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still absolutely confused how security professionals only seem to see the "can't snoop on DNS queries anymore" problem with DoH (which is not that big of a problem, true) and not the "sending all your DNS to a third party by default" and "not configured in the OS standard way"

Or me, apparently
The kind of person who plays Dwarf Fortress for a few days, then realizes they don't care about the dwarves

And those who have never heard about Dwarf fortress before this post?

I need to make a gluten free thing for Thursday, and I don't remember *any* of my wheat-allergic skills, because when I was 14ish I found out I wasn't allergic to spelt, and that has hella gluten and I stopped all that bullshit

Stews can work well. I did a beef stew batch up yesterday myself.

And then the issue is being a vegetarian ;)

Gonna do a mushroom gravy stock, carrots, mushrooms, few other things, don't know it all yet

Good vegetable stews are hard to do. Most of them end up tasting entirely of Onion or Garlic in my experience. I wish you luck with it. A heavy mushroom base and a 'hot and sour' kind of approach (ala chinese soup) can work.

I'm the kind of person that if I'm going to do vegetarian on dishes I aim towards Chinese or Indian spices rather than European style foods.

I tend to end up in India as well, since it's delicious

But mushroom gravy, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, onion, tofu, and dumplings sounds great

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#for disk in sd*
fsck -y /dev/$disk

I really love that my pinebook just started panicking to the point I can't sysupgrade it >.<

Actually, I am stupid
The happiest words a sysadmin can say

Devs, too. Just after "it works the first time".

Aaaaand, it actually looks the disk on my pinebook might be fucking up

And I hate everything (the most common thing for a sysadmin to say)

I am in an RP group that's talking about our lines and veils, because one player is trans and wants to have their character's transness be a barrier for them. But I feel like most of the group wont care. And I feel like we need an *opposite* concept, I propose Spotlights.

100%, but I also assume that all of the valley is storing password misses

This feels incredibly dangerous, "sex content exists in market" is just really prudish, and it feels like a call to ban any sexual content from every place humans can consume media

I really like how the entire open web has a single underfunded non-profit as a single point of failure

Which one?
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Anyone want to crowdfund a bunch of money so we can try to get the Seis Manos license and make a Mexican/Chinese fusion martial arts RPG?

We'd need to find a bunch of really cool Mexican and Chinese designers, but I am sure there are a bunch!

Couldn't we do a 70s Mexico/blaxspoitation/kung fu RPG without using the Seis Manos name and setting? Or would that not be as much fun?

Honestly, that is what Seis Manos *is*, and it would be really good

Maybe less Blaxploitation

I know. I've watched it. But I think it's possible to strip it down for parts and file off the serial numbers.

Oh, 100%
I just need a way to get a bunch of money to pay people who aren't privileged white men to make it

I need @FireflyLeigh to let me stop paying for @SpotifyCanada
I searched "Gangster's Paradise" to show her the song, and I got covers by white boys because the Coolio song is called "Gangsta's Paradise", and they track everything I do, they can at least build a search function