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This person has never heard of neuroplasticity, much less a non-basic concept

My wife decided to chip vegetables for a stirfry, this is her idea of a meal for two people

Imma gonna die

What sort of things are in the bowl on the upper left?

For some reason I just got a notification for your reply, did you just plug back your home server?

my friendica is hosted on a cloud server in london

I've no idea, it has been slow recently...


Looks good! Add a handful of rice and Bob's your uncle.
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Back my Kickstarter today

#Shadowrun: Dragonfall would be better if Simmy was a more fleshed out character and Blitz was less

Seriously, I hate it when the party members are the story focus, and you uncover it by taking them on missions, but you have enough slots for all but one

i loved it personally.....
but the end is a doozie

it was definitely my favourite of the trilogy

but having a 5 member team and picking 4 for each run makes me want to scream

and I wanted to help out Simmy

I think I've used three of these in the past *week*

You're like nouveau old.
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Listen, it's not old, it's just not using docker because Google used it once

Wair, is this a thing? Cancel only the sudent debt of those not drowning in debt?

Liz Warren: I have a plan to cancel student loan debt up to 50,000!
Bernie Sanders: Hold my beer🍺
*Introduces Proposal w/ 2 Progressive Congresswomen to CANCEL ALL STUDENT DEBT
Establishment: How you gon-
Bernie: With the blood of your rich bosses on Wall St.

I really need a longrunning Fate game

I have a new EXP dump mechanic I wanna try

Fate's main weakness is progression, since it gets out of hand

but I wanna try a thing where skills don't go past four (but keep the pyramid), a skill that can't be raised can have Force or Finesse added to it

Force adds an extra fudge die to the roll (so if you had one Force you'd roll 5dF instead of 4dF)

Finesse converts one - on the roll to a blank

Basically, this keeps the bias towards low numbers, but Force raises the ceiling of the roll, and Finesse raises the floor, with a minimum floor of zero.

This means you could have a Barbarian with Force 3 fight a Martial Artist with Finesse 3.

One would be rolling 7dF+4, with a range of -3 to 11 and the other would be rolling 4dF+4 with a range of -1 to 8

Both would bias to 0 but the Barbarian's lack of subtlety would mean they could *way* harder, but the martial art would hit more, just not as hard (typically)

Time to recruit a wise old person, a shifty sort with daggers, a priest, and a person who wears armour

I'd add a half-naked buffed hothead and a arcane-initiated sociopath to cover all bases.

I thought the wise old person was arcane-initiated

But you know, I assumed for the first dungeon crawl we'd go with the traditional four

I usually expect the priest to be the wise old person, which opens a slot for the arcane-initiated sociopath. Admittedly, the fifth slot can be either the half-naked hothead or a green-clad ranger.

Sure, I guess, though I specified the priest elsewhere.

Yes but its description was lacking details.

My dream team:
- A wise old priest.
- A shifty sort with daggers.
- An arcane-initiated sociopath.
- A righteous armor-clad fellow.
- An half-naked hothead or a green-wearing ranger.
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