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This is making me want to start running -current on my laptop

DS9 predicted cancel culture

Hasan Minhaj's (Patriot Act, Netflix) interview with Trudeau made this abundantly clear.

If you are either Blue team or Red team and refuse to do the other side of the work, it's called being InfoSectarian

5th Edition D&D's focus on lower levels and making higher levels less interesting, just more consistent, while keeping the focus on starting at level 1 and then levelling, it feels like you are rewarded for being on a treadmill with a boring game

They can be resold for 305 dollars?

Apple resell market holds monetary value well. Their is a collectors market unlike you see for the average dell laptop.

Also a lot of people are also buying up older model imacs to resell refurbished new ones.

Keep in mind too that for some parts they are highly encouraged to canibalize other existing macs, due to a much narrower pool of drivers.

Speaking as someone who once had to source an airport card for a tangerine ibook.

That's madness! Why is there a collector market!?

I do not understand this whole thing