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So I finally fixed https on @ForgottenWeir's website, since I hate CAs I was putting it off

Go check out his art now that it works!

Non-sysadmins be like: opaque DSLs are way better than shell scripts. No one knows how to write shell scripts

I need to suck it up and cheat at more bioware games
Their stories are good, but their mechanics are so hellishly tedius

I am trying to write Dungeon World since I wanna do a session focused on the NPCs in my Spelljammer game

It's a long joke about disposability and colonialism, but I think it needs to spend some time looking at those the PCs are stepping on to get to the top

I think "Stonr" is better, but this idea is still ace

Ok, got mad about anti antifa talking points

The literal name fascist means "kill em before to get too many" that's what the name means

Therefore, you shouldn't wait until there's too many fascists, and more importantly, it was the fascists who told you to