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3 weeks ago
@agnelvishal you can search #DDG with #Javascript turned off, which would satisfy #Stallman and I don't think he classifies search engines as #SaaSS (Service-as-a-Software-Substitute). I do use a #Searx instance more often now though, and thanks for the link, I've been curious about #YaCy for a while. Got a link to the source code for that site?
1 month ago
3. mitigating the symptoms might reduce the consciousness of the disease itself, and reduce the will to fix it.
4. some mitigations introduce weird power dynamics and dependency structures that are very hard to break once created

There are cases where your approach is fine and reasonable.

When asked by #Mozilla on how to fix the wide class of undetectable #JavaScript attacks I described in a report, I provided several obvious mitigations that reduce but not solve the problem.

1 month ago
Want a good reason to get into Web Programming?

#HumbleBundle has a bunch of ebooks by #OReilly
Read about #CSS #PHP #SQL #JavaScript and more!

(partnered link above)

#ads #sellout #programming #DRMFree
Free Software Foundation
2 months ago from web
From the 2018 Free Software Bulletin: learn about the darkside of #JavaScript, and how you can escape the JavaScript trap with #LibreJS:
2 months ago
@hirojin @Wolf480pl

#Emacs is a #Lisp Machine whose core abstraction are buffers (not files or streams).
I loved it.
#WHATWG browsers are #JavaScript machines whose core abstractions are... idk, actually.
Both categories try to address some severe limits of the underlying os in a way or another.

#Microsoft tried to do something to address the issue at the OS level with .NET but apparently failed against #Google #JS #marketing.

#Linux lacks vision of its limits.
Roman 🐡
2 months ago
Replacing Tinyletter with my shell script.


[x]subscribe (double opt-in)

Work in progress:
[ ] unsubscribe via magic link
[ ] dispatch newsletter

No more #JavaScript! 😎
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