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Jacob S Kellogg
4 days ago
Hello! I'm Jacob and I publish tabletop games! I've got bestselling #DnD supplements, original #TTRPG work, and a WIP D&D campaign setting.

🎲​D&D work:
🌎​Nexus setting:

Also I like people but I'm bad at initiating contact, so feel free to randomly @ me if you need something or want to chat or whatever.

Life is hard, but we've got each other. ❤️​
Craig Maloney ☕
5 days ago
I've put up all of my #gurps books up for trade on rpggeek:

Make me an offer on any of the "for trade" books.

#rpg #ttrpg
1 week ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
Hedge Maze
1 week ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
At book conventions (scifi, romance, mystery, etc.), authors do readings from their works. Has anyone seen a #ttrpg developer do a reading from a published or upcoming work? If so, how did it go?
Bi-Zen ‮✨📷🖋
2 months ago

Content warning: Before the Spire Falls, long post

Starting work on the next Personality, Nilufer Haktanir, a Turkish engineer in a couple of senses of the word. 493 words so far, just sketching out the basics. #ttrpg #steampunk #amwriting
This post on my #Patreon just went public, and a new post went out to my patrons. Find out about the current situation in the kingdom of Uster, where the action centers. Want to know more about the classless, levelless #ttrpg I'm developing, with a mechanic driven by player agency? Visit to see more! #amwriting

Content warning: money plea

@switchingsocial @fedilab I'm admin of the Friendica instance at if you're looking for a #ttrpg focused instance.
3 months ago
Hi everyone! My #TTRPG adventure "The Crown of Idbol Bark," set in my 'tragically funny' fantasy setting #Teraum is now available for download.

It's the first adventure written for the #BraveOldWorld ruleset, being made to go with the setting.

I've only had the opportunity to run it once myself so far, so it's in "playtesting" stage. I'd love to hear any feedback y'all might have, from running it or just taking a look.

#RPG #Fantasy
I've got a Patreon up,, where I'm creating a new classless, level-less #ttrpg mechanic with an integrated game world, taking the concept of player agency and making it the driving force of the world and the system. Check it out!
3 months ago
Two hours of work (straight to inks) on some adventure module book art. #ttrpg #osr
UPDATE/CORRECTION: I have a 3000 word #steampunk #ttrpg piece that needs a diversity review by 13 June. The reviewer must be a PoC, and preferably a black woman from the American South, as that's the character involved. FASA Games Inc. will pay the going rate. Please contact me privately if interested.
I have #ttrpg material that needs a cultural/diversity consult from a PoC, specifically a black woman from the American South. It's 3000 words, set in a steampunk alternate 1880s world. I'm unemployed and can only afford $20 flat rate for the review, or trade for any of the necklaces I've posted for sale. Anyone?
Bi-Zen ‮✨📷🖋
3 months ago

Content warning: Variations on your Body, by Avery Alder | Very long

Last Heroes Tomb
5 months ago from ZoobopDeDoDop!
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