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Remember, if you've ever seen a dub, don't drive for the rest of your life

Watching Smallville is *weird* in 2019
"Oh! That actress was in this other thing"
"Why the fuck is there a thing where Clark watches Lana through her window with a telescope"
"Oh! That actress was in a sex cult and branded women"


Ok, I'm on my bullshit writing stuff for circlemud!

Remember, non-invasive EEGs have been working for YEARS for mind machine interfaces

This is just "something that works, but might kill you, so a billionaire can cyberpunk LARP"


The best part of new child:
He wants to be held all the time

The worst part of new child:
See above

Is this the sexy gestapo scene from The Producers?

How the fuck did Clark Kent get a birth certificate?!

I feel like "farmers found a baby and just took it" was a lot easier bureaucratically in the 30s

Plenty of people had babies at home without a doctor back then. Come into doctor's office, "hey, we had a baby", and paperwork gets filled out. Or maybe at the county clerk's, or the county hospital if they had one.

yeah, that's what I mean, it no longer works

ok, seriously, someone tell me there's a #MUD codebase that's easy to edit, and stop me from trying to make one
I have a small networked codebase of:
Player, who has some stats but no items or spells or EXP
Monsters, who attack players
Rooms which contain a player and monster

and a small internal tool to allow easy access to what monsters and players are in

need to make monsters able to move, make non-instantly hostile monsters, etc

but yeah, stop me from doing this

oh damn! I've not found this one, despite following

I will need to try this!

ok, dug into this

learning scheme for a Mud project is probably not gonna happen



The thing about bitcoin being a dumb fad is how many people managed to get money out of the dumb fad, then put all that money into buying into the dumb fad

It NEEDS new people to sustain the people invested into mining. So they will never *stop*.



Uh what? This worries me