and it's still raining but it's supposed to end soon. It's literaly a mud pit with some gravel here and there.

Why has no one done up #WynonnaEarp as a #Deadlands module?
Barren Hills

Anonymity doesn't leave prejudices or grudges at the door. It just defaults everyone to white male aka worthy of respect.
Que Shu

Better idea: an open-source project where contributors are assigned a common WOC name

Man, this is weird. This is like a list of "Required DE Features for the modern world"...
Desktop Environment - the additional stuff beyond a Window Manager
To think it's 2017 and you've got all this shiney shit but nobody is shouting "where's the fucking cookie jar, this isn't brain surgery".

I cannot imagine a better turn than 29 damage in #HowartsBattle - has @USAopoly seen better? @FireflyLeigh did really well as Ron!
Que Shu

My most wonderful wife @FireflyLeigh is officially gonna be a PhD!
Temple of Zeboim

I am happy I got to use the line "I am going to summon Yog-Sothoth to eat the rich" in a game

Robots have contacts to vouch for me!
@HippyWizard I know at least one more person to vouch for you ;)
Que Shu

NSA disseminates intelligence internally like the new "it works on my computer"...
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