I just called a mortgage broker because they wanted info.

The info they wanted was stuff I would have to look up, and they would have to type into a computer.

They didn't want it emailed.

I want to strangle them


This is one of the hard parts of working in Kitchener, sharrows and other tools to look bikable without being
@craignorriscbc I live between uptown & downtown. While I regularly cycle uptown & to UW, I almost never cycle downtown esp with my daughter. Reason: it's easy to get to edge of DTK but there are no safe routes to get to destinations in it. 1/
Xak Tsaroth

Holy shit buzzfeed is reporting on the 90s now
Everyone at buzzfeed is a cop


I was walking down the street and I needed to text my mom, but my PAN node was out of battery so I used a broken keyring to move the chip with encyption keys for the network to a new device
Fucking cyberpunk reality
Barren Hills

Why is #RealityWinner in jail for EXPOSING Russian Hacking? Why is her case not trending twitter resistance? It is mind boggling that many more resistance don't take up her cause. She did the right thing
Tower of High Sorcery

It’s 2:30 AM.
Your pager just went off.
Roll 2d6 for how many new swear words your kids can teach their friends at school today.
Silver Dragon Mountain

I am torn between going to a place for Free RPG Day, saying "I own too many RPGs" , and saying "If you come to my house I'll give you a free RPG" to clean up a little
The Trough
@silverwizard this is an exciting decision to face

Ok... if #edmastery makes me start using ed...
I am banned from reading... right?

I at least learned the wrong lesson... right?

This is like the galaxy brain of galaxy brains for hackers
I don't have words for how stupid this person is
@Hacker_Horse @nuintari @darixzen So, shell. You want to write something relevant, don't use shell scripting. If you have to, at least use bash, and assume sh == bash. Because that's a reality in 2018 (some people stuck in the late 90s notwithstanding).
Pax Tharkas

I just said to myself "People need to steal more of my books"

Has anyone ever managed to make a New Relic setup they were mildly ok with?

Why would you document a tool in "--help" instead of "man"

I hate things
Xak Tsaroth

@Alysonesque It feels like a really dumb thing to complain about--having a job that pays well and finances my health needs for really very little labor investment on my part. But christ do I wish I could take a job that pays less and has meaning to me.

Wait why isn't this my industry!
"I secure booze, and use booze to do it" is my *brand*
Cisco Live 2018: Avoiding distillery explosions with cybersecurity - ZDNet via @InfoSecHotSpot

Cisco Live 2018: Avoiding distillery explosions with cybersecurity | ZDNet

Liquor company Beam Suntory is deploying a series of IoT and security features to smarten up its plants and distilleries while avoiding potentially catastrophic cyber attacks.
Inn of the Last Home

I renamed my #OpenBSD OATH utility to login_otp. It now fully supports HOTP and TOTP, a single /etc/otp database file, and many more improvements while being small and only depending on base libc, libutil, and libcrypto.


login_otp - OTP authentication for OpenBSD implementing RFC 6238 and RFC 4226.

This got the cartoonist fired. Share it.

Hedge Maze

I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of television and then asked it to write an episode of its own. It said


I am always glad to hear whenever Canada is trying to LARP nazis
We're less horrifying, but we're horrifying
Canadian border authorities hold citizen without charge for eight months


THESE ARE INTERNMENT CAMPS. And so are the prisons that hold Black and brown American children. "This place is called a shelter but these kids are incarcerated."
The Trough
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