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I've got a good graph of all the connections in my cyberpunk game

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Nope, it's just... Bigger

If you search for Julian it will take you to one of the root nodes which has a lot of connections - I am building node graphs of the characters generated from this. Since I want to have a visualization of the universe for my "It's 2020" CP2020 game

It still baffles and awes me that the internet exists, it's so fucking cool

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The parable of The Blind Men and The Elephant isn't great but it's interesting how directly it applies to Mastodon and the wider fediverse given the elephant connection.

We all see our little corner of fedi as determined by our follows and federated timeline, but more often than not, it's never enough to understand the whole system, and no two people see the same network.

This is a solid view experience of one of the best movies

The solution is s/cloves/heads/ on every recipe mentioning garlic

Since they can't leave, or do you not get snow?

Extreme weather adds diversity to life. Some adventure and all.

We do get snow, actually we get almost everything except floods (nothing to flood) but I wouldn't mind it happening more often. In recent decade weather was on the milder side. Just a bit of hurricane winds and that is about it.

I need to find more apocolypse world gamegames that modify how playbooks work

I kinda want a card-based apocolypse world, or a game where you gain Lore Sheets from Weapon of the Gods which give you new move and advancement options

Thinking about a super hero game (my default), where everyone picks a Genre playbook to share (masked hero, cosmic, supernatural), and then you add a personal sheet for your personality, when you advance, you can take advancement from the Genre or the Personality.

So a supernatural game might have advancement unlocking Master of Kung Fu or Sorcerer Supreme, whereas the Personality sheet gives interaction moves. Each Genre gives access to a set of basic moves, and each personality has some moves


I tried to switch to a spinning disk to save on data costs, but no - I am ruined by SSD! Apparently I need to go out and spend too many dollars for a TB

Just delete everything and pretend it was drive failure.

It is my method of choice. Also helps to review backup strategy.

But I need the data! Like, I need an SSD for using this data sanely, and I have a lot of it

This is why I get so angry when people say to get rid of bots on twitter

Most problems are *sock puppets*, most bots are intentional

This applies equally to the federation

I'm glad exist, I just blocked the instance from mine.

I seriously wonder why there isn't a pokemon MMO

Because the first MMO game Nintendo ever released was Tetris 99. They seem to be light-years away from anything with any more player interactions in this format.

MMO Pokemon would be a downgrade from the single-player game in so many ways.
>can no longer name you weedle PENIS
>can no longer describe your hobby as COME ON MOM
>game stops working after servers shut down
>gaming journalists write about rape culture in Pokemon