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Didn't make a single #ff today... Time to cry myself to sleep
So I am doing my first ever #FF, just because there are some amazing people on here who for one reason or another have made me feel less shitty so they shall be named thusly:

@babe for incredible artistic talent and pet photos

@garfiald for not being mans best friend

@muppetbutler for that amazing avatar, I mean honestly a moose? That's cool!

@ellied for persevering with installing Pleroma when all else felt lost

@scarlett for not using mastodon

@hanny for making me feel beautiful

@thor for slipping masturbation into a technical discussion

@WelshPixie for sharing their amazing artwork and opening my eyes to a whole new form of art

@lynnesbian for their service to bots and bot-kind

@Pepsi too soon?
Skeletor, but Cybre
5 days ago
I've never done #ff before because I frankly don't know who I want to highlight because everyone I follow contributes a unique part of my timeline.

So like, I guess I'll just drop a few names you may already follow? Idk.


All of which are unique in ways I cannot actually articulate, but worth a follow, most definitely.
The research fairy
5 days ago
#ff recommendation
@Altruest No, seriously thank you :)
You Deserve Love
5 days ago
#ff recommendation
@bgcarlisle that's so sweet! Thank you!
The research fairy
5 days ago
#ff recommendation
Hello everyone! Today for follow-Friday, I recommend that you follow:


He's clever and funny and kind and I have never regretted following him :)

maybe i should do one too: #ff

best frendo since first post

does the cutes

lovely being :3 nice to talk to

he doeth the german sometimes

instance owner of mine instance

instance owner of mine alt. also doeth the germans

self advertisement :3 does the cutes. and is mine alt

i got ff'ed :3 also lovely being

idk. lost her evilness in the last battle and is stuck on earth

and now im out of freespace
2 weeks ago
#ff @spookcentral is one of my oldest mufos and legit one of the funniest posters on this site
amphetamine tokyo
2 weeks ago

i just gotta say it

@HTHR is good people and a good friend and i support the heck outta her

she's a good ol butch y'all
#FF amendment (I don’t remember if ey were on my original FF but oh well)

@bryn is fantastic and hilarious and has the W O R S T puns that are equally amazing, ey deserve a follow and a ton of boosts!!! Go follow em right now gogogo!
2 weeks ago
#FF These wonderful people/cats/bees

@OriginalBeeWitch - used to be Knees, now the BeeWitch. Angel of boosting

@a_puma01 - a nice Alaskan cat

@minego - we’re not so different, you and I

@Ophillous - Follow all cryptids, but in particular, Bees is a kind and good poster.

@erosdiscordia - great conversationalist and all around good dude

@selontheweb - the only person on Mastodon that will talk about football with me
#ff everyone on
3 weeks ago
babby's 1st #ff
I've learned so much my first couple weeks on Mastodon! All kinds of new terminology like toot, boost, birbsite, jorts, lewds... slum??

Also found this sweet gizmo that tells you whose posts you're favoriting:

Today my top 5 are:

Good job, everybody! Keep on tootin'!


The Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters (t5) searches all of your posts to Mastodon and finds the 30 users whose posts you've favorated most often.
Sera ⚧
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago from Pleroma FE
usually when i #ff i post the same people over and over again. but here are some interesting people outside of my usual circle that should get some love
@kaniini - interesting pleroma dev, makes me feel like i understand technology when i dont
@tsu - good politicsposter and chill person
@deadsuperhero - neat posts and a wholesome boy
spook toad
3 weeks ago

@jackdaw_ruiz : the GOAT, the legend

@OhMyGodMyKnees : #getKneesto1k

@froppish : frogs

@MadestMadness : fun lil' fennec
3 weeks ago
Let's #FollowFriday! 🍔 🍟 🥤

📝 @pfefferle Matthias Pfefferle: Creator of ActivityPub plugin for WordPress

📝 @jdormit Jeremy Dormitzer: Creator of Pterotype plugin for WordPress (another ActivityPub plugin)

📱 @JPEG JPEG: Creator of Mast mastodon app for iOS

📊 @Matomo Matomo (formerly Piwik): A more privacy-conscious alternative to Google Analytics

🐐 @GoatsLive Goats Live: All goats, all the time

#FF #FFed #Alternatives
3 weeks ago

#FF recommendations:

@darius is currently posting about early computers and art.

@MicroSFF is writing cool short stuff

@viciousviscosity - just because

and anybody posting to #SmallStories
4 weeks ago
I wonder if @viciousviscosity would ever consider writing a book full of their fun giggle snort moments.

