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I am discussing movies for only @bofh453 - need all the knowledge of psychics and chemistry while also their taste in movies

If your industry hasn't abandoned the idea of "code monkey" aka Full Stack Developer, it is broken and doesn't know how to build teams

What kind of "worked 9am to 4am yesterday" is this workday gonna be

scotch or ska?

terrifying plan!

What are you trying to do - flash me back to highschool?!

@silverwizard Depends on what type of day it turns into. Sometimes you just need crappy beer to round it out. Something to cap the ouvre . . . :flan_evil:

4am is not a good time to be responding to CEO emails

Is Star Trek Discovery basically just Star Trek: The Mask of Eternity?

Someone just approached me on the street and asked me if I was at peace, and... I guess they don't follow me on twitter