I hate slack
I hate slack so much
I don't want to IM for everything
I want to use email sometimes
Sorry, Anxiety
I want to use email everytimes tbh

Interesting project: Open source Diablo 2 engine, written in #.

Here's my etiquette today:
I don't apologise when my kid walks into a vid call. Because I'm not ashamed of her.

She just wants to see if any of you boring adults has a kid or puppy. If you don't, she leaves on her own after 20 seconds.

If she waves hi, wave back. Don't be rude.

Replacing my one single server with a proper cluster has been awful - needing to remember what is what exists, and deciding where I'm going to put it
I have currently:
1) Home server
2) OpenBSD server in another country for data backup and a few services I want to not rely on my internet
3) Linux server for hosting a few things that OpenBSD wont do well

I have replaced the home server with a larger more powerful server running FreeBSD and using bhyve to make OpenBSD shards. I have an Email and Web server so far - but I think I need to add more. Mumble, mpd, icecast, and so on are services that all feel like they aren't worth their own VMs - but also should probably be on their own resources, I also need a fileserver of some sort (plex?)

The existence of SEO as an industry negates the concept of search engines

Tech Workers (in most places, let's discuss the Valley later), aren't overpaid
Tech Workers are paid *fairly*
Everyone else is being underpaid
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Honestly, my company needs to stop using AWS features. We need to be compatible with Amazon, and most AWS features don't work in most AWS regions.

I just had to remind everyone that the documentation they were searching for and claimed didn't exist, was the README, on the repo, they were looking at, in Github

Yes, it was the bulk of the page. No they had not looked at it in years.
I don't understand why people don't understand that documentation isn't the fix, it's there to be searched. It is there to onboard and remind. If it's not in the culture and tradition it wont work.
Documentation reinforces skill, reminds, and communicates intent. Not having that information on hand is the problem.

My main website is on HTTPS now
I hate it, because it means using LetsEncrypt, but it's clear to me that LE has ruined any will to fix the CA system and instead spof the whole internet on a single nonprofit
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is it a coincidence that i am always at my absolutely healthiest when i’m unemployed? the answer is an unambiguous “no."

Balsera Initiative is terrible in tactical D&D
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Thanks, this page's example game (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying) actually makes more sense for this system than the page I found by myself. Including because of the explicit Doom pool the GM can use and because the fights are very personal, with equivalent powers on both sides.

I agree it would be terrible if mobs are significantly stronger/weaker/numerous/fewer than the PCs.
I mean, yeah, it's a really cool system, but it requires similar balance and no tight timing mechanics

Hey @bagder, can we get a cURL flag that automatically sets the execute bit on the downloaded file since we've just collectively given up on anything even remotely resembling package management in this year of our lord 2020?
People are finally not drinking the container koolaide? I hope?
Alexander friendica (AP)
Having some packages out of date isn't a problem until it prevents installation of other packages or means having no package at all.

Myself I don't care about containers in desktop environment but dependencies can be a problem.
I care about containers as ruining my security footprint and increasing my attack surface a huge amount. I know why depends are hard, but a worse problem isn't a solution.

Here is my one page RPG:
"I am going to be the greatest Wizard in the world, but now I am just a blacksmith's apprentice."
First things first:
Roll 1d6 for most things, 4+ is success
For things to do with Wizardry, roll 1d4
Roll 1d8 for Blacksmithing

Whenever you fail a Wizardy roll, take a Mentorship token, whenever you get advice from a person or thing, spend a Mentorship token to create a skill point. Skill Points can be spent to name a skill and get that skill at d6, or increase a skill from d6 to d8 or d8 to d10

You can replace Wizard and Blacksmith with something Heroic and something Mundane (barbarian/stable hand, knight/prince, healer/jeweler, amazon/bard)
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There's a little bit of chicken and egg problem, exacerbated by society's income requirement to get any agency. How do you know what you're good at until you've tried several different things? But if you do get hired to do something you aren't very good at, how do you know you'll be able to find another opportunity to do something you don't know you're good at yet?
Capitalism is bad! Yet another place I begin to believe this!

My work slack has a bot that sends a gif and a badly written announcement into slack whenever it's a birthday. Meaning it does this nearly once a day, and it's shitty and impersonal. And this isn't the worst use of automation. But it's definitely an example of why using automation is hell.
Yeah, that's what we used to do. Although it was the person's director. And it was usually, better.
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It is all about being personal.

Everyone has notifications these days.

I love it when AWS says "only pay for what you use!" and people are like "oh, that sounds cheap!"

It's like they've never heard of lies or marketing before

I, too, have written an open letter.

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Two years ago I gave an internal work presenation
For that I made a single diagram
That diagram has been useful as recently as today
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Diagrams for the win!
I have been fighting for documentation internally forever! DOCUMENT SHIT DAMNIT! But yeah - it feels like a giant win.

