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I couldn't find #StarTrek IV for movie night, so I decided to watch an episode from TOS.

Looks old, dated, but what the hell :blobpopcorn:
Zephram Cochrane was not the original inventor of the warp drive. He wasn't even the first inventor on earth. The Voth had warp drives before humans even existed. #WarpTruth #Voyager #StarTrek #ExtremelyImportantFacts

Anyway, this is why Yuri Gregarian is specifically left off Janeway's list of greats in 'Threshold': the Federation is explicitly human-centred and specifically American.
Vanessa Stefaniuk
3 weeks ago
I had told myself no more contests, but then fanforge opened a #startrek one and I already had the art for it, so... my shirt design! If you can spare a sec to vote 5 stars for it: #mastoart #fanart #starshipenterprise
The upcoming #StarTrek series about Jean-Luc Picard pilot episode will be directed by #HanelleCulpepper. Culpepper will be the first female director of a Star Trek pilot, and she has a lot of experience. She’s worked on Castle, Criminal Minds, Empire, Gotham, Grimm, The Flash, and even Star Trek Discovery to name a few.
1 month ago
My pitch for CBS All Access: The Young Barclay Chronicles. He’s the anxiety-ridden, socially awkward, technology-addicted hero millennials can really relate to. #StarTrek
1 month ago

Content warning: Star Trek opinion, but it is the correct one :StarfleetInsignia:

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