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@MalwareTechBlog @Fox0x01 "Shakespeare didn't even win any Oscars so how good could he be, put him down as a 0"

Hey friends! There is a newly created website that basically assigns a Klout score to security researchers and conferences.
If you are hiring, please don't take it seriously. There are a lot of researchers who can't share their research due to NDAs or embargos,

Uhhhuhuhuhuhhh.... what. certs on china mobile issued by letsencrypt?

U.S. Department of Defense

The Defense Department provides the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.

Using this meme is harmful
I won't change my mind

Can u pls eat shit? Your existence is not ideal, this illegal colonizer state is not ideal, your earth murdering pipelines are not ideal. Pls exile yourself to a tiny rock in the ocean

So, just listened to the article, and, yep

This is Malcolm Gladwell's standard bullshit
Badly researched data confirming the bias of your dad so that he can sell his bullshit

Also - "I am citing a book by a nonscientist, because they're going better at science!"
Hey sure, I’ll join the pile-on as I read Gladwell’s big pot story ( I’m two paragraphs in and I already went to the report he’s citing and found some bullshit.

Here’s what he writes versus one thing the report says:


Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think?

Permitting pot is one thing; promoting its use is another.

This is a core problem with credit checks and other bank details being used for everything.
The way the financial system is used is dangerous, stupid, and dehumanizing.
It's bad for everyone, but we just let it happen.
😱😱 WOW... get this:
A friend went to his HR department today asking why he did not receive salary since two months. HR had to check and apparently, they got hit by fraudsters in the most insane way. You should read this as a warning 👇

The glamorous life of a hacker:
Not exercising because you're deploying servers at 10 pm on a Wednesday, so instead eating pizza pops and drinking

The best part of my job is the few minutes a day I assume I destroyed my company's product

It's always a great feeling to know it's all potentially broken

Hey, remember when systemd worked?

I sure as fuck don't.

I am seriously struggling with how I can approach my Uncle who is on a crusade to destroy the planet by opposing wind power.

I don't know how it will affect my relationship with my family to cut him from my life, but he's... literally genocidal...

Maybe just don't build that giant turbine on his lawn.

@silverwizard huh. My dad is on a kick about wind power, too. I'm not sure where he's been getting this stuff. 🤔

In theory I think an economy that acknowledges work-life balance and allows room for people to pursue unprofitable creative hobbies is essential but in practice I answer emails my boss sends at 8:30 PM on Friday nights within mere minutes and haven’t read for pleasure in 6 years

This is security you see.

Don't use a password from a breach!
@SimonBackwell84 I am sorry you feel this way. We do think our policy is more than adequate but thanks for the feedback. PS - I wouldn't advise putting anything you know has been breached. ^JGS

Aaaaaand - after some time with Namecheap support, I no longer have any products with them.

Fuck - Namecheap is literally the worst at authentication!

They added 2FA to a number that couldn't use it - and wont let me login anymore.

More importantly, they did this without my intervention. I have a dedicated number I use for 2FA, for when people don't support U2F
@Namecheap I can't login to talk to support
I can't login to view your knowledge base

How to put me right off the idea of the Picard series 🙄

7. There are no bad systems.

There are super-bad fits for any given group, maybe even for most groups.

But if it works for even one group, the system is fine within that context.

3) Sexual content in games is often way less fun than people expect it to be. Honestly, even with my closest friends and partners, sexual content gets a fade to black and it's not tantalizing. For some people it works and it's hot. For others, it's a deterrent if it's the focus.

I have started adding an escalation path to our operations updates. For example:
We upgraded Jenkins this morning!
If this becomes relevant to your interests: Talk to [person]who performed that upgrade

Flagging escalation as "if this becomes relevant to your interests" is nice