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midochlorians are the powerhouse of the force

Riverdale LARP where everyone gets stock characters to start session 1 and establish dynamics.

Every session is set in a different genre, and who the villain is is decided by a die roll.

All other dynamics need to stay the same.
Combat is rock paper scissors, but there's no specials, no matter who you are.

So yeah, you can get lucky and just kick the shit out of a bear
Just imagine the GM taking you aside before game

"Ok, you're the Girl Next Door who is best friends with everyone. But here, you found a laser pistol in the woods and are now abducting people for your alien overlords."

"So I can win a fight?"

Just imagine the GM taking you aside before game

"Ok, you're the Girl Next Door who is best friends with everyone. But here, you found a laser pistol in the woods and are now abducting people for your alien overlords."

"So I can win a fight?"


It makes me happy that xmms still exists and is still a cool Winamp clone.

If I used window managers where I saw my media player sometimes, I would 100% use it again
Sent you a contact request, now I wanna know
Apparently, I can't just point a regular xmpp client at it. I'll have to figure out how to properly configure prosody. Truth be told, I know very little about xmpp.

I'm too tired to actually work on something, I guess I'll just try to get wifi to work on a Linux system where KDE is installed by not used

Having kids was the best choice ever, I love them
Honestly, kids are a lot of work.

2 kids is more than twice as much work as one.

But kids are the best part of my life in ways I cannot describe.

if you think you want kids a little, do it. It's amazing.
This would be my advice too, if you want kids yourself, go for it and be ready to shape your life around them because they're here to stay.

Does anybody know of any trans-friendly companies hiring IT or tech support or adjacent fields? I have more than a decade of experience and I'm willing to relocate if the pay is okay.

The Conservative Party of Canada's own phonebanks and own Candidates seem embarassed by their party

Canada is in crisis and we need to start handling the broken party with entrenched eternal loyalty

When directors hate on the MCU they, seems to be, hating on the way that Disney is eating the industry, and literally one film series is getting *most* blockbusters. We don't have a film industry
And I think it's important to point out that the MCU is one of the only creative places where the main creators would probably be upset if you said they created art.



yeah it’s me… the trapdoors aren’t opening. yeah, I already removed the kernel module and modprobed it again.. what? yeah I did upgrade kvm but why would that.. what the fuck?

Holy shit, this is an amazing concept

Book Of Infinite Unbranchings

Someone loudly sawing wood nextdoor, after my child had a bedtime meltdown

I am about to go out there and be all "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!"

Fuck... when did I get like this

I really hope we're all WFH in January, because I am on paternity leave and my office supports 90 day password rotation with no out of bounds IT contact

Just me walking into an office with a bound copy of the NIST guidelines
I've never enforced password rotation here because I've found it only encourages stupid passwords that are easily guessed because same are easily remembered.
That's what the NIST says, because yeah, that

and I want my work to change their policy

How many completely exclusive ways does every Linux distro install by default to connect to wifi?

I hate all of the SSL enforcement on modern browsers. Sometimes I just wanna reference systems by IP and I am not gonna get a cert for it. Blaaaah.

In 1972, the show was re-conceptualized as Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space

I'm sorry - what?
BTW: Because of you I'm currently watching this:
I need to go to bed, but I need to watch this whole show tomorrow!
Sleep well. I'm now making breakfast, since the morning began.

Putting a set of torx in a diaper bag feels remarkably on brand

Conan the Adventurer
Conan warrior without peer
With his magic sword protecting
The mightiest of warriors
His legend spreads
Across the land and sea!

This themesong always removed tension
Magic sword protecting him AND best warrior? Why bother?
@HippyWizard and yet it was a surprisingly good series

Conservative Party of Canada is doing unmasked door to door canvasing

How is that not... Against something
Wait, that was the candidate!?
Despite being against mandates, apparently she was vaxed at least?

Reading up on some history of Snake People in fantasy literature. Got into D&D stuff and Robert E Howard/Lovecraft stuff.

And uh

I am really glad D&D just made up its own Snake People and said "nope, nothing like those"

I hate when people are like "Unicies are great, but I SSHed into my computer to fix it so it's bad"

Do you know what people do on other OSes? They cry
They bring their computers to people to fix

The fact you can fix your computer isn't a fucking usability problem
My dad: I guess they make it look like this, all this typing, no wonder no one uses BSD
Me: fuck you, I did this, I like this

This is why the movie followups always suck, they try to be about Highlander

I have now built a disaster recovery scenario to allow recovery in case of internet problems during my child's bedtime

I am a problem


Ain't no COVID in this house

Ok, so now why are we so damn sick?!

Explaining to a two year old that just a COVID tes that you gotta be a special expert to shove things in your nose

The Magic School Bus is the rare example of contemporary fantasy with uncommon magic but no Masquerade


This show has always been perfect

So mich RPG discourse makes more sense when you realize "Drama majors only realized they could be mad they were playing a wargame around 1982"
And generally make that realization again every 10 years

I am officially in the market for an amazon echo
Though only for free

Though, to be fair, it's to install a new OS

Becky trying to teach Shæ about expressions: Do you know how to tell if someone is happy
Me: they might be smiling or laughing. Or, for your dad, he might just look like he's going to kill you
This is due to my face being worse than resting bitch face

Watching Magic School Bus and one of the kids has cloak made of smart fabric that camoflages

And is playing hide and seek

This is wrong
@metaljordy Just some random primary schooler!
This school has class sizes of 9 and magic cloaks!

Definitely a private school for the rich
Jordy Harvey 2 weeks ago from Twitter for Android  — (London, Ontario)
@HippyWizard That's, bizarre. Is it the new one?

Since being unable to go to cons, the "novelty oneshot RPG" has been losing its allure

I am "making playdough whenever I can't figure out where my toddler hid it before bed" years old

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buy your bootleg copy of ogdo here:

I keep reading dewormer as dwemoner and wondering why these horses are spellcasting