The ultimate fallacy of Silicon Valley and Sapiosexuals
Elon Musk is not a scientist or an engineer. All he brings to his pet projects is funding and flawed concepts.

It would be far more effective to tax the fuck out if him then use the money for projects run by people who actually know what they're doing.

The best part of this tweet is that it shows that Musk knows supporting the GOP is morally bankrupt
Reports that I am a top donor to GOP are categorically false. I am not a top donor to any political party.
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Dear everyone. Please, pretty please, put your logs and servers in UTC. It will cost you in the long run if you don’t. (Seriously lots of money)

Are there any boardgames designed to be played as part of RPGs? Other than Three Dragon Ante I guess
I want games that the PCs aren't playing, but instead act as a subsystem
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As of tonight @dj3vande has lost his privileges for mocking me for using printf instead of print with awk
He just used ssh instead of su to change users
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I got that the first time around. It doesn't make the latter bit any less baffling.
Well, Dave's not in the federation so we can laugh at him from afar and he'll see this due to a bridge, but be unable to reply

I have decided the term needs to be "computational post-mathematician" for people who work with computers but don't do math
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ssh $LOGNAME@$1 apt-get install $2 && $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 && apt-get purge $2

I am definitely not considering putting this in ~/.

@HippyWizard It would seem so. BSD BSD BSD! Security! RPG! Coffee!

did you remember to pack all your dongles?

CAT5 ← RS232
UDP ⇉ Thunderlizard

I think this kind of thing is important. Fandom without corporatism is hard. And the Appropriation of the Nerd has been a hard thing to struggle with in my adult life.

The only good online fandom left is Dune

As corporations take control of nerd culture, science fiction’s most esoteric epic remains gloriously untamed.

probably a good practice to put %20 in your password just to screw up any site attempting to pass it as a get param.
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So far everything the new @OntarioPCParty has done has filled me with rage, and we're only, what, two weeks in?

1. The coming Conservative repeal of the #sexed update doesn't mean #onted teachers and faculties of education will stop working to ensure that schools follow the law, as places where students of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions can thrive.
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This is better than I expected with Doug Ford honestly
And worse than I am willing to allow
The new government has decreed that this fall students will learn the 1998 sex-education curriculum, predating Google, same-sex marriage, and high-speed Internet. A revamped lesson plan will come after further consultation. #onpoli

Ontario students will be taught the old sex-ed curriculum when they go back to school, education minister says | The Star

The old curriculum dates to 1998 while the modernized lesson plan covers areas such as same-sex relationships, gender identity, cyberbullying, and the dangers of sexting.

Twitter was invented by the CIA and even they don’t know why
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Coworker just disagreed with me that 8 was a big number, I don't understand, there are so many numbers smaller than it

Literal neo-nazi James Sears is distributing his racist and islamophobic newspaper in Kitchener. Central Frederick. This is so real.

Global News: Controversial newspaper appears in mailboxes in downtown Kitchener (Kevin Nielsen)

People in the Central Frederick neighbourhood in downtown Kitchener reported receiving copies of the controversial Your Ward News publication Wednesday morning.

Here, where he is literally charged with hate crimes and Canada Post refuses to continue distributing it (and as we learned, his paper now relies on collaborators distributing it in neighbourhoods - like Central Frederick)

Your Ward News editor defies hate charges with new issue, labels critics 'mentally deranged' | CBC News

The editor of a publication that has been labelled racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and misogynist has released another print issue and says he won't stop publishing because he doesn't believe the paper has broken any laws, even though he has been charged with hate crimes.

A frightening amount of people seem to believe if you wrap things up in a polite container anything you say is automatically polite and constructive. That civility and polite mannerisms are the style that overrule any substance.

If it's not already obvious, I disagree with that.

Hey, I've just remembered what digital publishing reminds me of.

It's an old Paul Merton sketch where a book disappears out of his hands and he has to put money in a coin-operated "book meter" to get it back.

Then a zebra appears and he has to feed the "non-zebra" meter.
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