# comic teaser bc i don't have my laptop here chez mes grandmère et grandpère
# # made with #

The question right now is "what do we do after we abolish the extreme danger that is police" not "should we abolish the police"
And if you don't see that, I don't understand you
I guess I can't empathize with them would make more sense
also: YAY notification count in dwm is working!

I prep for RPGs by writing a minigame for them. I just realized this obvious fact.

Thinking about D&D and the paradox of the Hit Point. And yes, I am thinking about D&D, not other RPGs.
In earlier editions of D&D (before 5th edition) D&D had a lot of other tools than hitpoints to bypass an encounter. These were known as "Save or Die" or "Save or Suck" spells typically. The main examples I like to think of in order to illustrate this point are 1st edition AD&D's *very* powerful "Death Spell" which was a 6th level spell that just, killed things. Possibly dozens of low level creatures. Check out this madness!

In 3rd edition D&D you also had vampires eating Constitution rather than HP for their blood drain. Early Ghosts did damage by ageing the target of their attacks!

All of these are examples of characters being scary because they alter the pace of a fight. If a Vampire hits you in 3rd edition, you have less health, but more importantly, you're closer to death because you have a maximum of 18 HP (well, ok, third edition meant 40). Characters with low con still hurt. The ghost never hurt you (really) but it made an interesting problem, where fighting a ghost permanently changed you, rather than actually killing you (mostly). So by switching to a shorter clock, a vampire or ghost changed the pace of a fight.

Whereas, the Death Spell basically was for "Oh, there's 30 goblins. But we're level 11. This would be tedious." and just... solve it.

By removing most alternate clocks, and most of the Save or Dies - you end up with a situation where most fights in 5e take longer. And then there's a bunch of math in 5e to speed up combat.

This ends up with me feeling like 5th edition D&D has *more* combats, that are less tactically interesting. It meant that I recently ran a combat, where, after round 2, I told my PCs "I think I'm done, we know the score" and just let them win.

I think by making more monsters with alternate damage types (the Exhaustion Monster is a good example of how to do this well, I think that ability drain and ageing affects can make a solid comeback) can make D&D feel more varied - even though conceptually the Hit Point exists as a timer to say "This long until PC fall down", it doesn't have to rule all of combat.

Conversely, having everyone target the same track does make minions matter more in 5e, which I think is good. And it means Death Spell is probably bad. But come on - can we at least get something cooler than Power Word Kill for save-or-sucks that aren't charm based?!
Blogging? Nah, that's dead. No one *blogs*

🎉For the first time so far I accidentally typed "doas" into a linux server🎉
Trying to stop my `alias doas='sudo'` from getting too much of a workout

This is what I don't get. Why should we need to use an app simply to upload a video and share it with your friends?

What you're looking for is a hosting service, not an app. We. Don't. Need. An. App.

And the same goes to all the websites that require you to install an app to use them.

Sharing and reading data shouldn't require to execute arbitrary code on your cellphone.

I gotta say again that @CTropes is easily the best comic youtube
Consistently kind, well researched, and loving comics as both art and stories

I hate cats
Having animals live in my house is terrible

Thundercats prepare to transform and ReBoot
I apologize in advance

"we value your privacy. Don't believe us? Just check our privacy policy! Under section 184.2-B we explain how the personal data we've collected about you is a part of our company's valuation and will be sold to the highest bidder in the event of an aquisition!"

Playing an RPG, I was banned from asking if my character's general knowledge on gnomes could be "someone who has been Sean for 32 years"

Alexander friendica (AP)
It is not really economically efficient in the long run. Bad things happen, even without something as drastic unexpected disaster recovery is very costly and often nullifies all the cost-cutting (unless it can be offloaded to someone's else).

Basically this sort of approach is not about efficiency per se but replacing long term planning with short term.
I think that's the article's point
We keep squeezing costs out of our economy, until they can no longer withstand shocks

When I was in university - I put "ping -c 5" into my fingers as a way to test my internet.

Is there a sensible replacement for Google for this?

I couldn't remember which IP the server coming up grabbed normally
for count in `seq 1 100 `; do for ip in; do echo $ip; ping -c 1 $ip; done; done

One day I am going to watch a TV show without spending half the runtime looking at the fan wiki, wikipedia, or IMDb pages related to the show
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Watching professional esport games with commentary has been my preferred form of passive watching.
Yeah, I 100% can't do it
I do mostly watch shows since they are easy to passive, but eeports just make me border

[bookmark=]# Good afternoon! Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 The Crimson Diamond is my colourful, retro-inspired text parser mystery adventure game set in Northern Ontario, Canada! Here's a screenshot not in the demo, a bit of Canadian Shield!…

Image/photo [/bookmark]
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