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Nobody [LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1)]
12 hours ago from Shoyu
Hotspot is almost out of data. Going to switch back to the tablet and use #VPN across #hotel_Wi-Fi ( #hotel_INET stinks, but the price is bundled in the price of the room )
5 days ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
3 weeks ago
The #VPN protocol that a VPN service uses can dramatically affect its performance and security. This article compares the strengths and weaknesses of different VPN protocols and explains why we use OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec in our apps:
1 month ago
People have asked us in the past: why can I trust ProtonVPN? This is a significant question as trust is the most important factor for picking a #VPN service. Here’s why we think ProtonVPN is worthy of your trust:
Sheogorath 🦊
1 month ago
Just a thought on Cloudflare WRAP (their VPN offer):

You definitely put yourself in big danger by using it. Cloudflare has an own CA that is able to issue certificates for ANY website. Means when they want to MITM you while using WRAP you won't even see a certificate warning.

(There are some ways to mitigate that like public key pinning, but the majority of HTTPS pages won't)

So probably use something else.

#Cloudflare #wrap #VPN #TLS #CA
Tim Kuijsten
1 month ago
I'm hereby announcing the first public alpha release of WireSep: a
privilege separated implementation of WireGuard for OpenBSD. I've
been using it for a couple of weeks now with the official WireGuard
for Android client and I didn't experience any major hiccups.
Feedback on the design and implementation is appreciated. #vpn
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