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Yeah, I found a lot of discussion but no good pacts

Those would be the obvious questions

my rough draft is

Pact of Seasons

The pact of Seasons is a compromise with the Warlock's patron. Many Warlocks *want* something from their patron, often love or power. They are then given power in exchange for service. The power is the goal, and the service is the cost. However, some Warlocks do not want the power the pact brings, they want to simply save their farm or their family. In fact, many Pact of the Season warlocks are actually sold by their families. This imposes a duty on these warlocks, both to protect their homes but also to serve their patrons, neither of which they want, but neither of which they can ignore.

Seasonal Warlocks become incredibly powerful farmers during the warmer months, however, during the Winter they are expected to serve the will of their patron. Many Seasonal Warlocks for Devils will be reluctant generals or champions serving their lords during that time. In fact, the Seasonal Warlock the heroes met in the friendly farming community might later become a foe who would just rather go home.

In spring, Seasonal Warlocks gain the ability to plow 1 acre an hour, just by walking around the edges of the acre, the furroughs appearing magically.

In the summer, Seasonal Warlocks have the ability to affect a number of animals equal to their charisma (not Charisma modifier). Those animals will double their production of wool or milk.

In the Fall, Seasonal Warlocks gain the power of threshing. They can, by running it through their fingers, remove the unwanted part of a plant. This is most commonly used to remove the chaff from grain.

In the Winter, Seasonal Warlocks gain the power to go where needed. You gain the ability to cast Wind Walk one per week.

### Invocations

*Beast Lord:* During the warmer months you gain the ability to ward off beasts. You may cast the Coop spell once per day without expending a spell slot. During the Winter you may cast Conjour Animals once per day without expending a spellslot.

*Fire Soul:* During the warmer months you may, at will, dry someone off, cure exhaustion caused by cold, and light small fires. During the Winter you may cast Flaming Sphere once per day without expending a spellslot.

*Ice Heart:* During the warmer months you may preserve meat equal to 10 pounds per point of charisma. You may also cool food and beverage by touching their container. During the winter you may cast Armor of Agathys and Ice Knife at will without expending a spellslot.
Plains of Dust
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Incredibly Long D&D post showcasing the thing I am working on

I am proud of this

### Standing Stones
_Common_ to _Rare_
_Requires Attunement_

These stones are powerful but immovable. In order to be useful there must be four stones in a Stone Circle, all of which must be attuned to someone. Their powers are only useful when you are in the circle defined by the four plus stones.

*Power Stone:* _Common_ Power Stones are the most common standing stones, but unfortunately are not very useful. They have no powers, but are often used to finish a partial circle.

*Tree Stone:* _Uncommon_ While within the circle you have a permanent Barkskin spell.

*Healing Stone:* _Uncommon_ You may use Lesser Restoration at will while within the circle.

*Sapling Stone:* _Uncommon_ Once per day you may create a sapling within the ring of standing stones. Once you have the sapling you may take it out of the stone circle and plant it. The sapling lasts three days without being planted, and thereafter is a non-magical tree.

*Salve Stone:* _Uncommon_ Within the circle you are counted as having Expertise with Herbalism hits, as well as having a herbalism kit, allowing you to make salves and potions.

*Sacrificial Stone:* _Uncommon_ While within the stone you may cast Sacrificial Cleansing, requiring the material component.

*Beast Stone:* _Rare_ While within the circle you may cast Conjure Animals at will.

*Death Stone:* _Rare_ Once per day you may cast Animate Dead as if using a 5th level spellslot.

*Reincarnation Stone:* _Very Rare_ Once per day, you may cast Reincarnate upon a body within the Stone Circle.

*Dead Stone:* _Very Rare_ Once per day, you may cast Raise Dead upon a body within the Stone Circle.
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