My wife dislikes my theory that morning sickness is caused by the fetus attempting to annex its nearest neighbour, the stomache

Dear web developers,

Make sure web pages you make work without #JavaScript too.
Yes, you can do a lot with just HTML and CSS.
Please make the web fast and clean.

Thank you.
You’ll have to pay us more than the people paying us to add JS.
Workers of the World Unite
You have nothing to lose but your javascript
MJ Ray GNU Social
#ironic to post that on #gnustatus which doesn't work for me without #javascript

Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there
Whoa, we’re halfway there

Zeno’s Karaoke
Tower of High Sorcery

@serialx_net @paulvixie @bagder at IETF-103 folks from the browser side think that network operators will just permit ongoing UDP abuse and remove the rate-limiters because .. customers? Customers are important but protecting the network to keep the customers comes first.
Gods Row

@jaredmauch @serialx_net @bagder I think that with HTTP/3, DoH, and resolverless DNS, the ietf had shown that it no longer understands it's duty of care.
Barren Hills

AWS: requires asinine test after single replication of ephemeral issue
US: Repeats process in a giant loop until we can pcap and log all traffic for the issue
AWS: That server had high CPU usage during those logs, must be that

New rule: anything with “Coldfusion” running automatically fails the “advanced” part of “APT.”
Pax Tharkas

Correction: The photo of students doing salutes is the Class of 2019, not 2018, and was taken during their junior prom.

Here is a higher resolution photo (which was apparently taken by one of the parents, and is on the parent's website as part of their collective prom photos.)

Que Shu

"there's no ethical consumption under capitalism" but also don't use Cloudflare
Academy of Sorcery

When I have had the authority to do so, I have sided against using Cloudflare due to their support/protection of hate groups. There are other providers.
Silver Dragon Mountain

I spent the weekend on a laptop with 2GB RAM and a 1.2GHz quad core. Made me feel the web's weaknesses, but also forced me to tools that work well.

Xterm+tmux+lynx+vi and adding Gajim and Firefox when needed felt great.

We are pleased to announce that PeeringDB's source code is now publicly available under a BSD 2-Clause license! We believe this will be beneficial to the interconnection community to foster innovation in the PeeringDB platform. #peering #opensource


Server code for Contribute to peeringdb/peeringdb development by creating an account on GitHub.

Did some techbro make these? Because it's doing that thing where they take something a hundred years old, give it a new name, and claim they invented it.

These are pince-nez. Teddy goddamn Roosevelt wore them.
Xak Tsaroth


This is an attempt to make Javascript the only viable language for backend. I don't know why, but I hate it
Every ~8 years there’s a 10x improvement in how computing is provisioned. Bare metal > VMs > Managed VMs/containers. We’re due for the next step-function improvement and at @Cloudflare we’re convinced it’ll be built around a technology called Isolates:

Cloud Computing without Containers

We have a cloud computing platform called Workers. Unlike essentially every other cloud computing platform I know of, it doesn’t use containers or virtual machines. We believe that is the future of Serverless and cloud computing in general, and I’ll try to convince you why.
@silverwizard They also mention #Go and #Rust as languages capable of producing #WebAssembly code.
@mpts Yeah, but WebAssembly scares me more than Javascript. Semi-compiled languages you just fire at a bytecode interpreter from untrusted sources scare me more than interpreters.

Today a developer told me they attempted to ssh into http://testserver.local/ #devops

Using any Atlassian software is an insult to your team.
Xak Tsaroth
I just responded to an issue on BitBucket, and I thought to myself, "Self, why the fuck is this project on BitBucket?"
The only reasonable answer

Because the tech industry fought like hell to erect barriers against platforms like MySpace & Neopets that were letting underrepresented folks actually *make* the web instead of just consuming it.

Twitter: JP on Twitter (JP)


I just heard the words "folded tesseract"

Ok - I am officially going to be "I'm going to be a dad" shock posts until May.
Then it's going to be all "How do I not break this thing" posts
Hedge Maze
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I know you'll be tempted to drop it on a pile of razor blades, but the feeling will pass.
I've managed to avoid dropping my son on a pile of razor blades for 8 years running.
WOW - that seems like too much to ask! I am impressed
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