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5 days ago
A quick #introduction.

I'm Cris. I've been native on Mastodon for a while, under many guises. I decided I needed a permanent home to keep up with #linux, #infosec, #gnu, #floss, #foss, #opensource, #kernel, #hacking, #h4x0r, #devops, #chef, #aws, #apache, #debian, #ubuntu stuff.

For fun, I like #drumandbass, #chiptune, #wrestling & #cats.

I've been a Linux user for 20 years and a Linux pro for 15+. I had the glorious privilege of being mentored by Owen Le Blanc, of MCC Interim Linux fame.
Paco Hope
2 months ago
For those of you interested in #cloud #security, you no longer need to go to the FUD and magic 1U box shows on the US West Coast. #AWS has announced its own security conference "Re:Inforce". First one will be in the end of June 2019 in Boston.

Announcing the First AWS Security Conference: AWS re:Inforce 2019 | Amazon Web Services

On the eve of re:Invent 2018, I’m pleased to announce that AWS is launching our first conference dedicated to cloud security: AWS re:Inforce. The event will offer a deep dive into the latest approaches to security best practices and risk management utilizing AWS services, features, and tools. Security is the top priority at AWS, and […]
Temple of Zeboim
8 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
Anyone else seeing #AWS intermittant SSH issues? We're seeing it for our selves, dockerhub, and github, wondering if others are seeing it.
2 years ago from mustard
put the source away from #aws amazon sucks! no labour rights, no minimum wage et'all #wtf ....
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