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I need to get this off my chest, can @DCComics give @ttwasteland_ a book called The Fall Of Gnark chronicling how his death happened?

Just say it's set pre-Crisis and let Hub do anything he wants



Holy crap - is there any redeeming feature of journalctl - regardless of the failings of journald in general?
journalctl --unit whatever --since '1 h ago'
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@silverwizard That's about it I think. Not super amazing, not indispensable, but I find it slightly neat.
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Yeah - but I often want to have unified logs not by unit type, want to be able to view multiple boots at once without pain, want to default to storing logs, want to default to rotating safely, want to store logs based on time by default, want to be able to send different log levels to different places, want to quickly follow these searches, and so on


I realized last night that every time I've gone to the hospital this year I've eaten Tim Hortons during the trip, and that's the most uniquely Canadian thing about me






So much of my time on the Ops AND Security side of my jobs means removing tools like these to increase performance and decrease points of failure






My fears as a parent for my child coming out to me is:
How do I help them navigate their friends
How do I fight their teachers who are intolerant
How do I let them legally protect and recognize themselves

Obviously, loving the child no matter what also is important, but... gah
All those questions are legitimate concerns, but first, "I love you".
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Yeah, I kinda felt that way after saying it

Things are different now. You may be surprised at how accepting most kids are. And while there may be some close minded teachers, there are many now who are openly supportive.

And, most importantly, they have your care, concern and support to count on.

I dunno, a grew up in an area that's pretty blah even to this day, so I worry about it a lot

Especially in the area of computer crime, where it's easy as fuck to make a crime happen

The computer equivalent of shoplifting will get you decades