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hello tootsite you should 100% follow these people they are cool and good thanks
tfw you click on a #FF list and you already are mutuals with the whole list :X
2 days ago
#FF cop edition

@Curator - boosts the best of and beyond

@catstar @cats - cat pics

just folks:

will mebbe do one of ppl i know from twitter but am tired & must work now
3 days ago
Ok so technically it's Saturday here now but I haven't gone to bed yet so...

#ff (some genuinely lovely, helpful people that I've found in my first week )


And there have been lots more! But it's after 1 am, and I've had a bit too much wine. So night night Masto!
3 days ago
Happy Friday, commies. Here's some of the cool socialists I'm following on SoCo for #ff

4 days ago
So here’s my Saturday morning in Australia #ff.

Some pretty great Australians just showed up: official national treasure @firstdogonthemoon and offshore national treasure @jasonwilson.

I’m continually grateful for @paralithode and instance-keeper @Are0h.

And clowns. There are true life honest to god actual clowns here. @RussSharek will introduce you.

Thinkers and community makers @lauraritchie @tdorey @aparrish

4 days ago
Nice aspect to newcomer influx is reading #ff recommendations and changing it up a little.

It’s like everyone’s moving seats to make room for extra passengers and meeting fellow travellers at the same time.
#ff #follows #recommendations

Y’all if you’re not already follow @ArtistMarciaX , she’s so good🙏💗
4 days ago
It’s still Friday over here, so for my first #FollowFriday ever let me suggest these wonderful people, because they always give me a smile with their toots:


(If we are mutuals and your name is not on the list, don’t worry, I will mention you in one of my next #FF’s 💙)
Dog On Main
4 days ago
hey my super cool and smart friend @liquidcrystal just joined you should give her a follow and welcome her #ff
4 days ago
#FF @Hajar, you won't regret it :-)
harpy on main
4 days ago
#ff cos I follow some wonderful people here and you should, too!

It's #FollowFriday time! This week, I picked "women" as the theme. So here are five interesting women that I suggest you to follow.

@amphetamine, cool and queer.

[en]@CobaltVelvet, dev and instance admin. [en, fr]

@Hiraelle, everyone favorite grumpy :flag_bisexual: girl.

[fr]@Hypsoline, designer and typography nerd.

[fr]@Ymelia, our local librarian. [en, fr]

#FF #FediverseFriday
Darius Kazemi
4 days ago
Here's a #ff

@explainjojo - the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure podcast I do with @elizsimins and @courtney
@tommchenry - excellent cartoonist
@gretchenmcc - linguist extraordinaire
@roseveleth - rad future thinker
@ingrid - thinking about the infrastructure that underpins life
@nervous_jessica and @nervous_jesse
- makers of nature-inspired computer-generated 3D-fabricated dresses, jewelry, and other things
#ff #followfriday
Shout out to some of the smartest, dopest, loveliest women ive had the pleasure of interacting with.

@viciousviscosity @shoutcacophony
Ocean Man ๐ŸŒŠ
4 days ago
Haven't done one in a while, so here's my #FollowFriday #FF recommendations.

@lain - The account Lain mostly posts out of these days. Creator of Pleroma, shitposter extraordinare, has a great internet radio show.

@kaniini - admin of, someone that really cares about Free Software and federation.

@dansup - the main person working on Pixelfed, a federated Instagram competitor

@empress - Problematic fave, all around cutie that talks about hyperboria, raspberry pi, Plan9
So I haven't done #FF in a good long while because I know and love a _lot_ of people and don't want anyone to feel left out. But I think what I might do is just pick one person each time I do this (and not guarantee I'll do it every time).

I think y'all should follow @masu. Mascha and I have been mutuals for a very long time. Mascha also founded the really cool @awhaleslantern collaborative music project and has recently got back into bunposting. 😁

I hope you like my view of the fediverse; I do. ❤️
Devin Mork
4 days ago
This I don't understand. Social Media is raw and ruthless. If someone is plagued by anxiety, maybe they should chat with friends they personally know and trust, instead of lying at the mercy of angry strangers. (@Mycroft)
My Follow Friday #FF this week is #Linux themed; I'm tagging @mxlinux, @lubuntu, @kde, @Purism and @jupitersignal.

