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Plains of Dust
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If you invite me to speak at your conference, be prepared to get this answer.

I invite other men to do the same.

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How women with high-functioning Autism often stay undiagnosed
*Let's call her Sophie. The description we'll give could be that of any woman who is on the autistic spectrum without knowing it.
Because they're intelligent and used to compensating for communication impediments they may not be consciously aware of, these women slip through the cracks of our still-too-inefficient diagnostic procedures.*

At 27, she just lost her job as a salesperson due to repeated cash-register mistakes — and it's the eighth time in the last three years. She loved maths at university and is deeply ashamed.

*Sophie's story is typical of the chaotic lives led by women whose autism remains undiagnosed because they are on that part of the spectrum where the signs are less obvious.
In spite of her impressive cognitive capacities — like the ability to teach herself a totally new field of knowledge — Sophie has no idea of her own talents, and neither do those around her, or only rarely.
Trapped in a social environment highly critical of what makes her unique, such as her unusual way of thinking, taste for solitude, and the intensity of her passions, Sophie is acutely aware that these are seen as shortcomings.
If Sophie could be given the correct diagnosis of high-functioning autism, she would at last understand the way her mind works. She could meet other autistic adults and learn from their experience to help her overcome her own difficulties.*
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Why many women with 'high-functioning' autism are left undiagnosed

Many women with so-called high-functioning autism are likely being left undiagnosed.
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