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Because stagnant wages and rising wage gaps means that people who own homes buy for higher prices, driving up the prices, so a low price today was astronomical when average wages went up, so the people with wealth are buying the homes and renting to people without

- Everyone has their own contradictory opinions on how to use it
- You have to sanitize your inputs

I would compare my baby to Windows, but he communicates when he poops himself and spits up all over me

Linux experience has made me a better parent

Almost no documentation and terrible error output is expected

- Everyone has their own contradictory opinions on how to use it
- You have to sanitize your inputs
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I should block outgoing connections to facebook from my router

I need to find a non-stupid algorithm for interleaving a series of ordered lists of random length. I don't want to have a run of items from the same list, but I need each list to be ordered.

It's so I can listen to a lot of podcasts ok!

I mean, I kinda want to find the longest list, then merge lists until I make a list as long, then repeat to make a series of lists.

The grab one item from the longest list, then an item from one of the lists in group two, then an item one of the lists in group three, and so on.

This seems like a mess and hard to guarentee it works.

Watching shows from 2006 feels so weird

There's still landlines in existence

I remember in university an article in a campus paper recommending not getting a cellphone and landline and picking one

It's really odd, and feels like watching something time displaced

@silverwizard giant CRT monitors, fax machines...

it's 2006 we'd already gotten over those. It's like the modern world, but slightly nicer

The transition scenes in Friends before any dialogue starts where they all are reading newspapers, books and magazines in the same room (either the coffee shop or Monica's living room) are surreal to me.
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I was reading books again! but baby makes that haaaaaaard again

I still see people reading books in the subway, but all of them? No screens on? Out of this world.

ideally, you want the President of the United States and the Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK to be two separate people

I hope to hell Katy Perry wins

The web needs breaking

Can we create an Ennie for journalism?

My PCs successfully used duel of wits the Faerie Queen and got home! Two years of real time has come to a turning point! They spent a wish to get directions here a year and a half ago!

This is also known as Enders Game Theory