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Hi everyone! 👋🏼

I'm Andreas, an #infj, software engineer, and #privacy advocate based in #seattle.

I love learning about #webdev, privacy tools, and #infosec. Some of my recent projects:
- 💰
- 🔒
- 🔍

Other interests:
- ✊🏼 #socialjustice
- 🗺️ #politics
- 🎵 #vaporwave
- 💻 #programming.

Happy and thankful to be here!

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Tiny Coin Cap

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2 days ago
so I have a date and time returned being returned in this format:


I need to convert the date and time to epoch time with Python 3

Can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction?

(I did some searching and was able to figure out the date conversion but not the time)

Hi, I'm Alessandro!

🇮🇹 From #Italy
🖥️ #software developer
💂 Based in #London

I like
🎧 #music (post-rock and "weird" metal in particular)
🎮 #videogames (especially RPGs)
🎥 #movies (I'm obsessed with Kubrick but will watch anything)
💻 #programming (I'm proficient in #Ruby and #Elixir, and I'm learning #Golang and #Elm)

Always happy to chat about any of the above 😊

#introduction #introductions
Big life update!

TL;DR I'm no longer working full time, so I'll be posting a lot more content in the coming months. I'm also starting my junior year in college, and I redid my website:

It works much better with accessibility devices now, and is easier on the eyes. There's tons of great content there, go take a peek if you're into #OpenSource, #FOSS, #FreeSoftware, #programming, #CompSci, #math, #hacking, #ReverseEngineering / #re, or #RetroHardware

Update for 18 August 2018 | Leoλ on Patreon

Official Post from Leoλ: I'm done with my CancerIQ internship!That means I'm no longer working full-time. I'm about to take a flight back home to San Diego and spend a week there before heading to Beloit, Wisconsin for my junior year of college. What this means for my loyal patrons is this: I'll be spending a lot more time
As a programmer, never underestimate your ability to come up with ridiculously complex solutions for simple problems.

#programming #softwaredevelopment
4 days ago
Yo Mastodon!

I run a very small bootstrapped software company (founded in 2010) and am currently working on an open-source alternative to Google Analytics:

Follow me to talk about #saas #bootstrapping #programming #golang #opensource #books #sql or #sysadmin stuff.

Let's toot!

Fathom · simple, trustworthy website analytics

Fathom is a new website analytics platform.
David Philipe Gil
5 days ago
💥 Hello everyone! I'm a veteran artist and coder who has worked on several #GameBoy , #GameboyAdvance , and #NintendoDS #game titles.

I currently do Technical #Art for an online casino game company. In my spare time I tinker with #retro #GameDev #programming in #assembly and #music composition .

Welcome to #Mastodon and don't forget to #DeleteTwitter , #DeleteFacebook , #DeleteGoogle and #DeleteMicrosoft ! Check out @switchingsocial for more info on reclaiming your power!

5 days ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
In a perfect world, starting from scratch, what would be your perfered tool for application instrumentation, including runtime metrics? Needs to support #golang, #java, and #csharp. #programming #development
Logan Dice
1 week ago from api
Big Data is like teenage sex:

- Everyone talks about it.
- Nobody really knows how to do it.
- Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.
- So everyone claims they're doing it.

#tech #programming
1 week ago
Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the #ActivityPub based #federated back-end for #MoodleNet?

We're looking for a #developer familiar with #Elixir (or transferable skills like #Erlang and #RubyOnRails).

The whole project will be #FOSS and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!

#tech #job #programming #jobs #software #remote #federation #decentralised
Karthikeyan A K
3 weeks ago
#ruby #programming future
Check out my post about fluent testing APIs in Rust, a great way to make tests that need lots of nested, Optional data prettier, more readable, and easier to change.

