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Matt Noyes
2 months ago
Socially Cooperative Friends!

Please read our discussion starter on equity and diversity in operations and tell us what you think. What's useful? What's not? What questions do you have? What changes can you suggest?

#equity #diversity #operations #socialcoop

@clhendricksbc, @emi, @mattcropp, @Matt_Noyes, @meia, @merouan, and @rbenjamin
2 months ago
That said, I think #FFED can be utilized when your are looking for people to follow as well.

Just describe what kind of people/interests you are looking for and add #FFED as well as the interest-hashtag!

This way we can give this hashtag our own purpose and #diversity!
Tobias Dausend
2 months ago from Qvitter
@roland Yes, and she is playing a complete self-confident character. :) While not completely being free of prejudices, but the old #Star-Trek has some good starting points especially in relation to #diversity and philosophical points.
Plains of Dust
3 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
If you invite me to speak at your conference, be prepared to get this answer.

I invite other men to do the same.

#diversity #inclusion

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