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HBomberguy: Boring is the best thing a video game can be

The best part of owning a Roku and having the app is that if you watch youtube in your house, a misclick makes everything unwatchable

Wait what? What happens?
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It tries to connect to your (off) Roku, and makes you forcekill youtube since the cancel button works only sometimes

And since I am usually using my phone for youtube when not near a TV...

What if the next social engineer masks as a social engineering trainer?

What have they done this time?

Put ads in the OS start menu apparently

That's not new. I thought that was a stock Windows 10 thing.

Yeah, Zoe was just angry about it, and I agreed

Using slack for communities makes that community worse

I apparently submit friendica issues by explaining something that's REALLY simple conceptually and obvious, but holy hell to implement even slightly well

Basically, I feel like a jerk

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Since it's Learn From My Mistakes Day apparently

Never forget the trailing g in
`doas sed -i s/oldname/newname/g /etc/passwd /etc/groups/ /etc/doas.conf`

I mean - purely apart from the command of "never run that command"

Queensryche's "Don't Ever Trust A Needle" but with "Wizard" whenever they say needle

This typo meant I have officially used @Michael W (Warren) Lucas 's ed Mastery in an emergency
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Oh hey! We all wanna make Paranoia characters, right?

I just bought a 2 disk bay NAS
I have have 4 1TB drives from my last NAS, those drives are still good but no longer in use

I think they are too small for use with a 2 disk NAS

I should start doing like:
Main disk SSD, homedir 1TB SSD on my other computers

The concept of the Working Poor makes me so angry