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2 weeks ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
Proof I am a good enough liar to fool experts
So, it's #FF, and I got a real grab bag for y'all today:
@da_667 is top provider of shitposts, tank girls, and blueteam data
@Silvers_tweets is making a cool-ass game
@CMYKattz is busy being adorable and turning out your custom valentines needs
@HippyWizard knows his shit too.
neville park ❎
3 weeks ago
Oh! We do #FF on here, right? My recommended human follow for this week is @ajroach42, Internet Archive spelunker in all types of media and genres.

My recommended bot follow for this week is @MinecraftSigns, capturing the poignant whimsy of, well, #minecraft signs. Even if you don't play Minecraft.
#FF these really, really funny people:

@corndog "that random tree generator bot stresses me the fuck out"

@officialcjunior "A crow flew past just above my head today."

@HTHR "crack open the dodgeball to get at the supple dodgemeat inside"

@srol "good morning GREAT butt"

@rye "i wish i could read"
1 month ago
oh it's #ff well you know who i'm gonna suggest, you should follow @DearMsDear
1 month ago
I love that #ff is still a thing on Mastodon, I assume because Mastodon itself doesn’t incessantly suggest people to follow.
2 months ago
#ff these people participate in making browsers god bless them: @nolan @nika
2 months ago
#ff @Curator, he boosts art from his instance
2 months ago
#ff gamedevs edition: @slimekat @sophia @aras @emelie @eevee @zoequinn @RobF @mcc
2 months ago
Oh hey friends it's friday in my timezone so how about I *don't* forget to do #followfriday #ff this time, especially with the influx of new people I think that could be useful
Greg Pak
2 months ago
#FF some cool comics folks who are actually posting on here fairly often: @stevelieber @Trungles @rubenbolling @Inkskratch @AmyChu @shingworks
2 months ago
#ff @mike is a very friendly person. He made :polarbear: for us
2 months ago
#FF @viciousviscosity because she can't stop posting from her comedy-regulating GIF stash
2 months ago
#ff if you're not following @jk you're missing a big chunk of the Mastodon Experience, to be honest
Sam the Octopus
2 months ago
#ff #followfriday

@squirrel - does @squirrel_chan's fuck-up hour, makes kickass music, draws good, and is generally awesome as hell

@HTHR - makes super good videogames, is a hexagon

@chr - is a dragon

@brokenfingers - the beholder of positivity

@noelle - knows lots about calendars for some reason, good posts
mrgah ❄️
2 months ago
it's well after friday, but if you're into tabletop gaming, y'all should be following:


(and probably other amazing #ttrpg designers who I haven't come across yet)

2 months ago
so a thought

on Mastodon some people do #ff like it's "follow Friday"

but OTHERS pick out a few, or one, user and explain WHY they're good to follow

so I propose an ALTERNATE, equally valid expansion of #ff : featured follow

or maybe #fff for featured follow friday


or maybe I'll just keep my snout shut
Erin 🕯
2 months ago
#ff @bea, better known as codemom
- extremely lesbian mom
- very canadian
- literally miss kobayashi
- extremely Coffee
- cranky ML girl
- knows too much SQL
- does That Fork
- pretends to know rails, actually just changes things until they work
- supportive and kind as fuuuuuuuuuuck
Festive Eugen
2 months ago
It's not friday but #ff follow my friend @SpewingMews who draws things!!
2 months ago

@masklayer for being a very good egg

@tom oh my god they noticed me

@HTHR i warned you about hexagons bro

@modernmodron bitch me too

@colon_three for providing excellent grompin' harfmarfs

@luluberlu baguette oui

@axiixc very excellent twitter friemnd

@hal an birb


that's it i can't think of any more sorry
Lyn Thorne-Alder 🍃
2 months ago
#FollowFriday ##FF

@welshpixie / @WelshPixie for some fascinating mandalas.
Festive Eugen
2 months ago
Oh right, Friday! So we've got this tradition called #followfriday or #ff for short. Recommend someone you follow so others can find them too

After all the dumb Patreon stress, spread some ✨
catdad 💖
3 months ago
real actual #ff:

Everyone who works on, an independent (and ad-free) podcast network largely created by connections made here on mastodon

@chosafine, co-hosting everything, editing all the shows, publishing everything, running the website, basically doing all the actual hard work and still having the energy to post hot takes

