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3 weeks ago
Hey there lazyweb, I'm looking for recommendations for a #RichTextEditor component for a web app.

I have a strong preference for something implemented with vanilla #JavaScript. I don't want to weigh the page down with a runtime (so nothing built with React, Angular, jQuery, etc.).

I plan to incorporate it into #Django's admin interface. #QuillJS is the first thing I stumbled across, if anyone has any experience with that.

Boosts appreciated.
Hubert Chathi
4 weeks ago

matrix-js-bot-sdk Room Admin Features | Matrix

#matrix #javascript #sdk
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
1 month ago from web
#JavaScript hellworld is an apt description of the modern Web. I love it when slow connections, gobs of JS, and certificate errors on the hotel's log-in page combine to keep me offline for a while. (Currently hot spotting myself.)
Hypolite Petovan
1 month ago
#PSA: It's possible to detect #AdBlocking plugins using #JavaScript. Instead, you should use a #HostsFile to block ads by redirecting ad server DNS queries.

You can download a hosts file from <>.

Windows users should refer to <>, too.

Mobile users are going to need a VPN and an adblocking DNS server like AdGuard's. <> or PiHole <>.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
3 months ago from Shoyu
It looks like ‘jsish’ is getting multiple daily updates. I know Peter isn’t getting any money from it, so he must have some other funding source. Jsish is another #Ecmascript / #JavaScript interpreter
Roman 🐡
6 months ago
Replacing Tinyletter with my shell script.


[x]subscribe (double opt-in)

Work in progress:
[ ] unsubscribe via magic link
[ ] dispatch newsletter

No more #JavaScript! 😎
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