I bought the first of these! I just wish I could subscribe to the art/zine! They are really good.
Presenting "The Corruption of Pelursk" - a system agnostic tabletop rpg dungeon in a zine! And not just in a zine, packaged up in a pencil case with a fabric map, hexes, and more!


The @sense8 finale arrives June 8! Tell your cluster.


- the last line of (essentially) "Some casualties or a police state" is a hella good line. I don't want to die, but I would rather live comfortably with risk than live in a police state.

Toronto erects concrete barriers around major pedestrian zones

Police and transportation authorities are taking extra precautions right now to ensure public safety following a deadly van attack that killed 10 p...
Academy of Sorcery

I wonder what else is happening into #CIAGames

Materials for the game "Collection Deck"

Mitchell Kotler made this request to Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America.
The Trough

The year is 2030. The economic classes are Billionaires, Month-to-Month Patreon, and Emergency GoFundMe.
Pax Tharkas

Today a drunk man on the bus tried to explain the plot of a dragonball spinoff to me while falling asleep.
Today has been a day.
Temple of Majere

Under what circumstance does docker make my life easier?
Straights of Schallsea
If you had a bunch of VMs?
What do you mean? If I want less good separation between my hosts?
Ha ha, yes, definitely. I was more thinking of "I need to rent a bigger server because I have too many VMs running node.js projects".
But what if you just rented more smaller VMs?!


But then you have to manage networking in a less straightforward manner than with Docker probably? What if you have 10 VMs? 100 VMs? 1000 VMs?
Like - I understand TCP/IP and I understand unix sockets. I don't understand weird networking layers and function calls. TCP/IP are pretty good standards!

If you have 1000 VMs you want to make sure each has a job, and knows its inputs and outputs, and you can make a swarm of them.
There you have it: Docker abstracts TCP/IP and Unix sockets and make DevOps accessible to app developers. If you already are a sysadmin there's no benefit to you.
Abstracts them to what?! I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE THEIR SHIT *WORK*. This would be so much easier with a functional well documented and battle tested tool!
Abstracts them to fewer configuration files? A repository of pre-made images?
But didn't you already do that with VM appliances, templates, and your configuration/orchestration tool?
Sorry - this is me honestly trying to figure out Docker's use case - I am not fighting because I hate it - I am fighting because this is what I often hear and it's what I can't figure out.
That's okay, I'm not taking it personally.
I would never touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole, on the other hand Docker looks alluring to me for its simplicity. Maybe I'm mistaken but this would probably have contributed to its widespread adoption.
How do I say "make these logs all go to the host" - I can send them to EXTERNAL syslog, but not LOCAL central logging
It's super weird and I don't get it
I’m sorry I can’t help you with specific usage issues. 😕
My larger point is it introduces domain specific as opposed to generalized complexity
I’m sorry I don’t understand what this sentence means.
I want my complexity to be related to transferable skills. So if docker just said "You can expose a syslog daemon here" I could just use my knowledge of syslog and be done. Instead I need to figure out how to force a daemon to send its logs to pid 1's stdout, and then use a syslog tool to send that to syslog.

In general - if I need to communicate via a standard protocol, good. If need to communicate via an OS feature, that's ok. If I need to communicate via an external tool, that's questionable. If I need to communicate via some weird bullshit inside that app, that's intolerable.
Could it be because you're trying to coerce Docker into replicating your existing architecture? That Docker wasn't meant to send logs this way so you obviously have to do some contortions?
When I search "send logs to central repo on host docker" as a good string - this IS the way people are doing it. It looks like people are either not caching logs on non-volatile local storage, or doing a dumb hack.

And seemingly this is just the expected workflow - which terrifies my security brain.
Then Docker wasn't meant to do that and it's a blind spot of the framework, like all frameworks have. I'm sorry you had to run into it though.
That's my point! When does docker have a benefit is legit my question. I know it has limitations - but I am trying to find its strengths.

Hey Ontario
Fnord Nation
The Trough

Damnit Nova Scotia - this is a classic case of the government fucking up and using cops to harass people with any knowledge of URLs.

Teen charged in Nova Scotia government breach says he had 'no malicious intent' | CBC News

The 19-year-old says he believed the documents he plucked from Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act web portal were "free to just download."
Temple of Kiri-Jolith

Today, for the first time ever, I have a real reason to search my logs for the string "BEARS"

Has anyone in my network had a positive experience using @NewRelic?
I am using it for current job and I am trying to figure out what the hell
The Trough

In #Fate core I am building a game where all stunts are tied to aspects, and more aspects gives you more stunts. Should multi-session consequences give you more stunts? It feels cool - but also more work?

Basically - stunts are supposed to be tools*to allow you to reaffirm your essential self in this contexts, and making your Broken Arm part of that feels cool.

Don't be fooled by Doug Ford and his cronies. #onpoli #canlab #DougFord #FordNation #healthcare

Temple of Kiri-Jolith

@HippyWizard You could probably slim down the html using my new nodejs library


If you invite me to speak at your conference, be prepared to get this answer.

I invite other men to do the same.

#diversity #inclusion

Plains of Dust

New Relic's selling point appears to be "pay us to be Nagios but hard to use"
Inn of the Last Home

Fun fact: Not funding the sciences for science's sake is bad.
Funner Fact: Not building for public good as the primary motivator is bad
capitalism is a sickness of the soul and should be eviscerated

Silver Dragon Mountain

So apparently ~1700 connections is too many for friendica running at the size I am... Going to have to resize this VM since it's taking most of a day to churn through notifications
Gods Row
ya know, just to be informative to future n current podmins, you may wanna drop some stats on the run enviro beyond VM.

This is how I find my followers who care about all of my interests at once
20 MB Images
3 MB Analytics
1000 MB Javascript
someone who is good at web please help me budget this, my startup is dying
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