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Last night playing EUIV I said "There has to be a movie/book called 'Terror Australis'", and sure enough"



What even is the joke?
We're probably talking about people who made pop culture part of their (disgusting) identity. To mention them in an official document when they agree with the sitting president is just the next logical step.

I am using svn as a client for github

Something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong








Someone buy this to stop me from buying a second copy

That deluxe edition is soooooo petty


Apparently I need to do stats on a bunch of log data. When did this become my life

> Transhumanism is about how technology will eventually help us overcome the problems that have, up until now, been endemic to human nature. Cyberpunk is about how technology won't.

Literally from a post dunking on how bad some game called Cyberpunk is. Is it the same game? That would be ironic.

(yes, the tweet is about a map maker, not the game itself)

The dungeon tiles are a different font, so probably.

I also disagree with the point that Cyberpunk can't do good Cyberpunk, since, well, I've run a bunch of Cyberpunk in it. I think the author isn't leaning into the 80s RPG action aspect, since he's writing in a context where RPGs have changed a lot, and asking a very old game to be like a modern game.

I just liked the quote.



What is Facebook?

Can someone do the same with Whatsapp?

This matters a lot

This is why regulation needs to matter, and why it needs to be part of training