I'd read it for the lulz

#FF #FollowFriday
4 weeks ago
Welcome back to #FollowFriday 🥂

☁️ @cloud Lollipop Cloud: Project to make self-hosting cheaper and easier

☸️ @mike Mike Macgirvin: Lead developer of Osada, a feature-packed swiss army knife of ActivityPub

🏷️ @alt_text Alt Text Reminder: Bot that messages you if you forget to add a description to images

👾 @BrendanSinclair Brendan Sinclair: NA editor for

🎣 @FishingMinigame Fishing MiniGame: Bot that lets you fish in the fediverse

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Bob Jonkman
1 month ago from web
That first one would be me! ♻ Karen @pixley: I got a whole passel of new followers today and it is fairly obvious which of them are like programmers and open web geeks who saw my work post and which of them are just regular shitposters who saw me on a #ff
1 month ago
#ff thread

Thank you 😊
1 month ago
#ff thread
@lubellwoo - sometimes toots comics. I just wish there were more

@moiety - always there with that good validation shit. you know what i'm talking about

@fribbledom - open source software

@AdaAimee - typifies why Mastodon succeeds where other social media fails. open and honest and kind

@willows - nerd

@ika - cool VA

@thirdeyebrat - my friend the Ass Demon. We got disconnected when BOFA was silenced/blocked, but i cherish the time we had (tl;dr good butt pics)

@Kim_Lip - LOONA
1 month ago
#ff thread
@fradleybox - the platonic ideal of a reply guy. doesn't make it weird

@mask - communist Waluigi. what more can you say?

@snark_web - love my porg pal

@amsomniac - smarter than me. hope ze develops some sweet transhumanist tech to help me achieve my cyborg dreams

@some_qualia - CHOP CHOP

@matilde - Just shipped a game! It is on my to-play list and it should be on yours, too
1 month ago
#ff thread
@AveryisWeird - Another one of the early pals i made. Still puts up with me fore some reason

@TheDaughterOfTyr - the coolest person here? chatted with me about makeup and bullshit before anyone cared who i was #OnHere

@f_spin - 18 perfect toots

@ada - follow her on Twitch, too

@axel_axe - doesn't toot much but they are usually good
1 month ago
#ff thread
@caraellison - games genius. Also puts up with my Reply Bi bullshit for some reason

@MIDImyers - doesn't toot a lot, but co-hosts two of m favorite podcasts and always reads my long-ass emails

@xoxogossipgita - Kotaku's most creative writer. Also understands this platform on a very fundamental level
1 month ago
#ff thread
@abetterjulie - never not been nice to me

@Jen_Lee - my first friend on Mastodon

@tethre - been boosting my bullshit since day 1

@abby - my admin. Always willing to discuss issues and decisions with me. Probably a top 10 ATS player, though i don't know much about that game's comp scene
#ff me
its my birthday follow me
Squid President
1 month ago
#ff uhhhh fuckin uhhhhhhhhhh

@EdgarAllanFoe Is hella talented

@johnrandom Is my soulmate

@frankiesaxx Cool as shit

@Aleums Hollow Knight fam

@muppetbutler Incomprehensible boomerangs

@brosadist A delightful enigma

Don’t follow CJ they’re too powerful as is
every time i see a #ff that doesn't have me it's like being shot in the dick with small-arms fire
the orb
1 month ago
top posters on some top shit
@leonthotsky - literally the best
@em - incredible, good poasts

the birthday havers
@jzs42069 - unwholesome yet wholesome a paradox
@spookcentral - my mainstay my rock

my mastofriends who I love
@kew - I have a crush on kew
@peemobil - my bff who makes the possts
@zoeferal - good, love her
Jose Carioca Defender
1 month ago
addendum to #ff 3:

I have committed the cardinal sin and included the wrong account; a dead account. I am lashing myself 40 times for such reprehensible conduct

the correct account to follow is @spookcentral , not @cjwyoming

forgive me, fellow posters
1 month ago
#FollowFriday is here! Since we're new, do you guys have any suggestions for who, you reckon, would be good for us to follow?

#matomo #piwik #FF #opensource #community #freesoftware #technology
happy #ff follow my girlfriend @melt
1 month ago
It's... another #FollowFriday 🍸

🐘 @tuskapp Tusk: a Mastodon app for iOS

💶 @Liberapay LiberaPay: The alternative to Patreon

:android: @gael Gaël Duval: Developing degooglised Android fork /e/

🔐 @noybeu None Of Your Business: The Austrian privacy advocates NOYB

⛅ @bot_elmt Bot Elmt: Weather bot that lets you subscribe to daily forecast toots for your area

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#FFed #Alternatives
2 months ago
PSA for Follow Friday: If you’ve been mentioned and you’re replying “thanks,” be *absolutely sure* you’re untagging everyone but the OP! Otherwise it’s a reply-all, and we all know the etiquette for reply-alls. #FF
Your's Truly
2 months ago
@gdkar is an absolutely hecking great person too

#followfriday #ff
Your's Truly
2 months ago
#followfriday #ff
Here's some dope ass people i follow. I bet you'll think they're dope, too :

pinkprius [main_acc]
2 months ago
Since it's #followFriday, these are good ppl (descr. from profiles):

anticapitalist data analyst, web dev, yuppie scum, london, 420, not a dj
Anarchist Without Adjectives, lover of sunshine and flowers.
fibercrafter, cyclist, weird metalhead glitter outdoor girlfag with some anarchism on the side.
Similar to your favorite aunt.
Gen Jones POC. She/her.

colin mitchell
2 months ago
#ff @infinitezodiac

i thought about making a constellation generator once (there's a few out there) and i'm sure i couldn't do half as good as this
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