#rust #rustlang #programming #coding #testing #tdd #canceriq #blog

Building Readable Tests with Fluent Testing APIs | Leo Tindall

Building Readable Tests with Fluent Testing APIs | Leo Tindall
2 months ago
🤔 #Programming conferences need more #queer meetups
2 months ago
@devurandom Yeah, that's on the right track. There are libraries for pretty much every programming environment that are designed to do decimal math with the same kinds of guarantees you'd get treating cents as integers.

I wrote about some a little while back #JavaScript #decimal #programming

Precision Decimal Math in JavaScript with decimal.js

Using floating-point math in JavaScript introduces errors, which is why you should use a decimal library for precision calculation.
2 months ago
TFW a credit card checkout form shows you you're paying "$62.5" for your bus pass and you realize it's passing a floating-point number around to represent money and you have terrifying #programming flashbacks
You know what? It would be really cool with a federated comic/graphic novel platform that supports various formats so that comic strips, vertcal and horizontal formats can flourish. Now I don't know how to streamline it with that wide support but important part would be to be able follow series and the like. I don't know how to program, but maybe someone else might find it a cool passion project. :mastohi: :mastodon_oops: :mastodon_oops:

#federation #programming #comic
Rain 🚱
2 months ago
#programming idea:
your examples should be part of your automated #testing !

there is nothing more irritating then eg. finding a cool rust crate and not being able to run the examples :blobsad:

...ok, maybe mosquitoes are worse

but other than that!!!! nothing!!!! **literally** nothing!!
Karthikeyan A K
3 months ago
#github #gitlab #microsoft #programming #coding
Rain 🚱
3 months ago
a #web dev showerthought:
the #frontend and the #API should (ideally) be the same

#programming #ui
Karthikeyan A K
3 months ago
#programming #software

Happy software developers solve problems better: psychological measurements in empirical software engineering

For more than thirty years, it has been claimed that a way to improve software developers’ productivity and software quality is to focus on people and to provide incentives to make developers satisfied and happy. This claim has rarely been verified in software engineering research, which faces an additional challenge in comparison to more traditional engineering fields: software development is an intellectual activity and is dominated by often-neglected human factors (called human aspects in software engineering research). Among the many skills required for software development, developers must possess high analytical problem-solving skills and creativity for the software construction process. According to psychology research, affective states—emotions and moods—deeply influence the cognitive processing abilities and performance of workers, including creativity and analytical problem solving. Nonetheless, little research has investigated the correlation between the affective states, creativity, and analytical problem-solving performance of programmers. This article echoes the call to employ psychological measurements in software engineering research. We report a study with 42 participants to investigate the relationship between the affective states, creativity, and analytical problem-solving skills of software developers. The results offer support for the claim that happy developers are indeed better problem solvers in terms of their analytical abilities. The following contributions are made by this study: (1) providing a better understanding of the impact of affective states on the creativity and analytical problem-solving capacities of developers, (2) introducing and validating psychological measurements, theories, and concepts of affective states, creativity, and analytical-problem-solving skills in empirical software engineering, and (3) raising the need for studying the human factors of software engineering by employing a multidisciplinary viewpoint.
Det. Insp. Caracal
3 months ago
Question for #programming #robotics #RaspberryPi people

I want to start getting into robotics and have a general familiarity with several levels of programming, but am not even remotely an expert in any of them and have very little EE experience. What resources would you recommend?
Temple of Mishakal
3 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
9 months ago
AXIOM Team Talk 13.2 -

Points covered:

USB3 Plugin Module
Name Changes
AXIOM Beta Compact Shell
AXIOM Recorder
AXIOM Beta CP progress report

#filmmaking @OpenSource #cinemtography #photography #Electronics #Programming

AXIOM Team Talk Volume 13.2 | apertus° - open source cinema

AXIOM Team Talk Volume 13.2 | apertus° - open source cinema
Lulubramlu 🦄
10 months ago
#programming a cool post about sorting algorithm visually illustrated

This one is the bubble sort (on of the less efficient) :

Imgur: Sorting Visualizations

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