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Does anyone I know remember the Junior Jays comics from the @BlueJays ?

And do they remember the gritty 90s violence issue?


A thing I hate about modern transformers media is that Megatron has to be ruthless, therefore always out to harm/kill/whatever Starscream

It makes the dynamic less believable, because it's always contrived that Starscream is around, not funny or unspoken



Holy Crap! I hope this is sustainable, because I want this project to last forever, this kind of design is cool

See, this should disqualify him from office, not even a little

We need to not allow climate deniers to run, this is an emergency

I think it's important to discuss how hard phishing is to spot if you're not looking for it

Even trained people screw up, because they aren't vigilant 100% of the time



This is technobabble but for teens





Get more employees doing different kinds of work
Trade around high profile assignments
Get more training in the budget
Spend more time on threat modelling and risk management

The web is a threat