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Over here getting mad that HTTP error 418 isn't numbered 518

but isn't it a client error that they made a request other than `POUR /tea`?

I mean, it feels closest to a 505, wrong protocol, it feels backwards to blame the client for giving good data to a bad device...

Someone write a fuckin' Unix clone with sane kernel in Rust and then we can talk

I am definitely not the "sling code or GTFO" type, but people have been suggesting this for years now, and I know multiple people who have written an OS in that time

I feel like the dual route combined model of reading breaks down when you have no phonological form for the characters

And I want to study this, but I just don't have the tools to recruit participants, nor get my experimental design vetted

I am a big baby who wants to cage and murder children and these OSS developers are mad at me for it

I wanna play an RPG where I mash up Drama System and 4th Edition D&D

I am a big baby who doesn't like that saving the planet will be expensive and we need to force companies to shut up and do it, not try to market into it


> What if the IT professionals tasked with their role inside ICE could actually help reduce the number of separated families by having visibility and the information they need to stop raids before they happened?

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> I want so badly to believe that to be true.

This part is the core of the message. I really wish I could earn money off this part of the business and yet be blameless for it.
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It's some of the worst apologia I've ever seen

If the only reason you're doing something is to influence what your kid will think of you 10 years down the road, just don't.
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Especially if it's harming children!