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I always forget how much I want to use Tremors 2 to train blue teams


It's the best conversation about threat modelling and how to properly think about threat modelling I've ever seen.

Damnit - I can't find a gif/video of Bert shooting through a Shrieker with too powerful a gun and destroying their truck




Searching for images to illustrate a cork board for Unknown Armies and it's hard to find examples of "Weird Person + Woman + POC" - so the board is super white, and it's just hard to find photo reference.

This is BEFORE I look for freely licensed!


For the first time since I moved out of my parent's house 12 years ago, I am now not living with someone who isn't my wife

This is weird
The double negative confuses me. Are you now living with someone who isn't your wife or are you finally living with your wife?

My tenant/roommate/friend moved out, so only my wife and I are living in my house, which is weird.

Don't worry, this predicament will soon be over, and you'll safely live with someone else who isn't your wife again.

Right, give me two months and I'll be living with a freeloader who doesn't pay rent, or even poop in the toilet

Is loud at night, sleep in your bed sometimes, complains all the time, occasionally barfs on you, sounds like a roommate to me.

I am watching Netflix's The Order, and it's genuinely awful and makes snickering "campus snowflakes" jokes, but uses the words Hermetic Order


This is why so much of my work is in backups, monitoring, recovery, and successfully offboarding me in the future


Neas, the Plot Of
Etilopyh, the No Autofill.

How to copy a file on linux:
cp [src]
*mild swearing*

I am a sucker for a good automated tool, and could watch this all day



Radio show. A "proto-podcast" is called a radio show you internet addled dumbfuck.



Holy shit, I've figured out a use for using AI in @SpotifyCares, like, it's not dumb and doesn't make me more annoyed than anything

Toggles so songs identified as part of a topic removed from "shuffle this artists"