On Thursday I ran #UrbanShadows and I had a weird experience. PCs entered a boss fight, rolled like crap 2-3 times in a row, and then knocked their dice out of the park
This feels like a strength of PbtA
Temple of Majere

I started reading Milo's book, I stopped, it wasn't even clever enough to mock
Instead of debating Milo go watch the MIT Gene Ray timecube debate
So when Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, or any other alt-right figurehead says "debate me, that's the only way you'll defeat me!" you need to ask yourselves one little question:

"Since when are we taking this guy's advice on anything?"
Straights of Schallsea

I wish all science fiction was as apolitical as the classics that built the genre. Like that one where a brown dude wages war on the empires of the world in his private submarine. Or the one where Martians trample the biggest empire on earth in an act of merciless conquest.

I'm a Canadian who doesn't want my government to continue policies of #CulturalGenocide against Indigenous peoples in #Canada. I find the very idea of Residential Schools abhorrent, and I don't think I'm unusual in this. #CDNpoli
Temple of Kiri-Jolith

the new healthcare plan is everybody gets 50 tylenol at birth. those are your tylenol. use them whenever or however you want.

I've become a person who has opinions on the quality of NIST documents.
I don't know what I did to deserve this.

I cross the road differently when stressed
I am 100% a weird hacker

Today I was asked "Do you have a normal computer?" and I feel like this is my brand.

I feel that Option 1 builds a bad habit of mistreating others, leads to underpaying people in other scenarios and feeling justified. We underestimate the impact decisions like this have on our moral compass. You have to know where you draw your line and stick to it.

My headphone managed to hit my skull bone at JUST the point to allow skull conduction of my music. I HATE IT
Que Shu
What is music skull conduction?
@Hyp❄️l🎄te Pet❄️van where you use the small skull bones to conduct sound, rather than cilia
I'm not sure I know the difference, aren't both participating in hearing?
@Hyp❄️l🎄te Pet❄️van yeah, but in this case the headphone was under my ear, so rather than entering the canal, it was vibrating beside the canal
I was trying to leave one ear symbolically open for office politeness

This image is a TCP/IP Joke. This tweet is a UDP joke. I don't care if you get it.

The Trough

Hey - I am fishing for security resources. Specifically in the realm of APT scenarios. Does anyone have any real world APT scenarios, or good writes ups they can share? Stories of that time that your sysadmin suddenly noticed network traffic they couldn't explain?
Temple of Mishakal

#2018 goals:
New job OR
#BSDCan talk in 2019 called "Using FreeBSD Jails to Flee systemd"

HowTo Short Bitcoin:
Wait for crash
Buy in order to short
Success, since all the other nerds are doing this
Now you have to try to liquidate all this BTC
Tower of High Sorcery

[poll]least meaningful term in common use

Have been giggling over this for a solid 5 minutes

Que Shu

I want bitcoin to crash. I want it to become financially untenable to keep committing climate change crimes for Everquest gold.

I suddenly find myself on the other end of job interviews - and I don't have a lot of say, but a lot of the time I want to shake people and tell them it's not about the answer, but instead how they GOT the answer

Thinking of using #AshenStars' viro/cyberware and #NightsBlackAgents core game to build out a #Gumshoe game based on Altered Carbon - anyone in my weird sphere have thoughts?

I just realized:
I've not been happy all year
100% due to the Christmas season
I am really not ok with this
Citadel of Light
it's over
now get over it and go do something awesome! :)
Yeah - but I stressed myself into sickness! (Am finally better)
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