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1 week ago
Okay, I just came up with a great hashtag for the fediverse, regarding #FollowFriday, also known as #FF.

🐻 Bear with me, while I explain why it's so good, and why it will stick.

It's been suggested that we need a #fediverse specific ff-hashtag, but nothing interesting ever came out of it.

Today I saw #FFOS (Follow Friday on Saturday), and I was like, what if, instead of forgetting, we could do it every day, and #FFED was born. Follow-Fediverse, and Follow-Friday Every Day, rolled into one.
For this #followFriday I recommend @catstar for lots of cat pics filling your timeline 😻

1 week ago
#FF #FediverseFriday
#clown edition

These are three clowns that I think you ought to check out - I always appreciate their clowing around. 🤡

@RussSharek @naugeleh @Avalon
Micah, the bird guy
1 week ago

I'm gonna keep this simple, because I can't word good... These are people you should consider following (in no particular order).

This list is not complete, so please don't be offended if you're not on it!

Warning: Some of them like cats. Sorry. Most are animal lovers of some sort (hell, Mike is on the list just because of his Macaw)

@kemiki @eloisa @jake @penduin @Anke @phoenix @alice @mike
You just got Dzuk'ed
3 weeks ago
Hey everyone! As you might know already, suffered a catastrophic hardware failure, taking us down for about 2 weeks and forcing us to move to a completely new instance.

A lot of us (myself included) didn't back up our follows either. So we're very much on square one.

How you can help:

- Contribute to #ff (follow friday) tomorrow. Everyone could do with the follow suggestions.
- Check your follows. If anyone is from '', refollow them on ''.

Linux Walt (@lnxw48a1)
1 month ago from web
@cypnk It may be too late for a #FF, but there's still time to name @bob in a #SubSunday post.
It's a bit late for #FF, but if you want a sprinkle of philosophy in your TL along with some hacking, @bob is well worth your attention
1 month ago from web
@aldersprig #ff @morph or people using #grow in posts.
neville park
2 months ago
@kathleenmenard #mastocats / #catsofmastodon welcome you

#ff @cats if you don't already!
neville park
2 months ago
@wingulls about to sleep but
2 months ago
quick #FF on monday of people who post good stuff if you're new to mastodon and/or want to learn more about how it works

@cassolotl @Gargron @maloki

some hashtags: #mastotips / #mastotips #tootorial #FAQ #mastopedia

i also recommend following admins from other instances when you see them around - they usually have a pulse on the #meta of #mastodon (the #mastometa if you will)
2 months ago
#Mastoversary #tootrospective: the first time I appeared in FF. I was a little excited and overwhelmed.

FF still makes me acutely nervous. I like sharing my friends with others, but I don't like people to think they are less important to me by exclusion.
Reisen 🐰
2 months ago

@Pasty and @karen - the best girls

@angristan and @rx14 - the Dokerizers

@SarcasmKid - the cool kid

@mike - the cool guy

@lain - the fediverse idol

@neon - :nyancat:

@quad - the meme lord

@shpuld - *nom*

@dd86k - dd if=/dev/random of=awesome
2 months ago
#Introductions #FF #FollowFriday #deletefacebook

Pro Tip # Eleventy Billion

Instance Admins and Moderators *CAN* see your IP address and other bits of information related to your account.

If you're at risk, be mindful of your instance choice. The admin/moderation team *CAN* see your IP.

See attached screencap for how much data the admin and mod teams have access to.
M of Witches Town
2 months ago
Be sure to follow the following:

Emelia of Sugars - The tears she sheds as she flees become spiced gumdrops on the lane! But: The more you eat, the slower the pursuit, so pace yourself, hungry peers! Sweets and terror!

Truth's Shade - Usually found in libraries and other quiet, shunned spaces. Identified by the goggled gaze of those who've followed it ahead of you. Are you sure this chase is for you, pally? That you can't instead live with your charming ignorance?

Bug AH33 - That's what I named this bug right here. Look at its legs. See how they go.

#ff #introductions
2 months ago
#Introductions #FF #FollowFriday #DeleteFacebook


If you're thinking about creating a bot, think twice and know is an instance, it exists and is where your bot account should likely live.

Mastodon is PEOPLE FIRST and a poorly developed bot and/or a bad actor bot will get you strung up by your toenails quickly.

Seriously, think twice.

This instance is for bots and bot allies. Anyone can sign up to be a user here or run your bot here.

Users agree to the Code of Conduct listed on the extended description page.
Aaron Poffenberger
2 months ago
@canadianbryan @lattera @mulander @pitrh @qbit @stsp @phessler I know, right?

And there are so many more I could've mentioned. If only #FollowFriday came every week. Then I could mention more good peoples. 😂 #FF
2 months ago
#Introductions #DeleteFacebook #FF #FollowFriday

Sensitivity is a 'thing' here. As a whole people with Mastodon accounts tend to be sensitive towards others needs/wants/desires/triggers and the like.

