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I think I have enough ram to play Star Trek A Final Unity again!

The worst part of Google stadia shutting down is that there's no shonky hardware flooding the market and letting me buy something weird and cool and seeing what I can do with it
also I promise it isn't the worst thing about it shutting down.
Yeah - but they're both useful without, and so not flooding the market


Hypolite Petovan is sharing with you
Network type: friendica
Last update: Tue, 27 Sep 2022, 2:32 AM (Update was successful)

Hmmmm- lemme unfollow and refollow

Hypolite Petovan is sharing with you
Network type: friendica
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Maybe do the same?
How’s your worker queue looking?
Message queues
119 - 8

It always kinda fluctuates around that
This is perfect, there's no backing up in the thousands like we've witnessed on larger nodes which affected message delivery.
Oh yeah, it feels right for my "smallish" node
We're mutual friends now!
On my node, it doesn't say that I'm sharing with you 🤷‍♂️
I don't see any skew of you trying and failing, but I see:
2022-09-30T17:12:15Z worker [INFO]: Relayed data {"msg":{"author":"","guid":"735a2029-3963-3723-423c-e51535438729","created_at":"2022-09-30T17:11:30Z","edited_at":"2022-09-30T17:11:30Z","parent_guid":"2c704a81-3663-3703-eb32-03c816664782","text":"@{silverwizard;} On my node, it doesn't say that I'm sharing with you
🤷‍♂️","author_signature":"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","thread_parent_guid":"2c704a81-1863-3721-a8a3-d0a796172552","parent_author_signature":"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"},"worker_id":"a763d8d","worker_cmd":"Delivery"} - {"file":"Diaspora.php","line":3807,"function":"sendRelay","uid":"3aa5a2","process_id":19818}

Maybe unshare with me, give it a beat, and reshare? Force kickoff the worked queue before refollowing?
That's what I did before, let's try again.
Same thing, it never acknowledges that you're following me.
OK - I unfollowed and followed again... hmmmm
Now it worked! Grmbl...
Let's never find out what went wrong! that seems really hard!

to be fair - a little bit back my DB and backup crapped themselves and so I had to stitch the DB back together by hand - so it probably was caused by that
Ugh, it's doing this thing where it says that I unfollowed you successfully but the contact page keeps saying you're sharing with me, then the worker task comes for the cleanup, deletes the contact, and then you're assigned a new contact ID with a page that I still says I'm following you but I'm given the option to follow you. 😵

NetBSD wouldn't boot on my MacBook - it can start but then doesn't drop to a login prompt, shell, or startup wrapper - so I guess I'm back to figuring out what NetBSD is

An RPG called Going Broke Together where you put 100 golden d6s in a bowl. Whenever there's a problem roll some and throw them in a dirty pail. Any die that comes up a 6 makes one good thing happen.

Players are encouraged to keep fights about remaining dice in character.

By default LibreWolf bans autoplaying media - and that's great

But it means that if I turn on a playlist to listen to, I have to hit play again after every song, or disable it - and I don't know how to manage the middle ground!
Success! No wonder I couldn't find the right knob in settings!
woohoo! 🎉

When designing a tabletop exercise - and I find a massive problem - do I fix it right away or until after the tabletop is done?

I feel like I'm probably gonna fix it, and not mention it until the end of the scenario >.<

Thinking about referencing, and writing code based on the reference, my copy of Object Oriented Perl

Stop me!

Becky has given up disagreeing that "Robert Bobert" is too far from "Rowan" for a nickname

Shæ still calls him Rowby Bowby

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@HippyWizard You do understand that you JUST created a trouble ticket for me by even mentioning this possibility right?

Looking up what happens when NTP fails on a massively sharded cluster with eventual consistency

Because I need to make sure my table top scenarios hurt people deep in their soul

Welp - NetBSD crashed on firstboot on my MacBook - can't even get through normal boot

I guess I need go figure out what a NetBSD is first
Oh hey! Second boot worked just fine - but then the broken screen on that macbook borked

Gotta wait until I have a spare display

Hot take: The "HR filter" that stops hiring managers from getting junior candidates into the pipeline is a bigger cybersecurity risk to the org than most threat actors.

and I still have to emphasize: This actually is Windows Subsystem for #! it has no # in it!
WSL1 emulates Linux, a little like Wine emulates Windows. WSL2 is a Ubuntu VM. It does have Linux in it.

I today the day I get stuff together and cut USB sticks to install NetBSD on a 2017 macbook and figure out managing FreeDOS for flashing RAID card firmwares?

Hey - if you like mystery boardgames try Chronicles of Crime - my wife and I got 2400 this weekend, and, it just feels good.

