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I am glad we had the baby before #BSDCan, he's way cuter than all of you, and I am only missing it a little because of how much I want to be with him


This is not the WORST person he could have met with



Oh, yeah, Canadian style healthcare is such a bad idea

In Hong Kong, which people think of as the hotbed of capitalism gone wild, a resident pays 40 USD for the delivery, whether natural or Caesarean, and a bed for two days.

The US system is simply unique.
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I got infinite bed, but only if I wanted to room with 4 people rather than alone, which... seemed fine

but yes, the entire fuckin' US is weird and broken

Ah! the creatively bankrupt name!



Someone shoot this movie please


I can't agree, you should track *a lot* of metrics and then find out why they are going wonky. That's how you build resilient and well understood *systems* and not components


Thanks for clearing that up Superman

Holy shit!


If you're a grumpy old man but want to understand how people who enjoy cat videos feel, have your less than one week old child sleep on your chest for most of two days