You'll see a LOT of posts with Content Warnings (-) or (+) or (~) [neutral]in the title. This helps us avoid triggers, increases sensitivity towards others and HELPS.

We also ❤ sensitive media as well. #FreeTheNipple but be respectful at the same time. We may be progressive but we care too.
2 months ago
#Introductions #FF #FollowFriday #deletefacebook

Boost vs Retweet vs Reshare

Boost are *INTENTIONALLY* setup so you can't comment as part of the boost.

This is VERY DIFFERENT than retweeting and re-sharing.

Gargron has made it clear this is going to remain this way for the foreseeable future.

It forces people to interact directly rather than flinging commentary into the void without meaningful or useful discussion.

tfw your #ff posts don't count
Aaron Poffenberger
2 months ago
#FF #FollowFriday (alphabetical order) #Introductions:


I'd add @phessler, but if you're on you got him for free. ;-)

N.B. If you're new, add an avatar to your account. You're more likely to get follow-backs.

Also, when posting images, you can add alt-text if you hover over the image after it finishes loading (before clicking "Toot"). Really helpful for the visually impaired.
peter hessler @openbsd
2 months ago
It's #FollowFriday time again! Some of the people I follow every day, and not just on #ff include:


You can also check your favourite hashtags, to go find other peeps your instance know about.
2 months ago
Looking for people to follow? Try #ff or #followfriday. Here's a few from my view of the fediverse, old friends and new:

@aparrish @balrogboogie
@craigmaloney @djsundog
@GinnyMcQueen @kemonine
And of course these lists are never complete without my really good friend @viciousviscosity 😊

And also some delightful bots and special-purpose accounts:

@biupdatebot :bisexual_flag:
@cats (#cats!)
#ff #followfriday

her majesty @SarcasmKid

everyone loves @lain

uncle @moonman

@rye 🍞

local ecelebs @mike and @delores

and my fave #ssg users @somninox and @abbycakes
Phildini @ Home ✅
2 months ago
With the surge of new masto-friends, lets bring back #ff or #followfriday.

Who would you like others to be following?

Boosts appreciated, will boost replies.
2 months ago
Follow Friday! #FF

@aparrish for the horribly wonderful things she does to text and language using computers, and her words that will tickle your brainmeats

@lattera for experiments in OS hardening, privacy-enancing tech, and other infosec topics

@WelshPixie for super nice detailed art

@technomancy Come for the PL snark, stay for the Emacs In Space

@nolan Knows some shit about the web
Tryphon 🌂
2 months ago

Yay!! And since it's Friday, the incredible @cwebber has a lot of interesting things to say about Racket, teaching, ActivityPub, open source and much more.

Andrew Roach
2 months ago
Please recommend to me more people to follow who talk about music and old technology and vintage scifi and maybe text adventure games?

#followfriday #ff

It's hard to find new people on a small instance, so boosts and replies are welcome and encouraged.
Matt Cropp 🌲🌲
2 months ago
Hey, @daspitzberg, who's a #platformcoop organizer and key to the #BuyTwitter effort, is on #socialcoop!

Welcome! :)

#FF #followFriday

Fair enough, and nicely done with the dual purpose of posting. ^_^

Although -- and I suppose this is me being overcautious, more than anything else -- I suppose it'd be polite to ask people about being #FF -ed anyway, just in case they're not looking for a follower burst or something?

Maybe that's just me.

Andrew Roach
3 months ago
Looking for music people!

Are you a #music #person?

Specifically, looking for people in to:


Sometimes I wanna talk about music, and @djsundog can't always be available.

So if you know your chocolate watchband from your strawberry alarm clock, or you want to, hit me up?

4 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
Proof I am a good enough liar to fool experts
So, it's #FF, and I got a real grab bag for y'all today:
@da_667 is top provider of shitposts, tank girls, and blueteam data
@Silvers_tweets is making a cool-ass game
@CMYKattz is busy being adorable and turning out your custom valentines needs
@HippyWizard knows his shit too.
5 months ago
#FF @viciousviscosity because she can't stop posting from her comedy-regulating GIF stash
1 year ago
#FF #FollowFriday Part 2: GNU Social Edition

@amsomniac - Witty and cool and a delight idk i like zem a lot

@stitchxd - friendly guy who makes cool web apps [and keeps making new ones always]. Currently making a tweetdeck-like client for postActiv that's Pretty Neat

@maiyannah - Makes postActiv and is generally the "tough love" voice for both the mastodon and GNU Social worlds. Has been around and knows her stuff
1 year ago from ostatus
#FF #FollowFriday

@bea - incredible person doing good work for the mastodon project and also runs a fantastic cool set of, uh, 3(??) instances

@halcy - best admin of my home instance, icosa.

@u2764 - Never stops being smart and insightful and also funny

@creatrixtiara - holy shit cool. best essays. best games. amazing involvement in incredibly important apps around reproductive health. the list goes on.

@darius - Great guy, makes good bots
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