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Me, finally talking to a doctor:
Doctor: "When did you last have a regular checkup"
Me: "Uhhhhh"
"Oh! I had a physical in 2006"
Doctor: "14 years ago ago?!"

While I can get people wanting different tools for microblogging, macroblogging, video sharing, and so on. But I am not sure why people want them all on different apps but also all on activitypub?

Why not more protocols that are specialised, or single tools that do it all

No - YOU'RE writing shell forloops to do terraform state import because AWS is terrible

People and their trying to win a free # badge! Just use my lifehack of running more games than you play every year

After reading the comments of the acting FSF president, I can conclude that the "S" in FSF stands for sexism.

Terraform was documented by a half asleep gibbon
It's the only explaination

check out my new noise album:
cat /bin/* | aplay --channels=2 --rate=22050

me: y'all stop using X service it talks straight-up to the cops

y'all: eh i'm careful about what i say and don't really care

me: i would like to talk about real shit and do care.


for real: recognize your choice in tech scopes who will be willing to talk to you and what they say. So many people use Discord, use Amazon, and yes, "it's easy and I don't care" is a valid reason for yourself, but do you not care enough to consider other people's cares?

Imagine thinking that sending all of your DNS lookups to CloudFlare was an improvement to privacy