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As someone who has worked with wireless before, I am definitely unsurprised

But this is seriously intense work!

My favourite part of this statement is that it's completely untrue

Ok, serious thought:
what if, I make "doomsday storage lockers" for doomsday preppers to rent to put all their gear in for the end of the world

Then I can make money, and if doomsday happens, I have the gear of a bunch of preppers

yepab Boris Johnson I've heard described as "Britain's Rob Ford" and they thought it was a compliment

Wait, a Mr Johnson hired a bunch of random people to commit a crime for him?



I am wondering how many dead or defunct microchips broadcasting outdated door opening codes I am going to have

Apparently there are a ton of people who didnt know about @Nestle's evil practices: They use slave labor in their African cocoa plants.
A lawsuit against Nestlé was allowed to proceed in October, a lawsuit I bet you've never heard of.
Dont support them.

So, I guess as of today, everyone has to stop trusting me

What happened? Who was trusting you?

Well, I turned 31 and so, never trust anyone over 30

And fools who let me run their security!

So I will have had a kid before you in my life, I was 29 going 30 when my kid was born. I thought you weren’t as late as me.
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yeah, no, I am fairly late to kids, but like 4 years before my parents

yeah, it feels weird, imagine being able to afford kids that young

(imagine being able to afford kids at my age)

My parents were having a house built while renting when they had me!

see! right! my parents did massive renovations while in the middle of having kids... on tech CEO salary though

My parents weren't wealthy, just super-organized and frugal at the right time in Western history to capitalize on it. They had five kids on two part-time teachers salaries, have a house in their name they finished paying about 10-15 years ago, and are enjoying a good civil servant retirement because they could switch back to full-time schedule once we grew older just a few years before they both retired under 60 years old.

You can't do that anymore.

Bah, let's be old and complain about the Me Generation some more...

This person is sad he made a bad take about Theresa May being Good Actually