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If anyone has an old iBook and wants to give it to me for free, and babysit for a few days, I did just get OpenBSD on a Pine64 and it would make an excellent shell

Honestly, we need laws that Facebook can't claim ownership of photos that the subject of the photo never consented to, which, we have

Facebook should be a smoking legal crater

The main problem with mainstream post-apocalyptic fiction is that it conflates civilization and society, thereby assuming that if the former collapses, so must the latter. Thankfully, our social nature cannot be extinguished through nuclear arms.

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Most authors should study the aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake. Lots of people self organizing rescue and relief efforts. Businesses giving away perishables rather than squatting on them for excessive cash. In general, it is one of the few times San Fancisco didn't turn me off as a city.

We have plentiful examples of what can happen when social order collapses, and it's usually not pretty.

This reads like saying "Small company hemoraging money and hoping to exit before VC runs dry"

How does this keep happening

VCs understand that they are making a bet and that they will lose most of those bets. The occasional jackpot makes it worth it.

Because VCs salivate money when they hear things like:
“If we took one per cent of the increase in parcel volume – not one per cent of the [total]parcel volume, but just the increase – for four years, we’re a billion-dollar company.

I know! It's not disruption! It's just leaches, and communitech was *made* to be better than this

How is it not?

This is Trudeau in a nutshell, he's a bad actor
He will agree all the problems exist, and say he is addressing them

Then when called on anything will claim his detractors are the problem

How does Blade have two discount Jeff Bridges?

Every time I log in to my work email, there's a bunch of vendors being like "is this a bad time for you to be spammed" in my inbox, since I've been on leave for month

ls -t | mpc add failed because apparently there's a maximum number of files MPC will put up with, and the orders were different

for item in `ls -t`
mpc add $item

worked and that is garbage

holy fuck! My phone I fixed just randomly started working again. Apparently I fucked nothing up

We are coming up on the hundredth anniversary of Dracula the stage play

This means someone needs to write a retrospective from the point of view of a jaded vampire who was the first goth to become a vampire as a result of the theatre

The next Brexit will be from the Commonwealth