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Shawn Webb
1 month ago
Doing #libhijack arm64 development directly on a @thepine64 #Pinebook running #HardenedBSD.

#infosec #malware #FreeBSD
Think I now have the perfect first stickers to make my #Pinebook my own - thanks so much @pamela, they're faboo! :flan_pats:​

(Like 'em? Get your own from !)

:flan_headphones:​ :flan_molotov:​ :flan_hacker:​
Good morning, my home away from home - have a screenshot of my #pinebook desktop for #screenshotSunday
What Manjaro ARM/LXQt does with the #pinebook and its meager resources should embarrass Microsoft and Apple.
Irrlicht, OpenGL ES 2, Ubuntu
Has anyone gotten #Irrlicht compiled for #OpenGL ES 2 on a recent #Ubuntu or #Debian(ish)? It has GLES/gl.h in a package called khronos-api, but I didn't think that was the right package. Or should I be using that header with the newfangled OpenGL dispatch libraries?

This is on #Arm64, a #Pinebook, though it seems to be pretty much the same situation as the #RaspberryPI.
Y'know what'd be great on the #pinebook? Solaris with CDE. Pinebook would probably slay a Sparc 20.
Jonathan S.
2 months ago
@stsp @benno In steht was von #Pinebook. Wisst ihr, was da der aktuelle Status ist? Außer euren Slides konnte ich leider nichts finden.
The matte white finish of the #pinebook is screaming for artistic inspiration but the blank canvas' call is always strong within me so I'll likely let it stay unsullied for a while to make sure I give it time to express itself through me, rather than trying to force it into some other thoughtspace.
From anecdotal observation, my #Pinebook wifi is about twice as fast as my raspi3 wifi at ~30 meters (+1 external wall) away from the nearest AP
And here's the new #pinebook with the bottom taken off
Very pleased to share these #pinebook unboxing photos with y'all! 🎉
3 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
#Pinebook just arrived, time to put OpenBSD on it and go back to OpenBSD on a desktop!
Aussie Rockman
3 months ago
The makers behind the #Pinebook and #Pine64 are looking at making a #phone. Very interesting concept for a #Linux based phone. Keen to see it in the market. Hope they go ahead with it. #foss
peter hessler @openbsd
12 months ago
flight: checked in.
laundry: done.
bag: packed.
toiletries: packed
papers: printed.
travel clothes: prepared.

Just need to update my two #openbsd laptops (#pinebook for #arm64, and #thinkpad x250 for everything else), and wake up on time. #a2k18
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