Nice to see those chaps out and about in the Fediverse.
4 days ago

@zigg for great content of many types, from #fediplay stuff to anti-toxic-masc stuff

@minego for beards & birbs

@MmeLibertine for being delightful

@Julia she says she hates people but she really only hates shitty people, and who doesn't?

@SuzanEraslan for her great podcast and lefty stuff

@asonix for yeen facts
#ff These people are awesome and willing to speak the truth even when threatened with tomatoes!

(They each deserve an introduction, but I'm terrible at writing things like that so... Go read their toots, then follow them!)

@zigg @eloisa @MmeLibertine @balrogboogie @alice
#ff #followfriday No Straight Men Edition

@Virelai Nice, smart (no seriously, she's a scientist :awwwblob:), really good knitter :knitting:
@hollyamory Niiiiice, joins in everytime I say men are trash because we know what's up, very helpful and open :blobkissheart:
@zigg Sweet person, heck of a fashion sense, gave us the gift of @biupdatebot :bisexual_flag:
@annika Also a nice person because I only follow nice people, recently tooted a picture of a baby pangolin, has an adorable rat :clem:
5 days ago
would it hurt if I did a #ff too? Cos I've got some serious procrastinating to get on with:

@Riley - atmos
@jk - boops
@M_PF - algorhythm
@tom - fun
@Nezchan - words
@Averly - feels
@sickasfrick - synths
@somarasu - strong
@envgen - greenscreen
@RussSharek - clown (no rly)
@viciousviscosity - clever
@andyAstruc - ǝʞoʍ
@Shonalika - powerful
@djsundog - magic
@justinpickard - missing (come back it's better here)
@kai - no offence others but my actual fave person

natalia, bird
1 week ago
#ff me, fuckers
rysiek โœ…
2 weeks ago
#FF Polish edition

2 weeks ago
#ff #followfriday

Oh also just go through my profile and follow everyone I do. Easier that way.

But especially follow @DEATHUNICORN
2 weeks ago
#ff #followfriday #trending #topics

Follow these people


And then these


And now what happens if I just autocomplete random names


Ok I'm bad at this, you win!
2 weeks ago
Another #ff recommendation from me is my artist friend @SpewingMews whomst draws cute girls
2 weeks ago
#ff some more recommendations:

Looking for recommendations on who to follow #FF on topics such as:
Nathaniel Daught
2 weeks ago
Who should I follow to make mastodon worth using?

#ff #follow

listen buddy you can #ff me if you wanna

all my interactions with you have been lovely and are fondly recalled, as are most of my interactions with a lot of folks on here

I think it's more that I've recognized I do not fit properly, if that makes sense?

but yes, #ff if you'd like, no worries ^_^ but I don't see myself becoming a high-volume contributor to the stream again any time soon

nothing I said ever truly mattered, here or elsewhere
Dan Fixes Coin-Ops
2 weeks ago

And because you were so instrumental to my early Mastodon experience on Friday I'll #ff you unless you'd rather I didn't which I'll totally understand, your call
Allison Parrish
2 weeks ago
#ff accounts to follow—no particular order, not exhaustive, just some friends and acquaintances and others on here with good feeds and/or with whom I've had good interactions recently


and yes I know it's not friday but I'm trying to build some network effects here
Tom A
3 weeks ago

All of these people have taught me so much about BSD (along with so many more people) that I feel I owe a lifelong debt of gratitude to basically everyone
โ™ก rye โ™ก
1 month ago
#ff game: try to follow all of azus 4837583 accounts
cute girl
1 month ago
#ff @everyone
1 month ago
It's #fediversefriday #ff
Here's a small sampling of folks I've had lovey interactions with as of late:
@mwlucas @uranther @MmeLibertine @alice @thraeryn @somarasu @Jo @amphetamine @arcans @shanek @chuck @MightyBigCar @pamela

Genuine, caring, considerate, kindhearted folks.
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