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Security is nothing except privacy and money management

Every time I realize what I really want in my life is a refurbished point of sale PC, I look into their aftermarket and it's *weird*

Like, everything is leased, so refurbished devices are like 5-10 years old, and no one is buying anything unless they are avoiding leases, so they're still $1500 to stop people avoiding leases

But you can sometimes find them for like $100 because of a store going under

Yesterday I beat myself up and made something I felt was ok
Today I tried to cruise, and made something I couldn't debug

Programming sucks, why am I doing it?!

I could be building my Mycroft from scratch! I have the parts!

I am literally doing this for only two reasons:
learn things I should know
A terrible pun

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ty! for all users: thanks you!

Infosec?! On my pat leave?! More likely than you think!

This person doesn't know what they believe, but also wants to use that as a justification to dismiss others.

I was wondering why you were sparring with someone so clearly lost, but then I saw "*BSD" in their profile.
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RIGHT?! They were someone I followed and assumed was a little sensible

Have you ever read the rest of their profile before "*BSD"? 😅

As a very devote Christian I am fairly willing to accept the existence of reasonable devote Christians

Trust me, you aren't nearly that devote, and thus reasonable isn't the correct adjective for either his profile or his replies. But I get it, sometimes you trust the wrong people and it shows up unexpectedly.

I am a little offended by that
I am defined by my relationship to God and I think my devotion is very important

Sure, but you don't publicly castigate anyone who doesn't fit into your own relationship to God. That's what I meant by "that devote", which at this point is more akin to zealous proselytism, of which you aren't anywhere near, thank Goodness, or else I probably wouldn't have maintained a relationship to you.

I'm used to Christians who keep to themselves, I've lived with my parents who are almost harmless in that regard. However I still can't stand any unwarranted religious spillover in any other conversation, especially involving the worth of any other human being. You've earned my trust in this regard, and as far as I'm concerned I'm okay with you being a devote Christian.

Sure, I mean, I think it's not a lack of devotion, just more respectful of the shared space.

While I fundamentally believe that my beliefs are *correct* and other beliefs are *incorrect*, that doesn't make the space any less a shared space, and one I feel respect should be brought to. That doesn't affect my *devotion*, just my imposition on the space.

(My imposing on the space is all my personality ;))

As an atheist myself, I'm sadly used to see increased religious devotion going hand-in-hand with shared space disrespect. Since I believe my beliefs are *correct* and other beliefs are *incorrect*, I usually don't need to make a distinction between both because one won't earn any specific favor from me being more or less devote. But one will upset me if they disrespect the shared space, disregarding their devotion level.
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I think that the two are uncorrelated!

They may be uncorrelated, but it doesn't make much of a difference to me since devotion is a very personal thing while shared space disrespect affects everyone else, me included.
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My point was, the difference between Courtney and I is not one of devotion, but one of imposition on space. Meaning we can be equally devout, while also being differently combative or pushy.

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ok after that post about the social consequences of infinite scrolling, here's another plea

dear programmers/web designers

just make fucking pages. please. i'm begging you. do it so i can find my goddamn place. give me a fuckin landmark here.

also have mercy on people who might be running it on older hardware and maybe don't want to deal with their computer groaning under the weight of a fuckshit mountain of loaded posts

Friendica has a user config switch for that, suddenly I feel like we have somewhat a fighting chance.

And I have that switch off and it's great!

No, we need a sequence based paging, not a page-number based paging. New posts in your feed shift the content of every single page, if you stay on one too long, clicking next may show you the exact same content.

Sure, that makes sense, the next button having context of the last seen post

Yep, the previous button was tricky to me, but implementing the Mastodon API I found the way they handle the previous button, so i may be able to do something about it.

They are skipping a few in the series, this is worse than when Star Wars started on #4
# #WW84

Facebook doesn't innovate though
Facebook degrades
Twitter has stayed constant and been good at what it does
Twitter's problems are around amplifying shitty voices and terrible moderation
An internet space that does a consistent and non-shitty thing well is nice

Community management is a problem that Facebook also has, potentially worse, Twitter's main problem is that there are better spaces that replicate it perfectly, and one day that exodus will happen (I hope), Facebook's main problem is that it's evil and reviled and shit

I wrote my first ever Makefile today!

Aren’t all work of fiction aiming at manipulating emotions? Why are people systematically expecting something deeper from their favorite fictional universe? Why do I keep expecting people to be more self-aware about their pet fandom?

I think it's legit to be like 'Disney is Lazy', but I am ok with ewoks, so can't talk

I'd say it's the opposite, creators went out of their way to create story-insignificant characters with the maximum impact. They didn't have to add porgs or Baby Yoda. Ewoks didn't have to look this way either.

Ah, see, story insignificant characters designed to be cute to the exception of all else is lazy, since it's just padding

(Porgs exist to cover puffins though, since they were protected, so don't count)

Also - ewoks were there for theme
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But padding is expensive, it can be counted in person-hours. Especially for something aimed at maximum impact, it probably had to undergo intensive design back and forth. Also movies don't have to be a specific length, the one including the porgs could have been 10 minutes shorter without the porgs and still be considered a movie. So it was deliberate, and I'm pretty sure it was expensive to get it just right.
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Spending money doesn't increase story quality

I mean, I just am annoyed so much of the conversation about a series I love is about the filler, so I am the conversation

I'm not sure what your story quality criterion is, but for me it was clear since Episode 4 that it wasn't the emphasis of the series. Simplistic politics, walking tropes, uncharismatic main protagonist... However it was shining at world-building. In other words, the story-insignificant details. The bustling market at Mos Eisley. The cute DIY bears (Jawas or Ewoks, your pick). The huggable mechanic. The cheeky robot. The Empire's numerous OSHA violations. The laser beam that stops and bounce on other lasers. Who shot first. The frozen world, the jungle world, the volcano world, the sea world. The pod race! The golden underwear set. Hoods, capes, helmets!

So, if you're also criticizing the porgs, I'm not exactly sure what kind of substance you're getting out of Star Wars because the story on its own is pretty light for me, and not because the porgs are monopolizing the creative team.
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Also: I have never seen The Last Jedi

How would it be relevant to the conversation?

I have never seen a Porg on screen, only in memes, same with baby Yoda

Maybe you’d better be able to ignore them if you’d actually watched the relevant movies. Currently you only have them to talk about without the storytelling context.

Cute bad?
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I like amazing and strange more than cute

But also - cute things bad (and obviously untrue statement)

Then I can’t fathom how you got into Star Wars in the first place, you should have just dropped out at Episode 6.

The prequels also have a very distinct cute factor with Natalie Portman. It’s a miracle they’ve kept you in the fold for so long!

My understanding is that the porgs exist because puffins kept getting in the way, and the producers decided it was easier to make aliens out of them in post-production than to try to erase them.

No flamethrower yet, though.

I genuinely hate writing code. It's obnoxious to make it feel good.