I'd call it a modernized and improved Eagle Eye Detective Agency with extra fairness and incredible production values!
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I need to figure out a workflow that uses lolcat, cowsay, and no-more-secrets

@thefringthing (I mostly hate them because the stick gimmick is weird and I love sour cream timbits)

I asked my 1 year old son if he could say "Sean" yesterday and he said "Dad!" and I feel like that's just as good!

# Shower Thought Questions:
1) Can a mage use FAB as an ink only visible with astral sight?
2) Does that mean I can put FAB in a printer and print things that spirits can read?
3) Does that mean I can print off top secret data and make a backup with an ally spirit?
@HippyWizard @FrauAnarcha The first two I think yes. I don’t know the connection between fab and a ally spirit though. That’s a rule I am unaware of.
@HippyWizard @FrauAnarcha Though I wil say I don’t think spirits inherently are literate. Ally spirits and a couple others sure they can be.

it's funny somebody actually did it

For it to be at the origin of a change in legislation, it must have caused a loss of data somewhere
Most likely it caused loss of data for someone with *a lot* of cash - and yeah, it was the perfect prank!

One of the fascinating things about the mass migration to GMail is how giving your email address to a company and having them send you almost daily spam is considered *normal* and *good*.
@tjrobotham Spam filtering is not a legal requirement.

While I completely understand the logic being used - it's still fucking garbage
@HippyWizard of course it's not a legal requirement; the parallel was simply there

I'm more baffled by the marketing minds that think multiple emails per day to infrequent customers is good and okay

My GM style is almost entirely "Cold Reading and Hot Reading" and pandemic GMing online makes that way harder

I think I've offloaded 80% of my thinking work onto past Sean, meaning I can now focus on finishing snake people and dragons for Burning Wheel
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The first question to ask yourself when writing a novel set in the modern world:
Is this work cyberpunk
So they hack cellphones? Use the tracking devices everyone carries? Grab metadata from insta posts? Or do they just act like there's no internet?
@HippyWizard The second question then potentially becomes, "If it's not cyberpunk then why bother writing it?" 😏😍👩🏼‍🎤

Also, twitter needs better cyberpunk emojis. Insufficient representation of neural enhancements and external body mods with the current options.

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Due to the hegemonic doctrine of affective autonomy, "its valid to be sad the queen died" seems like an incontrovertible, common sense proposition. Because affect in the autonomous framework is entirely self-generated. But its ethically wrong to be sad the queen died. That affective pressure is the ideological operation of colonial power. Being sad the queen died is colonial. There are colonial affects and this is one of them

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When I was 8ish the Disneys Aladdin game had Abu follow Aladdin everywhere but act on his own and not take damage

Rather than giving my brother a turn, I gave him the second controller and told him he could be Abu

So, that but non-evil

Babysitting a 4 year old has me convinced that what video games need is “little buddy mode,” where a kid can have a character that just jogs along with you and can help/get their own encouraging score but cannot be harmed

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thatd be so cuteeee
I spent a lot of hours on the Aladdin and Lion King games. Those were fun.

Bought my son objectively too many train tracks and trains today, but they kept a 3 year old *entertained* and *happy* for over 8 hours on a rainy/gray day, so it was the right call

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Content warning: Looking for work

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This feels like something @Hypolite Petovan needs, or definitely doesn't need

One of the two
Sir, I do not own random piles of bricks, they are neatly stored by mold type in drawers and bags, inventoried in my BrickLink store!
Like I said, one of the two ;D

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop drawing basic JWT login flows for me in your API docs, and instead tell me the name of the variables I need to set!

Hey - if your linter requires you to commit broken code - replace your linter
If your linter requires you to commit broken code, your linter is self-defeating.

child goes to the doctor. says his suffering is unbearable. says all the world's miseries are on his head. doctor says, "You should go to Omelas. Remarkable place. It's the Festival of Summer, and almost everyone there lives in joy and peace."
"but doctor," the child says--

The real problem with USB-C is that it doesn't implement the C11 standard and is stuck at C99

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It's entirely a shitpost
I think the intersection of the USB and C standards amounts to UnSpecified Behavior :-)

Person doing AWS training "A core is a CPU"

I die a little inside
"A snapshot which is also called a backup"

I feel like this is designed to make my head explode
And now the quiz:
"Application Load Balancers accept the following protoctols EXCEPT"
The answer was "TCP" - since HTTP is obviously not TCP

Fucking AWS

Amazon - can we talk a second?

"Warm Pool Instances" sounds like someone peed.

Pick a different name

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I don't know what USB5 will be fought with but USB6 will be fought with sticks and stones

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worse, there's a USB 4 v2.0
I don't think that's even out yet. What we do have is is the first USB4 spec which includes three generations of USB4.

People always tell me their systems with an arcane DSL are better and more maintainable than "a bash script", but then their jobs require 10 years with that DSL
This tweet is gonna destroy Hashicorp forever