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Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
4 days ago from Shoyu
Tonight’s #hotel_Wi-Fi speed: 5.0Mbps down, 0.7Mbps up before #VPN.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
2 weeks ago from Shoyu
I say that I don’t want to do anything after work, but that’s not strictly true. I did walk around the block and then to #In-N-Out Burger and back. (Currently around 16,000 steps.) I just don’t want to unpack the laptop, log into #hotel_Wi-Fi, start the #VPN, and *then* do something.
Tim Kuijsten
2 weeks ago
Just released v0.6.0 of WireSep, a privilege separated implementation of WireGuard for OpenBSD.

* lot's of small refinements and some code restructuring
* interface public key is no longer needed or allowed, only the private key
* improve DoS resistence in the proxy by looking up sessions in logarithmic time
* improvements to wiresep-keygen(1)

See the ChangeLog for additional details: #vpn #openbsd #wireguard
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
1 month ago from Shoyu
Today’s #hotel_Wi-Fi speed: 19.5 Mbps down, 516 kbps up. With the #VPN running, speed slows to 8.0 Mbps down, 501 kbps up.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
1 month ago from web
@amic And a little faster today. 28.5Mbps down, 1.0Mbps up. Pre-VPN. With the #VPN, 23.5Mbps down, 778kbps up.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
1 month ago from AndStatus
@amic Oddly enough, #hotel_Wi-Fi is relatively snappy recently. Today is 27.6Mbps down, 945kbps up before the #VPN takes its share.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
2 months ago from web
I don't know why I keep forgetting to test before I connect to #VPN. I'm pretty sure this is just the slowness of #hotel_Wi-Fi and not PIA's fault.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
2 months ago from Shoyu
Better this morning: 11.5 Mbps down, 1.4 Mbps up. #VPN
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
2 months ago from Shoyu
Sacred bovine! Through the #VPN, tonight’s speed is 4.5Mbps down, 124kbps up. I think I’m going to shut down and go to bed now, since it is already past my bedtime.
Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
2 months ago from Shoyu
Hotspot is almost out of data. Going to switch back to the tablet and use #VPN across #hotel_Wi-Fi ( #hotel_INET stinks, but the price is bundled in the price of the room )
2 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
3 months ago
The #VPN protocol that a VPN service uses can dramatically affect its performance and security. This article compares the strengths and weaknesses of different VPN protocols and explains why we use OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec in our apps:
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