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Free Software Foundation
2 days ago from web
From the 2018 Free Software Bulletin: learn about the darkside of #JavaScript, and how you can escape the JavaScript trap with #LibreJS:
2 weeks ago
@hirojin @Wolf480pl

#Emacs is a #Lisp Machine whose core abstraction are buffers (not files or streams).
I loved it.
#WHATWG browsers are #JavaScript machines whose core abstractions are... idk, actually.
Both categories try to address some severe limits of the underlying os in a way or another.

#Microsoft tried to do something to address the issue at the OS level with .NET but apparently failed against #Google #JS #marketing.

#Linux lacks vision of its limits.
Roman 🐡
2 weeks ago
Replacing Tinyletter with my shell script.


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Work in progress:
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No more #JavaScript! 😎
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