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2 weeks ago
Today, a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls releases its final report. As many Indigenous people have been saying all along, the report finds that Canada's colonial violence amounts to genocide:

The report includes 231 Calls to Justice, recommendations that would substantially reform Canadian life and institutions and transform the way we live:

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neville park
2 months ago
Hey Masto. Saw this, thought of you:

> With false accusations, death threats, and legal battles in the past, I'm feeling more secure to share #ThunderbirdStrike and look for feedback. Please consider offering your insights. Miigwech! #indigenous #gamedev #sovereigngames

- Beth LaPensée ( ·

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#Spain | Responding to the President of #Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador #AMLO’s request, the government of #Catalonia deplored the atrocities committed against the #Indigenous peoples during the invasion of the Americas.
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3 months ago
MT [Indigenous Anarchist Federation, I merged 4 posts]:
Matika Wilbur's Fierce Resistance Against 100 Years of Native American Misrepresentation: Project 562 documents an unprecedented 562 #Indigenous nations oral history to ensure Native stereotypes are replaced with accurate data in order to change history.


“I’m ultimately doing this because our perception matters,” she says. “Our perception fuels racism. It fuels segregation. Our perception determines the way we treat each other.”
Wilbur rejects the photo journalism edict, 'You should look like my idea of who you are.' This is social justice, it's image justice. It's people having the right to participate in their own image construction.
Wilbur describes famed Edward Curtis' Native American photographs: "It's a white supremacist fantasy."
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