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Ok, seriously

One of the things I hate about Disney as a company is how everything they make, they make until it is loathed

Even if I could get invested in their Star Wars, I know that at some point in the future (after RoS I suspect) everyone will just be *over* it

Honestly, I am uncomfortable with using Amazon in my work life
Amazon provides almost no support, is more expensive than similar providers, doesn't handle communication well, abuses workers, and is trying to destroy the planet

Why do we use Amazon?

Because you might actually achieve a realistic goal?

But most realistic goals hurt long-term

Or are stepping Stones toward utopia

It's almost like job hunting is designed for both sides to not get what they want

Warlock, Sorcerer, Barbarian, Druid Bard, and Rogue

Picking one: sorcerer

They are definitely just double fighter, but the lack of non-casters stays my hand there

Who called it FaceID and not noggin login

The problem with Mastodon is that even if I end up filtering all Mastodon hosts out of my federation, their posts can still get through and people will police their badly implemented community guidelines at me and it will still make the federation worse to use

If there would be some rules that you don't apply to (I don't know such but hey, different story) wouldn't it be those strictly following the rules who have to defederate from those who don't follow the rules and not the other way around?

You'd think, but masto wants to tell me what to do

Who does?
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Someone bugged me about a locked accounts

And yeah, it's only bothering me because I had a bad day, but Mastodon is just a mess with so many placebos enforced by nothing but weird code that doesn't federate

BTW: Friendica accounts normally appear like locked accounts on Mastodon. They display the lock symbol on an account whenever a a contact request has to be accepted manually.

That's probably a Pleroma problem tbh

Or that tab was in the background since yesterday but it now shows the change
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I don't like mastodon, pleroma is so much more better