@staticsafe co-hosting Two Shades of Brown

@ocdtrekkie co-hosting Pentagonal

@Fidgetcetera, co-hosting Transposable

@bea & blackle, co-hosting Alpha Centauri
Hypolite Petovan
3 months ago from Twitter Web Client
#FF @MaxiMaxime pour un humour inoffensif niveau 6ème qui me fait toujours marrer et ses obscures références musicales des années 90. Apprenti communiste.
3 months ago
kawaii edition
3 months ago
ganz großes #ff an die ketwurst, wer noch keine gegessen hat, hat was verpasst im leben
3 months ago
#ff :witti:
⑨ lain ⑨
3 months ago
#ff @gargron, he's writing a cool little system that's compatible with pleroma. It's not the fastest and a bit buggy, but it's getting there!
#ff #followfriday

@unascribed local dragon whomst really likes tails from the sonic. v. cute

@witchfynder_finder they're a goblin!!! whomst do the language!!! they know errything about linguistics and its amazing

@maunzikation excellent cat content!! v good kittehs all up in here

@VOID an endless void. i mean, what more reason do you need to follow them?

@Felthry local robot dragon. they are v good at beeping
Erin 🕯
3 months ago
#ff #followfriday

- @kellerfuchs
-- soft
-- massive cs nerd
--- crypto bullshit
-- one of those rare queer demosceners
-- extremely math noises
-- very pretty hair
-- supportive as fuck
3 months ago
#FF #FollowFriday These are my favorite quotes from some people you should be following this week...

@agaric "thenks gargron for me life"

@SarcasmKid "Karl Marx invented pokemon"

@luciferMysticus "What could possibly go wrong except illness and death"

@abbycakes (when I asked which memes she wishes she could forget) "none I love them all"

@007 (this is a toot) "in france they don't say "i love you", they say "je t'aime", which translates to "i love you", and i think that's how language works"
wow is it #ff #followfriday time again

@jk​ ← roto-yote, gud music, gud drilposts
@HTHR ← maximum hexagon! game dev shape and good friend
@Gaypow​ ← im love this cute yeen
@bea​ ← 👩‍💻​glitch social cool code admin
@lycaon​ ← powerful
@Tom​ ← it's TOM
#ff #FollowFriday

People I like on my instance and who are cool

@SarcasmKid - Artisanal shitposts (mostly went off to join the nerds at tho :P)

@incidence is interesting

@ZeeZee is new and I like her

@luciferMysticus is co-admin and techposts/shitposts

@awilfox mostly rants about how shitty technology is

@sydneyfalk is amazingly smart and funny
3 months ago
Since we have a lot of new people here, time to write a #FF / #FollowFriday
In no particular order:
Lohan G
3 months ago
Good morning & happy #FediverseFriday! My timeline is full of art: paintings, illustrations, drawings ....#fediverse has evolved a lot. \o/ #FF
Mycroft 🌲🐰
3 months ago
Hey new peeps! Tomorrow is #ff Follow Friday, pretty similar to other places, where you shoot out cool people who are worth paying attention to!


Please make sure they're okay with it first. Some folks (like me) kinda keep to themselves and random follows out of nowhere can cause stress and anxiety.
⑨ lain ⑨
3 months ago
#ff (follow friday; ppl i think you should follow)
@chr​ ← rad cybredragon admin
@bea​ ← another rad instance admin; very friendly codemom
@posit​ ← ultra friendly and good part of my timeline???
@HTHR​ ← extremely powerful hexagon
@lycaon ← uhh just follow lycaon trust me
@chosafine​ ← resident super podcaster, expert takemaker
Hyper! <3
3 months ago
#ff #FollowFriday

@lain - Creator/Maintainer of Pleroma Server.

@eal p chill dude.

@imncls - Most energetic person I've ever met tbh.
zigg 🕯
3 months ago
#FF time ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Some lovely people: @DialMforMara @erinbee @lifning @noelle @pmosetc @TrollDecker @devurandom @Averly @bea @elita @viciousviscosity @djsundog @craigmaloney @kurtm @dog

And some entertaining bots: @icetsvu @marxselfcare @twoheadlines @xkcd

I hope you all enjoy my view of the fediverse. I know I do. 🙂
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